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DTH Chapter 113 – Ambushed

DTH Chapter 113 – Ambushed
Translated by: Pan
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky
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Xuanyuan looked inside his ring, two thousand and nine hundred jin of crystal was spread surrounding the beast egg. The egg was emitting a dim black light and absorbing the power from the crystals at a visible rate. The crystals instantly darkened and exploded into grey powder, leaving only the egg behind.

Watching such a gluttonous display, Xuanyuan sighed heavily. He had peeled through several thousand jin of stone over the past few days to get these crystals, but they only lasted a few moments. The egg and Greed were the enemy of all wealth! However Xuanyuan could feel that the egg’s power had been enhanced from before. The red sun mark on the shell was now shiny and golden. He was still curious as to what was inside the egg? It was the emperor’s mount, it must’ve been a terrifying and imposing beast. Maybe it was a powerful dragon? Or a winged tiger? Could it be the legendary phoenix?

‘He will be so shocked when he sees what comes from the egg after it hatches.’ Greed grinned viciously.

Xuanyuan opened Lie Sha and Nu Long’s rings and found 2.3 million king coins. He now had more than 10 million king coins in total. He was probably one of the richest inner disciples. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to buy a full set of top rank earth instruments. There were also many medicines and pills inside their rings, including restriction elixirs and enhancement elixirs. Restriction elixirs worked as protection which restricted poisons like the air in the Mo nest from entering one’s body; the enhancement elixir would aid in the absorption of Qi into the body. They were precious to ordinary people, but Xuanyuan had no use for them. His speed of absorbing Qi was already fast enough, he didn’t need to increase it. But since the elixirs were still worth quite a lot of money, he kept them and planned to exchange them for merit points.

Then he continued to search through Xingyun’s ring.

“There were two thousand jin of top class crystals! He was such a rich true disciple!” Xuanyuan didn’t see the crystals when he searched the ring for weapons before. Perhaps Greed already sensed them, but said nothing.

“Talisman of Sand! Another grandmaster class talisman, he was really something. Arrow talisman! Also a grandmaster class talisman. He was so rich that he had three grandmaster class talismans in his ring!”

Apart from the one he used to kill Lie Sha, Xuanyuan now had five grandmaster talismans. He wanted to save the three grandmaster talismans he received from Bai. The talismans he received from Bai were from peak grandmaster fighters, they were much more powerful than Xingyun’s talismans. He would much prefer to use the talismans that he robbed from other people than spend his own wealth.

“The Elixir of Fury.” Greed said when Xuanyuan grabbed an elixir from the ring. “This is a very powerful elixir; it can enhance your power by three folds, but when the power wears off, there will be countless unknown side effects. It will cause large amounts of damage to your body.”

Even so, Xuanyuan knew that he should hold onto this, in case of emergency.

“Elixir of Kings. That’s worth a lot. I think he wanted to save it and use it to assist him when breaking through realms. Now it’s all yours.” Greed chuckled.

Other pills and elixirs weren’t very suitable for Xuanyuan, but he still kept them to exchange for merit points.

“Xingyun will definitely want your head for stealing such a large fortune, hahaha. You have to be careful, boy. You stole so many of his treasures and you have already made lots of enemies. Actually, the Emperor also advanced because he was under constant siege form his enemies.” Greed teased.

“I’m not the Devouring Emperor. I’ll be Emperor Xuanyuan. I don’t want to be attacked constantly…” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes.

Slowly, Xuanyuan approached the portal.

“Look, it’s the boy. He’s here.”

“Looks like he hasn’t noticed our presence.  We should kill him now.”

Two voices were quietly speaking while they lurked in the shadow, then two forces rushed towards Xuanyuan.


Xuanyuan was shocked and his armour activated automatically. The attacks instantly consumed eighty percent of his Qi. He now understood that his enemies this time were grandmaster fighters. They were hovering in the sky and releasing an overwhelming strength.

He immediately activated the Dustless Helmet and disappeared from sight, while swallowing a strength-replenishing pill and making a dash towards the portal.

“Want to run? It’s not so easy. Eyes of Flame!” Lie Zan’s eyes turned red like flames. This was the two-star heaven class technique from the Lie Family. It could see through any illusions and nothing could be hidden from those eyes, including the Dustless Helmet.

Xuanyuan realized the Dustless Helmet couldn’t help him, but he didn’t remove his invisibility. He was focused on rushing into the portal, he knew that they chose to ambush him, because they were afraid of being seen by others. He needed to run to the portal in order to save himself. However, the landscape wasn’t making his escape easy. Glowing grass was extremely dense in this area since it was close to the portal. Also the road he had chosen was less than twenty metres wide.

“It looks like they are members from the Lie and Nu Family!” Xuanyuan recognized the technique which used flames, similar to Lie Sha. He was shocked to see that the families had actually sent grandmaster fighters to kill him. Judging from their clothes, they were Elders in from the sect!

”Golden Spear Sea!” Nu Fei summoned an overwhelming Qi and a sea of gold submerged Xuanyuan’s body.

Xuanyuan had no time to hesitate. He took out the Talisman of Sand. Activating it with his Qi, he threw the talisman in the direction of his two opponents. Suddenly, a hurricane of sand absorbed the gold Qi. It was like a spinning wrecking ball which hurtled towards Lie Zan and Nu Fei. The two of them were unprepared to encounter such an attack.

“Isn’t this Brother Xingyun’s talisman of sand? It’s made from star sand and star stones. Quickly defend!” They both shouted as they released their Qi. Their middle rank earth instruments activated to defend them against the powerful talisman.

Even though they were the elders from the inner sect, they still only had one piece of upper rank earth instrument each. They both chose an armour. They could only buy better instruments after they saved the required funds. Their family deemed them to be less talented then Lie Sha and Nu Long, so they didn’t receive as much attention and were given less funding.

However, they were still grandmaster fighters. Combining their strength, they were able to stop the attack from the talisman of sand. The hills and stones around them exploded and shattered when encountering the hurricane.

Xuanyuan seized the chance and was rushing towards the portal, but suddenly a shield of light appeared which blocked his escape. There was a spell formation around the entire area which created a shield, trapping him inside.

“Looks like they are determined to kill me here.”

A red and gold Qi shield was blocking Xuanyuan. He was surrounded by small hills on both sides, there was nowhere for him to run. He gripped his Wind Spirit spear tightly and pierced towards the shield of light.

“Don’t you dare destroy the shield!” Lie Zan was surprised to see Xuanyuan unleashing a hundred and ninety dragons of strength in his strike. The spell they initially set up would be unbreakable if it was a normal wild fighter, but it was Xuanyuan.

Lie Zan summoned a sea of fire and attacked towards Xuanyuan from above. Xuanyuan immediately activated another grandmaster class talisman.

“Arrow talisman!”

The talisman a golden stream of light which formed into ten thousand golden arrows. They shone brightly in the dark mine, like stars in the night sky. The frightening sound of so many arrows piercing through the air was enough to cause a person’s scalp to grow numb.

Nu Fei sensed the imminent danger and screamed, “Run. The arrows were made from Xingyun’s Qi! We cannot stop them, we need to run!

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