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DTH Chapter 117 – Five Old Men

DTH Chapter 117 – Five Old Men


Lie Gu and Nu Duan both widened their eyes when they heard Xuanyuan’s demands -fifty thousand jin of top class crystals- that was an unreasonable demand. Did he think that crystals were something that could be grown like vegetables?”


“What’s wrong? You don’t think your lives are worth more than fifty thousand jin of crystals?” Xuanyuan smiled at them creepily.


They both jumped like a cat who had its tail stepped on and urgently replied, “Of course it’s worth. We’ll report this to the master of our houses, but we can’t guarantee that they’ll agree.”


Xuanyuan took out his spear ‘Wind Spirit’, which unleashed a powerful storm of Qi. Through the pressure and the healing of his body, Xuanyuan’s strength had enhanced to two hundred dragons of strength. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to kill Lie Gu and Nu Duan in their injured state.


“They have no choice! Do you think I will allow your family to bully me over and over again? Lie Yun and Nu Qian attempted to kill me in the forest when I was coming to the sect, Lie Sha and Nu Long hunted me down inside the mine test, after that Lie Zan and Nu Fei tried to assassinate me. So I killed every last one of them. Your families must believe themselves to be really powerful, don’t you agree? Considering everything that I was put through, you dare to say that they will refuse to compensate me?” Xuanyuan said as he slowly walked towards them.


He was releasing a bloodthirsty killing intent, when suddenly, another imposing force was felt rushing towards them. Xuanyuan looked up and noticed Fung Lie was racing towards him on his Dragon Scale Horse. Xuanyuan bowed politely, “Brother Fung Lie.”


“I already heard about what happened. Those elders deserved something much worse than death. Lie Gu, Nu Duan, you are both true disciples, it’s against the rules for you to attack inner disciples. So the law enforcement team has given me permission to expel you both from the sect. You both are expelled from the sect and banished from its territory. This will act as a warning to the rest of the Lie and Nu family members. They should think carefully before they act in the future.” Fung Lie’s words made Lie Gu and Nu Duan panic.


“Please forgive us, brother Fung Lie. This will never happen again. Please don’t do this to us!” They continued to beg. It would be a large blow to their families if they lost their positions as true disciples.


Fung Lie pondered for a while before he turned to Xuanyuan, “Brother Xuanyuan is the victim here. If he’s willing to pardon you of your crimes, then I will agree.”


Xuanyuan knew that Fung Lie was aiding him, “All right, as I was just saying. Each family must give me a hundred thousand crystals as compensation. If you can’t do that, then I can only agree to let Brother Fung Lie expel you both from the sect! What do you think?”


“Yes, yes, yes. Of course!” They didn’t continue to argue. True disciples were given many benefits and special authority which benefitted their families tremendously, much more than a hundred thousand crystals. However, if they agreed to give Xuanyuan the original fifty thousand crystals, they could have had their crimes pardoned for much less.


“I won’t take your word for it, after all, you people are scum. Who knows if you will actually keep your word?” Xuanyuan continued.


“We can go to the Fire Mountain of my family’s Xian, there we can collect the crystals.” The Lie Family was one of the most influential families within the Fighting Dragons Sect. They had a Xian who lived in one of the mountains, who would help their family’s disciples when necessary.


“That’s right, you can go to Fury Mountain to collect the crystals from my family.” Nu Duan said hurriedly, forgetting about the wounds on his body.


Fung Lie looked at Xuanyuan and sighed. Suddenly Fung Lie’s voice appeared in Xuanyuan’s head, “You’re not daring enough. You should have asked for at least two hundred thousand jin from each of them.”


Fung Lie’s words filled Xuanyuan with regret, but he couldn’t take back his words. “But perhaps this is a good amount. If you asked for too much, I’m afraid the Xian of Fury and the Xian of Fire would intervene. They won’t care if it is only a small amount to settle the feud.”


Then Fung Lie ordered, “You must deliver two hundred thousand jin of crystals to brother Xuanyuan within a day. Brother Fang Yun will be the witness. If they are unable to fulfil these requirements, they shall be expelled. Agreed, brother Fang Yun?”


“Naturally.” Fang Yun said gracefully.


Then Xuanyuan handed over the remains of Lie Zan and Nu Fei. He had already extorted two hundred thousand jin of crystals, there was no point in keeping the dead bodies any longer.


Lie Gu and Nu Duan endured the pain from their broken bodies and carried the bodies back with them, they were grandmaster fighters after all. Because their blood contained Qi, their bodies would heal at a rapid speed. In their hearts, they were still cursing Xuanyuan viciously.


Fung Lie added oil to the fire to scare the other true disciples, so they wouldn’t dare to attack Xuanyuan without reason.


“Then this incident is concluded. Brother Xuanyuan, you did not disappoint me. Keep up the hard work and I will wait for you in the true sect. Brother Fang Yun, we should go back to the sect together.  Since you saved Xuanyuan, I still need to thank you. We should go get some drinks together!” Fung Lie laughed happily and jumped on his horse to leave.


“Hahaha, wonderful.” Fang Yun’s clean and handsome face had a happy smile. Then the space around him shook slightly, before they both disappeared.


Xuanyuan and Fang Yuyou both exchanged a glance.


“Lady Fang, thank you for the assistance.” Xuanyuan said.


