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DTH Chapter 122 – The Blue Sea

DTH Chapter 122 – The Blue Sea

“Run, boy. There’re two grandmaster fighters and ten king fighters waiting to kill you. I can still kill them, but I’ll have to spend a lot of my strength and risk being weakened again. Divert them to the sect and let them handle it.” Greed warned. Xuanyuan immediately activated his Dragon Boots and headed towards the sect. However, not long after, Greed warned him again.

“Damn it, they’re well prepared. They set a detection spell in front of the sect. A trap is waiting for you if you run back to the sect. Run to the west. The grandmasters have top rank earth instruments, one of them is from the Yin clan. They have probably been waiting outside the sect for a long time.”

Xuanyuan was furious. It looked like Yin Zhenluo’s brother really wanted him dead. He cried, “They better kill me today or when I rise to become the strongest in this world, I’ll slaughter the Yin clan.” Xuanyuan growled and took out the talisman of wind – the one given by Bai – and instantly he felt his body turn lighter and moving like the wind.

“It’s the wind talisman. I didn’t think he would have something like this. Everyone pick up your speed.” One of the grandmaster fighters ordered. They were still able to see Xuanyuan, but were unable to catch up, Xuanyuan was moving too fast.

“Don’t save your talismans or we will lose him. Even though the talisman of floating cloud will not let us to catch him, we can will only be a short distance behind him.” The grandmasters immediately took out their talismans and surged to the front. They were slowly catching up to Xuanyuan. The other ten king fighters followed suit, so they wouldn’t get left behind.

Xuanyuan continued activating the wind spirit spear, the dragon boots and the talisman which increased his speed several times. He was absorbing the Qi from his crystals in order to sustain the drastic Qi usage.

An hour passed and the grandmasters were slowly getting closer and closer. Xuanyuan was slightly shaken – was he fated to die today?

“I’ll see how long you think you can run. The master was right, we can’t leave you alive.” A shout came from behind him, it was a cold and ruthless voice.

He had already crossed thirty thousand miles, when he finally came to a cliff. In front of him, was a deep blue sea. It must be the sea Biyue had mentioned. People who were weaker than imperial fighters wouldn’t dare to enter the water. Otherwise, only death awaited them.

“This is not the time to hesitate, boy. You have a Clearing Water Jade, but they don’t. Hurry up and jump!” Greed urged. He never had the chance to use the jade and now was the perfect time to use it, he almost forgot he had it.

Looking behind him, he could see the approaching assassins, so without any hesitation, he jumped into the water. With the help of the jade, the water didn’t feel much different from being on the ground. He was able to move and breathe normally. He didn’t dive into the depths immediately, but stayed in shallow water and hoped the assassins would leave.

The grandmasters arrived at the cliff, seeing that Xuanyuan had jumped into the water, they frowned, “What should we do? The sea is too dangerous; we might not survive if we enter the water.”

“Don’t forget our mission. You accepted the money from my Yin clan, so you have to successfully finish the job.” The other grandmaster reminded him coldly, causing the man’s face to stiffen.

Not long afterwards, the king fighters arrived at the cliff. The grandmaster from the Yin clan ordered, “Jump, dead or alive, I want to see the boy’s body.”

“Wait. I’ll use my Eyes of Insight, to see if we can find the boy. Even though we are hired hands, we don’t need to sacrifice ourselves for nothing.” The man from Yin clan wanted to say something, but ultimately agreed to this.

Then the hired grandmaster shot out two rays of light from his eyes which penetrated into the ocean surface. Xuanyuan glared at them from twenty metres under the water. He was able to stand still in the water, so there was no movement from the water around him.

“That boy is cunning. He’s got something which clears the water around him. It looks like he is possibly using a talisman of clearing water. He’s about twenty metres below the water’s surface. He is probably waiting for us to leave. We should activate our talismans of clearing water and surround him!” The hired grandmaster concluded.

In a flash, all the assassins jumped into the water.

“Damn, they must have seen me. I shouldn’t have underestimated them.” Xuanyuan was panicking. He immediately dived into the depths with all his speed.

“The power from the talisman of wind is almost gone. Don’t let them catch up with you or you are doomed. They used talismans to clear the water away, which won’t hold up for long. But yours is an upper rank earth instrument, so you can go much deeper.” Greed reminded him.

Xuanyuan rushed towards the bottom of the sea. As he dived, he noticed that there were fish swimming in the sea around him. They had the power of spiritual fighters, but they didn’t attack him because of the clearing water jade.

Five hundred metres.

A thousand metres.

Two thousand metres.

Four thousand metres.

“How can he keep going?” The assassins sensed that their talismans were starting to lose their power.

“It looks like he’s carrying a jade, instead of a talisman.” Even though our power to clear water is diminishing, a jade will still have plenty of power remaining. It is most certainly not the power of a talisman.

“Normal people wouldn’t think of carrying a clearing water jade. Did he know that we were going to kill him, so he led us into the sea?”

“Impossible! If he knew, he would’ve asked the people in the sect to kill us. You all have extra talismans of clearing water on you, right? Keep chasing. I don’t believe he has enough Qi to continue activating the jade. Even if he dives deeper to escape us, he won’t escape from the beasts in the depths!” They all took out another talisman and continued to pursue.

“They have more talismans? But the deeper they go, the quicker the talisman will be used up. I don’t believe they have enough talismans on them!” Greed sounded disgruntled. Xuanyuan listened to his advice. After all, Greed had much more experience than him.

Five thousand metres.

Six thousand metres.

Seven thousand metres.

The pressure was slowly becoming stronger and it was more difficult for them to dive. Xuanyuan was unable to see the surroundings clearly, as it had grown incredibly dark.

Eight thousand metres.

Nine thousand metres.

His jade was only able to sustain a metre-wide bubble around him. As he looked around, there was only total darkness. He could sense the countless dangers looming around him.

Behind him, water was starting to break through the assassins’ bubbles.

“Go back. Not even imperial fighters can survive this deep and the boy is only a wild fighter. I don’t think he’ll be able to survive down here. We can go wait for him on the shore.” They quickly floated back to the surface. If they continued going deeper, they would have died before catching Xuanyuan.

“They’re gone, but they’ll definitely be waiting for you on the shore.” Greed knew what the assassins were thinking. Xuanyuan stopped diving deeper and started to think. Since the enemies were gone, there was no need for him to continue diving.

But suddenly, a gigantic shadow rushed towards him.

“It’s a sea beast. Quick, boy, activate the Talisman of Protection!” Greet shouted in his head.

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