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DTH Chapter 120 – Falling into the Trap

DTH Chapter 120 – Falling into the Trap


Biyue quickly went to another residence within the inner sect and quietly knocked on the door. Kuiya opened the door and was pleasantly surprised to see who was knocking, “Sister Biyue, you came so late. Is it done?”


“Yes. You should leave now and contact your father. Tell him to meet us outside of the forest on the way to the city. You will be able to sense my location with this and I’ll stay by his side the entire journey. The rest depends on you.” Biyue summoned an orb of Qi from her palm and pushed it inside Kuiya’s body.


Kuiya had waited too long for his revenge. Now he would be able to accumulate enormous wealth and kill Xuanyuan in one fell swoop. The only downside was that he had to split half of it with Biyue.


“Great, you deserve most of the credit. When we’re outside of the sect, we will be able to kill him in secret. Not even Fung Lie can avenge him then. I’ll go right away.” Kuiya gritted his teeth and he quickly rushed into the distance. Biyue was staring at his back for a while, before she disappeared into the night.



Inside Xuanyuan’s room…


“Greed, will there be any problems? We’re jumping head first into danger. Who will they send to kill me?”


“How would I know? The worst case scenario would be death. So it’s not that bad.” Greed chuckled. Greed’s answer caused Xuanyuan to roll his eyes. It was useless to ask.


He didn’t want to waste any time and closed his eyes again to study the Book of Acquisition. Time was too precious to waste bickering with Greed.


Slowly, the sky began to brighten as the sun rose into the sky. There was a knock at the door as a feminine fragrance filled the air, it was Biyue. Xuanyuan opened the door, to find Biyue wearing a light green satin robe that accentuated her shapely body. Her hair swept casually over her shoulder. Xuanyuan felt himself being tempted once again.


“Sister Biyue, you look so beautiful today! I’d be willing to die having you by my side.”


The speaker was innocent, but the listener was guilty. Biyue’s heart skipped a beat. “Did he figure out our plan?” She mustered up a smile and said, “What silly words are you saying. I’d rather I die before I let anyone hurt you.”


“You’re too good to me. Let’s head off.” He jumped forward and ran towards the inner hall with Biyue by his side. “Sister Biyue, isn’t there a portal inside the inner hall? Should we use that to go to the city? It would save us some time.”


“Huotao has control over all the major portals. We’ll run straight into a trap if we do that. If they know we’re outside and heading to the city, they’ll surely send people to kill you on the way. We should sneak out in secret, then no one will know that we left. You have to work hard brother Xuanyuan, you need to become stronger and take revenge.” Biyue said softly.


“You’re very considerate. I’ll have to thank you for caring about me. I’ll get you whatever instruments you like.” He grinned.


“You promised!” Biyue said brightly. But in her heart, she was thinking, “You’re going to die and I’ll take everything from you. Of course I can choose whatever I want.”


After they passed the inner hall and went through the forest, they soon arrived at the cliff. Xuanyuan was strong enough to fly, even though it took a lot of Qi to do so. He leapt from the cliff and he flew into the distance, like a feather on the wind.


The sky was half lit by the rising sun and the natural Qi filled the air. The sect was surrounded by mountains and forests where animals were starting to awake from their slumber.


The peaceful scene made Xuanyuan cheerful. He laughed, “Sister Biyue, don’t you feel like your heart has been set free after watching such beautiful scenery?”


“I do, It’s very refreshing. Brother Xuanyuan, have you ever met any woman that was able to capture your heart?”


Xuanyuan was suddenly filled with shyness. He said slowly, “Naturally, she taught me everything I know. She’s my beautiful master.”


Biyue was surprised that he was talking about his past with her. Looking at his love-struck face, a slight tinge of jealousy clouded her heart, “Your beautiful master, who’s that? Is she more beautiful than me?”


“Of course. She’s much prettier than you. She’s the most beautiful woman in the Eastern Dynasty, Yin Zhenluo. She taught me her family’s techniques before she left, leaving me to deal with a bunch of assassins from her clan. They wanted to kill me for knowing their techniques. I came to the sect in order to escape from the Yin Clan. I’ll go and take my revenge when I’m stronger.” Xuanyuan didn’t hide anything, he looked proud and imposing.


Biyue was shocked to hear Yin Zhenluo’s name, she was famous for her beauty. Biyue’s jealousy started growing stronger. She thought, I was wondering why he was so strong. It’s the Yin clans seven-star, heaven class technique. I’ve heard that when the practitioner reaches the imperial realm, the technique would advance to the Xian class. It would only grow stronger and stronger. Yin Zhenluo, one day I’ll be much stronger than you. I wonder how you’d feel to know that I am going to kill your disciple.


While they were chatting, they had already left the main territory of the sect. They soon reached the exit of the sect and an endless forest could be seen in the distance. Biyue suddenly asked,


“Brother Xuanyuan, you probably don’t know much about the other beautiful places inside the sect. On the west side, there’s a sea called the Blue Sea. It’s serene and beautiful, but it’s very dangerous. No one under the wild realm can withstand the power of the sea water. Inside, there are numerous beasts, but under the water, there are many treasures hidden. If you’re not an imperial fighter, it’d be suicide for you to enter the depths of the sea.”


“To the east of the Blue Sea, there’s the Red Mountain. The land is red and stretches across thousands of miles and it is scorching hot! There are many fire spirits which dwell within the land to absorb its power. There’re also numerous treasures hidden deep in the mountain. There’s no water, which makes it easier to move, so grandmaster fighters will go there to try their luck.”


Xuanyuan nodded, “You want to go and try your luck after you purchase a set of upper rank earth instruments? I’ll go with you then.”


Biyue smiled, “Let’s go then!”


They headed towards the entrance to the forest when suddenly a terrifying force descended towards them.


Xuanyuan was startled and screamed, “Sister Biyue, be careful, don’t fall into the trap!”


“Hahaha, you’re going to die!” Kuiya circled them from the air. Behind him, there was a peak grandmaster fighter. His gaze was scary, draining all the warmth from your body. He was an elder of the Hu Family, Kuiya’s father, Kuixue!

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