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DTH Chapter 118 – Visit in the Night

DTH Chapter 118 – Visit in the Night


Inside the disposition, Xuanyuan was reciting the Heavenly Dragon technique. As he punched out, his fists created white Qi waves which transformed into the shape of heavenly dragons. Surrounding his body were numerous dragons, which were slowing merging into his body. With the aid provided by the disposition and the pearl, a day of normal practice was the same as ten days of hard work. Inside his body, his bone marrows seemed to be transforming into small dragons which were roaring and unleashing their power. His strength continued to surge upwards.


Two hundred and ten dragons!


Two hundred and twenty dragons!


Two hundred and thirty dragons!


Two hundred and forty dragons!


Two hundred and fifty-six dragons!


His strength had been enhanced from two hundred to two hundred and fifty-six dragons in just a single day. At this moment, he could feel that all of his marrows had been fully refined. The spinal marrow was like a slumbering dragon which connected every inch of his body.


The moment he finished practicing, the hundred jin of crystals that surrounded him exploded into powder, which was blown away with the wind. The disposition had run out of power and broke.


“Great, I’ve finally reached the peak of the wild realm.” Xuanyuan beamed. Then he sat on his bed cross-legged. He was studying the information he had obtained from the Book of Acquisition in his mind. He found out just how useful the technique was once he entered the mine test. When he had free time, he would dedicate it to studying the context contained within the book.



“Good, good. The boy was able to increase his strength by fifty-six dragons in a single day. He’ll be quite something when he breaks through to the king realm. He’s just like Fung Lie in that aspect, both of them improve with astonishing speed.” The Xian of Fire, whose whole body was surrounded by red flames clapped his hands and said excitedly. 


“Which one of us will be the first to teach him? I think I should be first, since he might be the reincarnation of an earth spirit.” A muscular old man said. His body was like a giant unmovable wall of muscle. He was the Xian of Earth.


“What a bunch of crap, Earth. You’re the one who suggested for us teach him together, but that doesn’t mean you will get the priority. I have an idea, we’ll all show up together and teach him our king realm techniques. We’ll decide after that.” The Xian of Gold said, his aura gave people the feeling that he was surrounded by sharp spikes that could cut through space itself.


“That’s good. We study different techniques, the boy might not be compatible with some of them. We’ll see whose technique suits him best.” The Xian of Water who was wearing a blue robe said while smiling kindly. His voice was smooth like fresh water running through a stream.


“Then it’s decided. We’ve been observing him for a few days now, we should reveal ourselves.” Another man said, he was bursting with life and vitality,  wherever he went flowers would bloom and life would sprout out again. He was the Xian of Wood.


Xuanyuan had his eyes closed and was studying the Book of Acquisition. Suddenly, five mysterious forces descended towards him. Greed’s voice warned, “Boy, a few Xians are coming for you. Be careful. I won’t talk while they are here, in case they are able to discover me.”


Without saying a word, Xuanyuan opened his eyes. Standing in front of him were five old men. The one with fire surrounding his body slowly started to speak,


“I will give you a technique from my Book of Royal Fire. It is a set of seven-star heaven class techniques for refining your organs. Perhaps it will help you break through to the realm of Xian, and allow us to improve the technique from heaven class to Xian class….”


With a flash of red light, the technique was imprinted into Xuanyuan’s brain. He now knew exactly how he could use fire to refine his organs.


“My Book of Golden Xian will not lose out. Boy, these techniques are yours!” The Xian of Gold said. His voice was slightly weak, since fire was able to melt gold, he would be at a disadvantage against fire in a fight, but he still continued, “With this, you will have the power to pierce any defence…”


“My Book of Black Water is so wonderful that….” The Xian of Water mumbled calmly while a blue light emerged and entered Xuanyuan’s brain. 


“Boy, I think my Book of Earth suits you the most. I feel as if we’re connected…” The Xian of Earth was confident that Xuanyuan was the reincarnation of an earth spirit.


“And there is my Book of Green Wood….” The Xian of Wood was the slowest to act.


Xuanyuan was not responding to their words at all. He could only nod before he engrossed himself into the techniques appearing in his mind. The Xians all felt dispirited by his complete silence and could only disappear without a word. Xuanyuan finally spoke when all of them had left, “What a bunch of freaks…”


The Xians almost rushed back in anger as they were able to hear Xuanyuan’s remark. However, they realized their sudden appearance inside the room would be a shock to anyone. It was good that Xuanyuan was able to remain calm.


“Hahaha, boy, you’re in luck. You can use the techniques they gave you to refine each of your organs separately!” Greed was surprised at Xuanyuan’s good fortune.


“I understand, I can use fire to refine my heart and gold for my lungs, and so on.” Xuanyuan replied.


“That’s right. You will be able to create the cycle of five elements. Your Body of All Creation has the power to devour everything, it will be easy for you. I was wondering where we would encounter a technique to refine your five organs, but I didn’t even have to search very far. Even though the girl, Yin Zhenluo left you her techniques, the effect will not be as good as the cycle of five elements. This is where you should take advantage of your Body of All Creation! It’s not every day that you get a chance like this!” Greed was excited and immediately transferred ‘The Way of Refining Organs’ from the devouring technique to Xuanyuan. When Xuanyuan entered the king realm, he would be able to unleash its potential.


“Well, it’s not that easy to cross the barrier between realms. I need to create more opportunities for myself to advance. Now that I’m in the inner sect, I want to take on some missions to temper myself in life and death situations.” Xuanyuan felt a slight regret. A moment later, he swallowed an elixir of kings and studied the Book of Acquisition.


Suddenly, a sultry, sexy voice could be heard from outside of Xuanyuan’s room, “Brother Xuanyuan, are you in there?”


Xuanyuan frowned and moved off his bed to open the door. The voice belonged to Biyue.


“What brings you here, Sister Biyue?” Xuanyuan asked as he glared at her.


“No need to be so hostile. Are you not going to invite me in?” Biyue’s demeanour was very seductive. He could smell a mysterious fragrance on her body and her clothes were extremely revealing, showing her pale skin and subtle breasts. Xuanyuan could feel a heat rising to his head.


“It’s already after midnight. It’s not appropriate for the two of us to be behind closed doors together. You can say what you need from there.” Xuanyuan had never been romantic with a woman before, so he was too immature to understand her intent. Also, he felt very uneasy when around Biyue, he felt that she must be plotting against him.


“Brother Xuanyuan, I know you think very low of me, but I’ve been thinking about the vile deeds I did to you. I came here to beg for your forgiveness. Also I’m bringing the two hundred thousand jin of crystals, Minister Baizhan asked me to give them to you.” Biyue smiled shyly. She took off a ring from her long, delicate finger and gave it to Xuanyuan.


“Thank you, Sister Biyue. Is there anything else I can do for you?” Xuanyuan put the ring on his finger at once and laughed happily.


Biyue rolled her eyes, but, she leaned in to Xuanyuan in a seductive manner and asked, “So you don’t want to see me?”


Xuanyuan really enjoyed the admiring gaze coming from Biyue’s eyes. If this beautiful girl really wanted to be with him, should he take a chance with her?

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