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DTH Chapter 121 – Assassins Everywhere

DTH Chapter 121 – Assassins Everywhere

“Kuiya, how did you find me?” Xuanyuan glared at Kuiya, while stepping a safe distance away from Biyue.

“You stupid brat, you should ask the woman next to you. If you had hidden inside the inner sect and lived under Fung Lie’s protection, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to you. But since you’re here, you’ll have to die for me.” Kuiya firmly remembered how Xuanyuan knocked out his teeth. Xuanyuan became much more powerful than him after only a few days. It wasn’t acceptable.

Xuanyuan turned to Biyue and asked in confusion, “Was it you?”

She stepped to the side, looking defensive. She didn’t want to fight against Xuanyuan. “Who else? You shouldn’t have forced me into killing my own sister. Since that day, we were destined to be enemies.”

Xuanyuan chuckled bitterly.

“What are you laughing at? You hurt and humiliated my son. Do you think I will let you live today? Go ahead and speak your last words.” Kuixue’s grandmaster aura was already suppressing him. It was lucky that he already entered the peak of the wild realm, otherwise he’d be dead already.

“Nothing. I just didn’t think that you’d sacrifice your body like you did, Biyue. I’ve seen and caressed everything, I was starting to get bored. You think I didn’t know what you were plotting? I’ll tell you, I knew everything from the beginning. I just thought it would be fun to see what you were planning.” Xuanyuan’s angry words darkened Biyue’s face, she was trembling with anger. Kuiya didn’t know exactly how she seduced Xuanyuan, but multiple thoughts immediately entered his mind.

Xuanyuan gazed around at everyone and smiled, “Do you think you can kill me? Too naïve. I wouldn’t dare to leave the sect if I wasn’t confident.” Then he disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“Father, he’s wearing the Dustless Helmet. Don’t let him escape!” Kuiya urged. Kuixue was fast, he took out a talisman called the Talisman of Revealment. It could reveal everything that was hidden within five miles. A bright light shone from the talisman and Xuanyuan’s position was immediately exposed.

They thought Xuanyuan would run away, but instead he was holding a powerful talisman that, supposedly, only peak grandmaster could activate. He smiled cruelly and threw the talisman towards Kuiya, which scared his father immensely. Kuiya had produced an imperial light during his test at the inner hall, so Kuixue put everything into raising his son.

“The Talisman of Asteroid Fire!” He found this talisman from Lie Gu’s ring. A powerful flame burst out from inside the talisman and burnt all of the surroundings. Miles and miles of trees that were surrounding them were engulfed in flames.

Kuixue released an ice Qi which created numerous snowflakes in the air. Xuanyuan felt like all his Qi was being frozen inside his body, but luckily, his armour activated in time and protected him from the deadly snowflakes.

Kuixue concentrated his strength into his fist and punched towards Xuanyuan. The fist contained six hundred dragons of strength, extinguishing the fire created by the talisman. However, Kuiya didn’t escape unharmed. His organs were gravely damaged by the talisman. There was a stream of blood constantly flowing from his mouth.

“YOU ARE DEAD!” A cold air erupted from Kuixue’s folding fan. Xuanyuan recognized that it was an upper rank earth instrument, the cold wind it created would be extremely deadly.

Xuanyuan quickly took out another talisman.

“If Lie Gu is useless, I’ll try Lie Duan’s Sword of Chaos talisman.” The talisman transformed into multiple swords, the sword formed a wheel which tore through Kuixue’s ice Qi. The wheel of swords would move according to Xuanyuan’s will, it exploded into hundreds of sharp swords. The target – Kuiya.

Kuiya was so terrified, he was no longer able to stand. Each of the swords was as strong as a grandmaster fighter, a single sword would be enough to tear him into pieces. His father, in panic, rushed to shield him and formed an ice blue shield around them. Biyue was forced to the side during the fight. She didn’t think that Xuanyuan would be so well-prepared for their trap. She was enjoying the fight and even wondered who would come out victorious.

The swords attacked the icy blue shield as the shield started to violently shake. The light from the shield was fading fast.

Xuanyuan took out yet another talisman which was burning with a powerful fire. Xuanyuan smiled coldly, “Water can put out fire, but fire can turn water into steam, it really depends on which side is stronger. Kuixue, let’s see how long can you can resist. If you came here alone, I might not be able to kill you, but you are so concerned about your son’s life. The two of you can die together!”

He released his Qi into the talisman, Fire of the Sky. He threw it towards the sky and red hot flames spread across the sky. Miles and miles of the forest was on fire. “Kuiya, you were foolish to send your father to kill me, you are courting death. The fire will certainly attract attention from the sect. Then both of you will be killed!”

Kuixue’s Qi was being drained at a rapid pace. He was forced to consume pills to refill his Qi while he fought.

Xuanyuan wanted to remove this threat by its roots, he refused to give them another chance. He took out the last talisman he got from Nu Duan, which was called Breaking the Sky.

Once it was activated, a golden light shone from the talisman. The light was so blinding that it seemed to break through everything. The light transformed into a hammer that was over ten metres in size, it then smashed directly into Kuixue’s ice shield. After suffering through three powerful talismans, Kuixue’s Qi was almost drained. He was strong enough to withstand the power from three grandmaster class talismans, showing that he had an incredible strength. However, he wouldn’t be able to take a fourth.

The blue shield shattered immediately. Kuixue’s chest was struck by the hammer and caved inward. In an instant, Kuiya was crushed into an unrecognizable mess. Kuixue’s only though was to escape. He thought that it would be easy for him to kill a random wild fighter, but they miscalculated.

“Don’t even think of running!” Xuanyuan was about to deal the final blow when a horrendous aura descended on the scene. He felt like even his blood refused to move inside his body. Kuixue was immediately cut in half. Biyue was pale with shock, before she could even scream, she was also killed.

Xuanyuan knew that he had encountered some real trouble this time.

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