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DTH Chapter 114 – Shock

DTH Chapter 114 – Shock

 Translated by: Pan
Edited by: Notsaneinthebrain & LikyLiky
3/3 Sunday Chapter

All better 😛 no one will notice that anything was ever wrong.

The night was dark, only the light from the stars covered the sky.


Nu Fei and Lie Zan were very quick. Within seconds, they rushed behind the shield of light, but the wall started to crack after only a few golden arrows.


“There’s nowhere else to go! Reinforce the shield!”


They were panicking while unleashing their Qi to strengthen the shield defending them. The middle rank earth instruments on them were at full power, ready to protect them. But as the next wave of golden arrows arrived, the shield and their protection was slowly chipping away. They were quickly burning through their Qi reserves and their faces had grown pale.


“We need to use our blood!” Lie Zan shouted, they both started to merge their blood with their Qi which turned into a fresh stream of power. Grandmaster fighters refined their blood so they were able to use their blood as fuel to continue fighting.


Xuanyuan laughed cruelly, “Haha, I’ll be leaving now. I’ll make sure to report everything to Brother Fung Lie and see what happens. The Lie Family and the Nu Family are really in trouble now!”


The men were caught off guard by his comment, but there was nothing they could do other than defend against the stream of golden arrows. Lie Zan had used too much of his Qi and was unable to use his technique anymore. Xuanyuan quickly disappeared and was nowhere to be seen.


When all the arrows finally disappeared, Lie Zan and Nu Fei were completely exhausted. They had to defend against two powerful grandmaster class talismans. They had only just stepped into the grandmaster realm, it was almost impossible for them to survive.


“Damn it. The boy escaped. We didn’t think he would have gotten two grandmaster class talismans. They both belonged to Xingyun! It looks like the rumours were true about Xingyun’s arm being cut off by Fung Lie and the boy stealing his ring! Didn’t he know that Xingyun has three true disciples supporting him? He’ll be killed no matter what he does.”


“Let’s worry about us first. Fung Lie won’t let us go. Should we head back and tell our families?


When the two of them were talking, a silent spear pierced through the air. Neither of them had time to react before a spear pierced from Lie Zan’s back and out from his chest, it pierced through his body and destroyed his heart. The Wind Spirit spear was extremely powerful and it unleashed its explosive power inside Lie Zan’s body, so even though grandmaster fighters were powerful, Lie Zan still died a pitiful death.


Xuanyuan then aimed for Nu Fei’s head. Nu Fei was the older of the two and only had a slight amount of Qi remaining. He only had a fraction of power left, enough to barely float from the floor. He wouldn’t have expected Xuanyuan to kill Lie Zan so easily. He panicked as he shouted, “How dare you!”


“Ha, why wouldn’t I dare? Go to hell!” Xuanyuan smiled coldly, Nu Fei’s brain exploded as the spear pierced through his skull. Xuanyuan grabbed both of their corpses and headed towards the portal. “Aren’t you both too naïve? You really believed me when I said I was leaving?”


They both let their guard down since they thought they would be able to kill Xuanyuan with ease, they had let their guard down and in the end they fell to Xuanyuan trickery. Xuanyuan immediately took their rings and tokens, then transferred all the merit points to himself – four merit dragons, 400 million merit points. Xuanyuan wondered if these people were trying to make him rich rather than kill him. They were many wealthy individuals from the powerful families. Xuanyuan’s wallet was almost bursting after he added another million king coins. He also gave Greed the upper rank earth instrument from each of them. He knew it was an emergency, Greed would help him with all the techniques and protection spells it devoured.


“Greed, I can’t give you their bodies or their life essence. The Nu and the Lie families wanted to kill me, they have to receive punishment. I will let everyone know the consequences of making me your enemy!”


”Hahaha, good, very good, boy. You’re ruthless. I’ll just wait for more crystals then.”




At the portal, there were many disciples who had already finished their mission, they were waiting for enough people to arrive so they could activate the portal. Then they would officially become inner disciples. Fang Yuyou and her guards were among them. They refused to go with the last batch of disciples and were waiting at the portal.


Four elders were busy gossiping as they waited for disciples to arrive.


“It’s been several days already, do you think Xuanyuan, the boy who produced the seven-coloured light, will finish his mission? I wonder if he offended someone powerful.”


“I heard that he was ordered to collect much more than the other disciples to finish the mission. It’ll be very difficult.”


“I heard he’s not very powerful. Are you sure it was really him who produced the seven-coloured light? He probably won’t last long. All the people chosen by Brother Fung Lie have such miserable fates. He won’t be any different.”


“He’s got a lot of potential. He won’t die that easily. He should have the Xians protecting him.”


“That’s impossible. Even though he has potential to become a Xian, he’s still not a reincarnation. The Xians won’t go out of their way for him.”


“What’s impossible? Does someone like you have expert knowledge about Xuanyuan’s potential?” Fang Yuyou overheard the elders’ conversation and felt a great sense of anger. So she jumped up to intervene.


“Get lost, girl. He’s only a stupid little boy. What can he do?” One of the elders mocked.


Suddenly a violent wind rushed towards them. Everyone turned around and looked closely, someone was rushing towards them while carrying two corpses.


Fang Yuyou was the first one to react, “Young master Xuanyuan!”


Everyone in the room had their eyes fixated on Xuanyuan. His armour was shining with a bright golden light, his helmet gave him a sense of carefree Xian, his steps were like a powerful dragon. He looked majestic and imposing. It was a scene that many people would remember for the rest of their lives. 


In each of Xuanyuan’s hands was a dead body, both were dressed in the clothes of elders. Many disciples recognized the dead bodies, they were wondering why these elders were inside the mine.


“These two men laid an ambush in the hopes of taking my life, so I killed them. They were here on orders from the Lie Family and the Nu Family. I will make sure they are punished!”


Xuanyuan’s statement shocked the four elders. They looked at each other in confusion.


“He killed two grandmaster fighters? He’s only a wild fighter, how is that possible?”


“Look at their wounds. Those wounds were clearly made by the wind spirit spear. He must have killed them, I’m certain. He’s crazy! Not even Brother Fung Lie could achieve such an incredible feat when he was young.”


While holding the dead bodies of two grandmaster fighters, Xuanyuan looked like a god of death. Many inner disciples felt like they were looking at an invincible giant.


“Elders, activate the portal. I’m going back to the inner sect.” Xuanyuan said coldly.


They would normally need to wait for more people to activate the portal. However, Xuanyuan, with his majestic and imposing aura, was giving them an order. The four of them nodded profusely and started to activate the portal.


Xuanyuan spotted Fang Yuyou inside the portal. They exchanged glances and nodded to the other. Suddenly a bright light filled the air and everyone was sent back to the inner sect.


When Xuanyuan finally disappeared from sight, the four elders finally relaxed,


“That was so insane!”


“He really killed two elders!”


“He was so scary!” 

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