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DTH Chapter 125 – The Water of Heaven

DTH Chapter 125 – The Water of Heaven

The water flooding out from the disposition was only ordinary sea water, but the extraordinary power it contained was from the disposition itself, however it was weak compared to the water inside the disposition. Once they were inside the Disposition of Nine Deaths, it was like the underworld. The water was yellow spring water, it was also called the Soup of Oblivion, which had the power to erase one’s memories.

Xuanyuan’s disposition to clear away the water was proving to be extremely useful, but the power of the crystals was being used up at an incredible speed.

“This power is only from ordinary sea water!” Greed realized it was only ordinary water and its nervousness subsided. “Let’s go, boy! We should leave already!”

“Shut up. Haven’t you heard of the concept ‘Path to Heaven’ and ‘Path to Hell’? In this world, they often come hand in hand. The Disposition of Nine Deaths symbolizes nine paths to the underworld, and the light we saw must be the path to heaven. There’ll be many precious items hidden inside. I must push forward, no matter how dangerous it is.” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes and said.

“When did you become so pompous? Well, I’m willing to go with you.” Greed was also tempted by the treasures inside. It had only heard of this disposition, but it had never seen it, it was a very rare disposition. This disposition required an extremely rare and specific environment to form.

“That’s more like it.” Xuanyuan immediately poured his Qi into the protection and started to move deeper. The light in the distance grew larger as they approached. The water continued to pass by them as they moved closer, but it was unable to harm them because of the protection from the Clearing Water Disposition. However, it was still terrifying!

As they approached the light in the disposition, Xuanyuan’s body was suddenly surrounded by a yellow liquid, which contained dense Qi from the Universe. Never in his life, had he been to a place where the Qi would be so dense.

“A natural disposition, this deserves its reputation. The Qi in this place is the purest!” Greed laughed. “Take the egg out, boy, so it can absorb the Qi. This place is best for people who study water Qi. They would be able to make a huge progress with only a little time here.”

The egg needed a lot more Qi in order to form the nine golden suns it needed to hatch. It was good luck to encounter such Qi, instead of having to pay for expensive crystals. So Xuanyuan took out the egg and allowed it to absorb as much Qi from the surroundings as it liked. The egg was greedy. It emitted a dimmed black light at once and devoured the Qi at an insanely rapid speed. The Qi here was so dense that it formed into a liquid.

“The yellow spring water has absorbed the life essence of countless sea creatures that tried to approach it. The quality of the Qi here is bursting with life essence.” The dagger also glowed dimly and started to absorb the Qi. Xuanyuan sat in cross-legged position and also started to absorb the Qi that surrounded him. He knew that he would not likely get another chance like this.

Closing his eyes, the golden globe surrounding him became stronger as his mind grew more focused. Xuanyuan was sensing the incredible connections between his skin, muscles, bones, veins and bone marrows. Every drop of liquid Qi was being used to refine his marrows. Inside his body, he felt like all his marrows were being awakened. The temperature of his body was starting to rise, it was like his blood had become a blazing inferno. The heat was burning through every inch of his body. At that instant, Xuanyuan was suddenly enlightened as he watched the intense heat travel from his marrows, into his blood, then through his body to warm his organs. With the understanding, Xuanyuan was able to see the connection between his blood and organs. His five organs started to absorb the liquid Qi. With every breath, he was strengthening his five organs. His strength was being enhanced with every breath he took.

Two hundred and ninety dragons!

Three hundred and eleven dragons!

Three hundred and thirty dragons!

Three hundred and fifty dragons!

Three hundred and sixty dragons!

Xuanyuan had finally stepped into the king realm and his strength was enhanced by ninety dragons!

His organs no longer felt fragile like they did before. Since they had absorbed a large amount of Qi, his organs were now dozens of times stronger than in the past. His enemies would find it extremely difficult to injure his internal organs with their attacks. At the moment when he became a king fighter, his skin, muscles, bones, veins, marrows and organs were fully connected which created the aura of a Heavenly Dragon, but it was being devoured in an instant. Other people would not sense the aura on his body, but that did not affect his strength in the slightest.

The devouring technique in his mind had transformed from the Yellow Class to Black Class. The Qi was constantly flowing into his body. His body was now able to contain the same amount of Qi as twenty peak king realm fighters, which meant he could fight against twenty peak king fighters without growing tired, and even win.

“You have stepped into the next realm. Very nice. Activate the Way of Refining Organs first, then begin refining your kidneys using the Book of Black Water. In the theory of cultivation, kidneys are under the power of water, so this book will greatly benefit you.” Greed said delightfully.

Xuanyuan followed suit and started to refine his kidneys. When he began, he suddenly felt that his kidneys were like a black hole which sucked in everything. It was a strange feeling.

“The Body of All Creations makes it very difficult to refine your organs. You will need a lot more Qi than others to fully refine your organs. Use this opportunity to absorb as much as possible!” Greed laughed. It looked like Xuanyuan would have another leap in strength. “I wonder how strong you’ll become when you finish refining your kidneys.”

Xuanyuan closed his eyes and activated his pearl. He followed the steps in the Book of Black Water to refine his kidneys. While his hands were used to form mudras which helped increase the speed of the process. The black hole was spinning with incredible speed. His skin, muscles, bones, veins and marrows were all activated, absorbing the Qi which was flowing from the disposition. The speed in which his kidneys devoured Qi was incredibly fast, such speed could compare to peak grandmaster realm practitioners.

He concentrated fully on cultivating and started to slowly move towards the light inside the disposition until the light covered the entirety of his surroundings. Xuanyuan checked his kidneys and realized that the black hole in his kidneys was pulling him closer to the light inside the disposition. Even though the amount of Qi was enormous, and the speed in which he absorbed was fast, he only managed to refine a very tiny portion of his kidneys. It seemed like Greed was right. It would be an extremely difficult task for him to refine his kidneys.

“Boy, I know what treasure is inside here. It’s a fighting water! The Water of Heaven, it ranks eighteen on the ranks of fighting water! That palace over there matches the exact description of the Water of Heaven. As you said Heaven and Hell go hand in hand. The water can’t be far!” Greed screamed excitedly.

Xuanyuan opened his eyes in surprise at Greed’s words. He only now noticed the water palace in front of him.

“The Water of Heaven?” He asked.

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