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DTH Chapter 119 – Seduction

DTH Chapter 119 – Seduction


“What are you talking about, Sister Biyue. Why wouldn’t I want to see you? But you’re too abrupt, I’m not really sure how I should react.” Xuanyuan grinned.


“Brother Xuanyuan, you’re such an attractive young man, so many women would fall for you. You defeated two inner disciples who were on the List of Merits, and two grandmaster fighters! Not even Brother Fung Lie had these achievements when he was your age. I come here tonight to apologize to you for the unpleasant past between us. I hope you will forgive me.” Biyue leaned her body against Xuanyuan, her soft breasts pressed against Xuanyuan’s body. He was clearly able to see inside her dress from this angle. Biyue looked at him with soft eyes. “I really want to apologize. You still won’t let me inside?”


“Sister Biyue, I guess you are trying to seduce me?” Xuanyuan smiled and wrapped his arms around Biyue’s waist. His other hand reached and groped her chest which made his heart start to pound. He peeked on naked women before, when he was young, but he never touched a body this beautiful.


Xuanyuan had an intense urge to devour the woman in front of him. Biyue could sense his lustful urges and she felt satisfaction in her heart.  With one movement, Xuanyuan tore off her dress and exposed her white skin to the pale moonlight, it was extremely erotic. Biyue gave a small moan when her clothes were ripped off. Xuanyuan’s bones felt like  putty when he heard this noise. 


“Yes, I am seducing you. If I didn’t move quickly, someone would steal you away. Don’t you like me?”


A fire was already burning in his belly. His hand traced down from her breast into her undergarments, his hand was suddenly warm and wet. Xuanyuan smiled longingly, “Of course. You are so beautiful, who would mind being seduced by you?”


Biyue was starting to grow nervous. She wasn’t expecting Xuanyuan to be so direct. W hen she felt his hands caressing her body, it made her start to feel hot.




Inside a hidden dimension, the five Xians were cheering on excitedly without an ounce of shame, but Xuanyuan wasn’t able to hear it.


“Hurry and get it on!”


“That’s my disciple! He is just like I used to be, so many beauties accompanied me to bed…”


“Stop bullshitting…”



“Would you marry me, brother Xuanyuan?” Biyue asked sweetly. Xuanyuan paused and his hands came to a halt, his mind had grown less clouded by lust. Biyue felt angry when she noticed his change. “Does he think I am just a toy?”


But after a while, Xuanyuan’s hands started to move again, greatly stimulating her body. He chuckled, “Sister Biyue, it’s not impossible, but you need to be sincere with me.”


“Well, I know what you want me to say. I’ll be honest with you. Bifu was the one who encouraged me to attack you and Huotao was antagonized by Kuiya. Kuiya was also responsible for bringing his father Kuixue to kill you in the forest. Brother Xuanyuan, even though you are very good at dealing with their schemes, you should be careful, Kuiya is ruthless.


Then there’s Xiang Tianku. He’s polite on the outside, but he secretly plots to kill. He hides his hatred deeply and only shows kindness. He knew that Nu Long and Lie She were coming at you, and felt very happy about that.


Xiaotian is the most secretive of them all. When you were in the forest, you should have encountered some assassins. Two of them were sent by Xiang Tianku, the others were sent by Xiaotian. There’s rumour that he killed one of the disciples brought in by Brother Fung Lie. His brother, Xiaoxuan, is a true disciple, who is equal to Fung Lie!”


Xuanyuan already knew these people. So he kept pushing, “And? Who else?”


“There’s also Huotao. He really harbours a deep hatred for you after losing his position, but he’s very careful and will look to send someone else to kill you. So have I proved my sincerity?”


“Of course, of course, but I’m a bit tired today, so I won’t invite you in. I just reached the peak of the wild realm, so I need to stabilize myself before entering the king realm.”


“It’s late, please head home, Sister Biyue. Otherwise, people might spread rumours if they see us like this. They don’t know that you came to me tonight. Please go back and see if there’s more information you can gather. If they are planning something, tell me and I’ll deal with them.” Xuanyuan was slightly hesitant to let go of the soft woman in his arms.


Biyue also didn’t pursue it any further. She only took out a robe from her ring and covered herself.


“Of course, I am yours and will act as you wish. If I don’t help you, who would I help? I’ll leave first. Should you need anything, just let me know.” She smiled. There was a very seductive tone when she said the last few words.



“Has the boy gone crazy? She wanted to stay. What was he thinking? Is he afraid that she’ll frame him for raping her? The Judgment Stand can see lies!” Seeing Biyue leaving, the Xians were all in turmoil.


“He’s still a child. Not like me, I used to have so many women in my bed. I never turned any of them down…”


“Stop your bullshitting….”


“I’m not bullshitting! One of them was an elder from the Linglong Sect. Also there was a princess from the Eastern Dynasty…..”


“Right, right, whatever…. Let’s go. We’ve given him our techniques. We’ll just wait and see.”


“That’s right. Let’s go. We should attend to our own business for now. The boy will be fine and there shouldn’t be any danger.”



Biyue let out a deep breath when she finally left Xuanyuan’s place. She felt extremely happy with herself. “He’s still a kid. He can’t resist my charms after all. When the time comes, I’ll make sure to rip off his little snake.”


Over the next three days. Xuanyuan was focused on studying the Book of Acquisition. Biyue would come every night to engage with Xuanyuan, but Xuanyuan was no longer overcome with lust and their relationship never advanced to the final step. Biyue didn’t really want to sleep with him, but Xuanyuan also had similar thoughts. “I should give my first time to my beautiful master, not someone like Biyue.”


On the fourth day, Xuanyuan took another elixir of kings and stayed inside all day. The Book of Acquisition taught him a great deal about the world. He could feel that his body was slowly transforming, but it was hard to pinpoint how.


“Brother Xuanyuan, are you there?” Biyue said from outside his door. He immediately gathered himself and opened the door. He pulled Biyue towards him and began running his hands all over her body. He took it a step further and tore off Biyue’s clothes completely, revealing her naked body.


Biyue was shocked at such a sudden turn of events. It seemed like Xuanyuan couldn’t control himself any longer. Biyue was slightly afraid, she was now much weaker than the current Xuanyuan. She could only let him do whatever he wanted.


“Brother Xuanyuan, my husband. Close the door first…”


“What are you afraid of? Who’s going to see us? Is there any news these few days?” He suddenly asked.


Biyue rolled her eyes, “I came here to tell you. They’re planning to attack you tomorrow. It seems like they have sent someone at the peak of the grandmaster realm. We should go into the city tomorrow, to avoid the assassin. Since you have so much wealth, it wouldn’t be too much for me to ask for a set of upper rank earth instruments to protect myself, right?”


Xuanyuan thought coldly. So you finally show your true colours. You probably want to lure me outside the sect and kill me. I’ll have to see how you plan to deal with me.


“We’ll go to the City of Fighting Dragons tomorrow.” Xuanyuan said while fondling her breasts. He was not afraid of falling into their trap. He had many grandmaster class talismans and Greed would be able to help him. They couldn’t possibly hire an imperial fighter to deal with him.


“Of course I will buy anything you want. Go back and prepare for tomorrow, get some rest. Wait for me on the cliff outside the inner sect tomorrow morning.”


“Wonderful! I love you so much, brother Xuanyuan!” When she left his room, she sighed deeply, and thought to herself. Xuanyuan isn’t such a bad person. If he wasn’t my enemy, he’d be a great husband.


“Strange, I thought you would lose control yourself again, boy.” Greed teased him.


“Get lost. I’ll shut you out when it’s with Master Zhenluo.” 

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