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DTH Chapter 116 – Earning Big

DTH Chapter 116 – Earning Big


“That’s a space jade created by a Xian! Oh no, I know that aura! She’s related to Fang Yun.”


“Interesting! Looks like the kid also has a talent for flirting with women. He has captured the heart of the young lady Fang.”


”Hahaha… he’ll make a great disciple for sure!”


The Xians continued with their discussion like they were bored children.



The jade created a tear in space, from which a man stepped out. His arrival caused everyone in the area to feel a tremendous sense of danger coming from him. He was Fang Yun.


“My beloved niece, what troubles you?” Fang Yun was a very clean and handsome looking man, his voice was gentle and soothing.


Fang Yuyou quickly summarized the entire event, except she added parts where Lie Gu and Nu Duan humiliated her and insulted her uncle, Fang Yun. There were tears forming in her eyes as she spoke about how they humiliated her and cursed her uncle. Everyone was left speechless when they saw her incredible acting.



“She is clearly twisting the story to make them seem in the wrong. Her methods are harsh, but it gives them a taste of their own medicine.”


“An eye for an eye. That girl is extremely clever.”



“You little bitch, what nonsense are you spouting?” Lie Gu and Nu Duan pointed at Fang Yuyou as they shouted angrily.


Fang Yun frowned deeply as he glared at Lie Gu and Nu Duan. His gaze was filled with murderous intent. The pressure created from his glare caused a few of their bones to break. They fell from the sky and heavily crashed into the ground. Fang Yun was demonstrating the power of an imperial realm fighter.


“You two have used the techniques which were graciously given to you by the sect to bully its inner disciples. You think you can insult me? You think that you can call my niece a bitch? You think that I wouldn’t dare to kill you? KNEEL!!!” Fang Yun knew Fang Yuyou was embellishing the story, but it was a perfect chance for him to establish his reputation and status within the sect.


Both men were reduced to pitiful, trembling children. They knelt down and started to kowtow to Fang Yun.


“Brother Fang Yun, we didn’t say those things about you. Please have mercy! We wouldn’t dare to insult you.”


“That’s right, brother Fang Yun. We are only joking with your niece; we wouldn’t call her that otherwise.”


“Bullshit!” Fang Yun directly slapped both of their faces sending over a dozen teeth flying from each of their mouths.


“Then you are accusing my niece of lying?” Fang Yun glanced at Xuanyuan. All his organs had suffered injuries, most of his bones were broken or fractured, and yet he was still standing straight without fear. Fang Yun admired his bravery and it seemed like his niece was interested in him. He made a few movements with his hands and pushed a gentle Qi into Xuanyuan’s body which healed him with incredible speed.


Xuanyuan smiled bitterly. He ended up needing Fang Yuyou’s help, after all.


“No, no. We were wrong, we were wrong. Please don’t kill us. We’ll do whatever you say!” There was nothing else they could do except begging for mercy. Fang Yun appearing was not part of their plan. He was one of the most powerful true disciples, even more powerful than Fung Lie. Fung Lie had only just stepped into the imperial realm. Because Fung Lie was the reincarnation of a wind spirit, he had the strength to fight against peak imperial fighters, but he stood no chance against Fang Yun.


Fang Yun nodded and turned to Xuanyuan, “I would normally spare their lives considering they are my fellow disciples, but since it was the two of you who suffered at their hands, I will let you two decide their fate.”


Xuanyuan was completely healed thanks to the power of Fang Yun. Seeing that Lie Gu and Nu Duan were now being crushed under Fang Yun’s pressure, a large smile covered Xuanyuan’s face, “My two brother disciples only made a few minor mistakes. It wouldn’t be right for them to die because of it.”


“Brother Xuanyuan is right. Thank you for understanding, brother Xuanyuan.” Lie Gu and Nu Duan were surprised and delighted that Xuanyuan spared their lives.


“But there should always be compensation. I believe as true disciples, my two brothers would be able to earn a great deal of money. Since I am all alone and have to support myself, I barely have enough to live a simple life. It’s truly a shame that I am unable to afford new techniques and instruments, don’t you agree? So it would be great if you could give me the instruments and rings that you have with you.” Xuanyuan’s voice didn’t sound like he was angry, quite the opposite, he sounded quite pitiful. Lie Gu and Nu Duan both looked very uneasy while Xuanyuan looked amused.


“This kid is interesting…” Fang Yun was also amused as he watched the display.


“What’s the matter? Do you value a few possessions more than your own lives?” Fang Yun said, causing Lie Gu and Nu Duan to tremble. They quickly handed Xuanyuan their instruments and rings.


“Xuanyuan you bastard, I’ll shred you to pieces. You are foolish for letting me go today. Luckily, he didn’t take my most important possession, my true token.” Lie Gu was furious that he had suffered such a defeat, so he directed his anger towards Xuanyuan.


“Good the kid is stupid and didn’t ask for my true token. I’ve got all of my merit points saved inside. I can still recover from these losses and after that I will take his life.” Nu Duan thought.


Xuanyuan moved over to examine the instruments when he suddenly looked confused, “Oh right, how could I be so forgetful, you can help me with merit points too. Hand over your true tokens.”


Both Nu Duan and Lie Gu felt their hearts drop, but they didn’t have a choice in the matter. Xuanyuan took a deep breath when he saw the amount of merit points they had gathered over the year – 22.8 billion. He was still so poor when compared to them.


“Lady Fang, we should split these merit points.” Xuanyuan said as he turned to Fang Yuyou.


Fang Yuyou blushed and nodded shyly. One merit dragon after another flew into their inner tokens. Xuanyuan’s token, once empty, was now worth 11.4 billion merit points. He also checked all of the pills, talismans, coins and crystals, he then gave Fang Yuyou half of everything. He then gave the upper rank earth instrument set to Greed, which caused it to grow excited.


“Wonderful! Wonderful! I really like this girl. Boy, you should keep her around. She’s a fine woman…”


Xuanyuan ignored Greed’s nonsense and continued to count his treasures. He had four grandmaster class talismans, four million king coins and three thousand four hundred jin of top class crystals.


Lie Gu and Nu Duan’s hearts were bleeding as they glared at Xuanyuan. They felt like their flesh was being cut off piece by piece.


Fang Yun was glad to see that Xuanyuan shared everything equally with his niece.


“Brothers, your families both sent people to assassinate me. It’s only right that someone must be punished, but if each family gives me fifty thousand jin of top class crystals, then I will pardon all your families’ crimes against me.” Xuanyuan added after he counted all of the possessions inside the rings. Even Fang Yun was a bit shocked when he heard this. Xuanyuan was a money sucking vampire!



The Xians who were watching were all laughing.


“I really like this kid. I want him as my disciple. No one is better suited!”


“How rare it is to find such financially conscious disciple. If he is my inheritor, my mountain will be prosperous forever!”


“So that’s why he wouldn’t hand over the bodies! He wanted to use them to extort money. He’s a genius!”

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