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DTH Chapter 123 – Tiger Whale

DTH Chapter 123 – Tiger Whale

Xuanyuan immediately activated the Talisman of Protection and a yellow light covered his body. The next moment, he felt his entire body shaking as some of the shock bypassed the protection. If not for the talisman, he would be long dead, but the earthquake-like sensation didn’t go away.


If you looked from afar, you would see Xuanyuan inside a little yellow bubble which had countless sea beasts attacking it, sending the bubble flying with each attack.


“In the sea, you cannot fight with all of your power and the beasts outside are as strong as grandmasters. You need to quickly create a disposition to sustain the talisman of protection or you’ll die in the belly of these beasts.” Greed advised. Then another shadow collided with the yellow bubble. Inside the bubble, Xuanyuan’s body was being battered by the shockwaves.


He took out three fifty-jin crystals and started to carve markings onto them. Each of the markings drained a large chunk of his remaining Qi. He wouldn’t be able to finish it if he didn’t have the huge supply of crystals to restore his Qi. When he finished drawing the markings, his body was soaked with sweat. He couldn’t keep track on how many times he’d been attacked by the beasts and sent tumbling through the ocean depths. He wondered if the clearing water jade would still be working if he didn’t use the talisman of protection.


“Disposition of stability!” Xuanyuan declared loudly. The power of crystals started to pour into the yellow bubble. The surface changed from a dim yellow to a bright golden colour.


With the golden light, Xuanyuan could see the faces of all the beasts and more importantly, all the precious items that were on the sea bed. He would be unbelievably rich if he could collect them. The beasts however, didn’t stop attacking the golden bubble, but he was no longer affected by their attacks. The disposition stabilized the protection surrounding him and stopped him being knocked away, but he had no idea where he was anymore, since the beasts had continuously knocked his bubble away with each attack.


Then, slowly, a gigantic beast approached the bubble. Other smaller beasts gave way and stopped attacking at once. The gigantic sea beast opened its mouth, revealing a terrifying set of large teeth and a huge dark tunnel which was its throat, then it swallowed Xuanyuan whole, along with his bubble of protection.


“I DON’T TASTE GOOD!” Xuanyuan screamed at the top of his lungs, but it was in vain, he was already swallowed into the darkness.


The pressure from the water was lifted when he was inside the beast’s stomach. When he looked around, he found that he was already inside the blood-red stomach of the beast.


“Hahahaa, how lucky we are! It’s a tiger whale! It’s one of the sea beasts with an extremely dense life essence. It’s as powerful as an imperial fighter! I wouldn’t be able to defeat it if we had to fight against it, but it’s different now that it graciously swallowed us. I’ll devour the beast from the inside!” Greed laughed. The dagger shook and a great fountain of life essence started to pour towards it from every direction. “But don’t be relaxed, boy. Set up a few more dispositions to protect yourself. The pressure will go up if the whale dives to the depths. Your disposition will be crushed under the pressure. You should increase the protection quickly. Also, bring the egg out. I won’t be able to absorb the life essence quick enough if I am alone. The quicker the tiger whale dies, the quicker we will escape. Take the egg out, boy. It wouldn’t die even if it was directly swallowed into the beast’s stomach!”


He took the egg out of his ring immediately. He could feel the excitement coming from the egg. Little branches of black threads shot out of the egg and started devouring everything around it. Watching the power of devouring was actually quite terrifying. When the egg touched the soft red flesh, a black light was shot into the flesh like a straw, as the egg started sucking out the life essence with rapid speed. Suddenly, there was a violent shake, as the tiger whale cried out in pain.


“Hahaha, the whale has discovered us. There’s nothing it can do now. We will only stop devouring it when the last drop of its life essence is sucked out, Hahaha.” Greed couldn’t control its laughter.


Xuanyuan couldn’t care less. He only knew that if the whale died, he would lose the protection of the whale’s body and the pressure from the sea would try to crush him. So he took out another six fifty-jin crystals and started to carve even more complicated markings – Spiritual Six Corners.


For every tiny marking, Xuanyuan would have to use one percent of his Qi. To finish the whole disposition, it would require more than a thousand markings. On the other hand, his Qi was becoming more condensed with each marking. He was slowly understanding the nature of Qi which greatly benefitted him.


When he finally finished the disposition, he was exhausted, yet satisfied. He could almost feel that there was a mutual understanding between himself and the universe. The markings he made were the wisdom left by the Emperor of Acquisition. He could make all kinds of dispositions provided that he had the stones, jades, crystals or even source energy.


He condensed the power generated from the disposition into the golden protection shield which caused it to glow even brighter. The Qi, along with a large amount of life essence, was being absorbed into the shield, strengthening it several times over. He was finally able to rest. The only thing left for him to do now, was to wait.


He sat cross-legged, he could sense that his strength had enhanced again. As he absorbed the Qi from the crystals to regain his strength, he didn’t realise that his strength had reached two hundred and seventy dragons. It was an astonishing amount of strength given that he was only a wild fighter.


Xuanyuan didn’t know how long he waited, but suddenly the red stomach started shaking violently. Opening his eyes, Xuanyuan saw that the blood red flesh had now turned pale.


“Be careful, boy. The tiger whale is in a frenzy. It could sense that it wouldn’t survive this, and wanted to kill us as well. Make another disposition to help clear the water away or we won’t be able to survive in the depths.” Greed shouted.

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