“It was nothing. I’ve already received a great deal of rewards from helping. If you didn’t save me in the mine, I wouldn’t have made it out alive. Now we’re even.” Fang Yuyou shook her head. Xuanyuan mumbled something in reply and then left without a word, leaving Fang Yuyou feeling slightly lost, “It wouldn’t hurt you to speak more.”


She remembered how Xuanyuan repeatedly complimented her in the forest because he thought he had offended her and she felt slightly nostalgic. How nice would it be if they could be like that again? She felt like Xuanyuan was trying to avoid her.



On a mountain overlooking the Judgment Stand, was a pale faced Huotao who was mumbling to himself, “What did you say Xuanyuan did? He killed Nu Long and Lie Sha, and two elders? Does he have some secret powerful technique?”


“We not only failed to kill him, we made him rich at the same time. Two hundred thousand jin of crystals and more than ten billion merit points. That’s more than everything we have combined.” Xiang Tianku he said sourly with a look of jealousy.


“If we kill him, then all of his wealth will be ours. I never thought that this country bumpkin would be so lucky.” Kuiya said bitterly.


“It won’t be that simple. Sister Biyue, didn’t you say if this plan failed, you still had one more option? He’s all yours.” Huotao said.


“Of course, but I’ll have to ask Kuiya’s father, Kuixue to help.” A hint of insanity flashed through Biyue’s eyes.


“Of course. We can all share in his wealth after we kill Xuanyuan.” Kuiya replied immediately.


“Naturally.” Biyue have a sultry smile.




Xuanyuan went back to his room, and noticed that Zhao Manfeng was waiting to greet him. There were also many disciples waiting to introduce themselves to him, but Xuanyuan sent them home. When everyone had left, he took out ten crystals the size of a fist and started to place them in different locations.


He recalled the contents from the Book of Acquisition and started to create the disposition, he created markings representing ten different landscapes on the crystals using his Qi. When all ten crystals were marked, a powerful Qi started to flow inside the crystal. This was a disposition suitable for a wild fighter to refine his marrows. He stepped into the disposition and started to recite the heavenly dragon technique. The speed of his training inside the disposition was enhanced by tenfold.


“This kid even knows how to make a disposition. Even though it’s only a tiny one, it’s still quite an accomplishment among the younger generation. Perhaps he really is the reincarnation of an earth spirit. Reincarnated earth spirits know how to create dispositions from the moment they are born.”


“That’s very possible. He’s got unlimited potential. By the way, I went ahead and did a thorough investigation into him, the kid is definitely not a spy from the Yin Clan.”


“I went to the School of Yuehua and looked into their future head, Yan Ziyun’s memories. The Yin Clan’s young lady, Yin Zhenluo was the one who taught him, so he is actually being hunted by the Yin clan. That’s the reason for him joining the Fighting Dragons Sect.”


“Poor boy. He didn’t even get taught a secret method from the Yin Clan, but they still want him dead. I’ll take him as my disciple and let him get his revenge on them in the future.”


“The boy seems to have fallen for Yin Zhenluo, but that might be Yan Ziyun’s imagination…”


“That’s all right, isn’t Yin Zhenluo getting married? How about this, I have a suggestion, we should not fight over him, instead we take turns teaching the boy. Let’s see which of our techniques are more compatible with him, then that person will be his master. How about it? We’ve always wanted to know which of us is the best, I reckon this is the best way to determine it. When the kid’s completed his training, we will send him to trash the Eastern Dynasty.”


“I’m in, but won’t Lightning be furious if we do it without him?”


“He won’t be able to argue with all five of us. Wind took Fung Lie, us five will teach the boy, he is just fated to be without…”


“Earth, you’re a scoundrel. If everyone agrees to this, then it’s settled.”

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  1. Colin September 19, 2016 at 3:19 pm - Reply

    Wow so he just got 5 Xian masters? sweet!

  2. Muncher October 28, 2016 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    This guys luck is insane xD

  3. Muncher October 28, 2016 at 8:13 pm - Reply

    Also, why look into Yan Ziyun’s memory? Why not just look into Xuanyuan’s memory?

  4. Marcelius Everchrist November 4, 2016 at 1:37 pm - Reply

    I love how they all are already planning to raise him and let him get his revenge on the Yin Clan after he becomes OP
    TY for the chap

  5. AmbroscusOdium November 16, 2016 at 12:38 am - Reply

    MC starting to piss me off, he splits several trillion points like it’s a chocalate bar, and the girl didn’t even help him any, her uncle did. If anything she helped by summoning her uncle but thats the least she could do after he saved her life and all, definitely didn’t deserve all those points

    • Sorreah April 7, 2018 at 5:26 pm - Reply

      I didn’t think I’d ever comment, but holy moley is your comment naive. You don’t seem to understand the first part of forming relationships and contacts. All of that stuff was pretty moot to the uncle, but it was obvious from the get go that the uncle cherishes her. By being kind and sharing with her, he left a good impression on the uncle, also establishing from her behavior that she doesn’t think lightly of the MC. In a sense, he now has a high ranking disciple who he is making friends with that will help him. Whether she deserved them or not is irrelevant, he made a good impression on a powerful character which can really benefit him. He already has too many enemies, hes aware Feng….whatever his name is can’t protect him. So he needs to expand the amount of people willing to support him. Plus this guy is so whimsical with his wealth coming and going, it doesn’t even matter, it was all going to disappear anyway, why not get a protector?

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