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DTH Chapter 115 – Fight for the Bodies!

DTH Chapter 115 – Fight for the Bodies!


Xuanyuan carried the bodies all the way to the Judgment Stand. All the inner disciples-to-be needed to go there to collect merit points for the mission and to become an official inner disciple. Some people might attempt to cheat and purchase their jades, crystals and elixirs from dealers before the mine test, but they couldn’t hide the truth once they were on the Judgement Stand.


Xuanyuan followed behind Fang Yuyou and her guards, but didn’t approach and join their group. Since they had finished the test early, the line to the Judgment Stand was still short.


Minister Baizhan frowned when he noticed the dead bodies of two elders, but someone quickly whispered in his ear to inform him of the situation.


“You’ve obtained quite the achievements, brother Xuanyuan. It seems like you administered justice by killing these two rogues.”


“Thank you, Minister.” Xuanyuan replied. Then he casually threw the dead bodies to the side while taking out a hundred demon elixirs, a Yaksha elixir, many bottles of pills and medicines he collected from Lie Sha, Lie Zan, Nu Long and Nu Fei. He also took out the hundred jin of jades and fifty jin of crystals he needed to pass the test. Baizhan was slightly shocked when he saw everything that Xuanyuan had acquired.


“Dear lord, he needed a hundred jin of jades and fifty jin of crystals to pass the test! And he finished the mission in only four days! That’s insane!”


“That’s right. I thought the disciple who produced the seven-coloured light would be given a more difficult test, but I can’t believe he finished it in such a short time.”


Numerous inner disciples were in awe.


“He has unlimited potential.” Baizhan thought to himself when he calculated the merit points Xuanyuan would receive. “That will be 170 million merit points in total, brother Xuanyuan.”


Xuanyuan now had 1.45 billion merit points. Most of the inner disciples on the List of Merits would need several years to acquire so much.



“Hahaha, the kid finished the mission in four days which exceeded everyone’s expectations!”


“We only asked for ten elixirs, so he wouldn’t put himself in too much danger, but he finished with over a hundred!”


“Take a close look, his strength has enhanced from a hundred and eight to a hundred and ninety dragons. It’s settled, he will be my disciple!”


“This precious talent will be my disciple, you can go to hell.”


The Xians started to argue amongst themselves, but who could blame them? Xuanyuan’s talent was too shocking. Luckily, many of the Xians already had disciples, otherwise, the competition would have been even more fierce.


“He’s exchanging all of his merit points for top class crystals again. Why does he need so many crystals? Did he absorb all of the previous crystals already?”


“That’s the most possible solution. His strength must have improved so quickly because of the crystals. Maybe he has the legendary “Body of All Earth”, that would explain why he needs so many stones, jades and crystals, it’s to increase his strength!”


“The kid is probably the reincarnation of a type of fighting earth. That’s right, only an earth element body can contain such an abundance of Qi…”



When Xuanyuan finished exchanging his crystals and before he could say anything to Fang Yuyou, two overwhelming forces came crashing towards the Judgement Stand. Xuanyuan looked up and saw another two grandmaster fighters that had come from Lie Family and the Nu Family. However, these two were much stronger than the others, they were on the same level as Xingyun in terms of power. Their auras were much different from Lie Zan and Nu Fei, it was likely that they were both true disciples!”


“Brother Xuanyuan, hand over those bodies, we will handle the rest.” One of the men said as he glared at Xuanyuan. He would have probably tried to kill Xuanyuan if they weren’t on the Judgment Stand. 


Xuanyuan narrowed his eyes and smiled half-heartedly, “Who are you? And why should I give you the bodies?”


“I’m Lie Gu, a true disciple, and Lie Zan was a member of my family. I have the right to claim his body on behalf of my family.” Lie Gu clearly radiated the aura of a peak grandmaster fighter. The pressure he imposed on Xuanyuan suffocated him. Even though Lie Zan and Nu Fei were both grandmaster fighters, they had only barely advanced into the grandmaster realm. Their strength couldn’t be compared with a peak grandmaster fighter.


“That’s right. Hand over Nu Fei’s body, then there will be no problem. If you disobey us, we’ll charge you for disrespecting your elders. Kneel before us and hand over the bodies.” Another man, named Nu Duan, interrupted. He was also unleashing his pressure towards Xuanyuan’s body.


“Boy, they want to destroy all the evidence. If you don’t have the bodies, they can accuse you of murdering the elders without cause. Don’t let them take the bodies.” Greed said urgently, “Damn it, the Xians of the sect are watching, so I can’t help you deal with them, they might be able to detect me.”


“Don’t even think about taking the bodies from me. You want to steal away the evidence? Your family members attempted to ambush me and were killed instead. Yet you want to punish me for thi……” Xuanyuan couldn’t continue and instead started to cough up blood. He could feel a sharp pain from all of his organs and he could hear the sound of his bones being crushed under the pressure. However, he clenched his teeth and grabbed hold of the bodies as he straightened his back, standing straight without fear.


He could probably take the pressure released from one peak grandmaster fighter, but the pressure from two of them was enough to injure him. When Minister Baizhan saw what was happening, he started to aid Xuanyuan. He was also a peak grandmaster so he was able to negate half of the pressure being applied to Xuanyuan. Lie Gu frowned and asked Baizhan coldly, “Baizhan, you’re only a mere Minister of Judgment from the inner sect. It isn’t your place to interfere with the business of true disciples. Do you want to die?”


Baizhan was not afraid, he burst into laughter and mocked Lie Gu, “You would dare to kill me? I’m from the Taibai Trade Centre! Do you think that you can go to war with us with just your two families? If you dare to kill me, go ahead. Look, I have deactivated my protection.”


Lie Gu and Nu Duan hadn’t accounted for Baizhan interfering with their plan.


“Why would we want to kill you, brother Bai? You must have misunderstood us. Xuanyuan is a traitor to the sect who killed a member of my family. We just want their bodies as evidence, we are here to punish a traitor. But how dare he ignore us true disciples?” Nu Duan smiled. He applied even more pressure when he uttered the last few words. Xuanyuan immediately felt that his head was ringing. He started coughing up more blood, three of his ribs had been broken under the increased pressure. He didn’t have the power to resist for any longer and released his hand, dropping the bodies.


“That’s a good boy. Even if you hand over the bodies, we won’t let you go for killing elders of the sect.”


“That’s right! How dare you use my family’s belongings to exchange for merit points? You’re too bold. Kneel down and beg for forgiveness!” Lie Gu shouted. His voice was filled with a powerful Qi which crashed into Xuanyuan.


Every one of Xuanyuan’s bones started to crack. He was doing his best to endure the pain and hadn’t cried out, but he continued to cough up more and more blood. They were going to kill Xuanyuan.


“You’re killing him! How dare you!” Fang Yuyou screamed. She took out a piece of jade and immediately crushed it, releasing a terrifying force. 

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