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DTH Chapter 126 – The Water Palace

DTH Chapter 126 – The Water Palace

“This must be it, the Water of Heaven!” Greed was excited, “If you can devour it and refine it with your kidneys, you’ll become much more powerful. It’d be great if you can collect a treasure for each element: water, fire, gold, earth and wood. You can use them to enhance the full circle of five elements. How powerful would that be!”

The prospect of collecting treasures for all five elements made Xuanyuan speechless. The power he could conjure would be unthinkable. He was just as excited as Greed, if not more. The first time he heard about fighting water was when he asked about the young master of the Hai Clan from the Eastern Dynasty. He controlled one of the fighting waters, and could use it to defeat Fung Lie, if he didn’t have his Wind Spirit. Now he encountered a fighting water that was ranked number eighteen on the list. His excitement was indescribable.

“Well, let’s stop the dreaming and focus on what’s ahead. You don’t get to find these types of treasures so easily. Tell me what can this Water of Heaven can do?”

“The Water of Heave can catalyse all kinds of spiritual medicine, causing them to grow at a much faster pace. It takes over a hundred years for some medicines to grow, but only takes a number of days with help from the Water of Heaven.” Greed explained. Everything ranked on the list was rare and powerful. It was considered a stroke of luck to encounter anything on the list.

“That’s incredible!” Xuanyuan couldn’t believe it.

“Of course. Otherwise how can it be called a treasure? Its power must require the Disposition of Nine Deaths to protect it. It requires many years for this type of water to form. Despite its power, the Water of Heaven is extremely poisonous when it touches other water sources. It’ll be very difficult to extract it.” Greed emerged from inside Xuanyuan’s mind and formed a black shadow in front of Xuanyuan. He still couldn’t see its face, but it certainly grew much more powerful. Sensing its greediness, Xuanyuan realized someone like Greed, who had lived for many millennia, also found the Water of Heaven desirable.

“You see, the Water of Heaven can use the disposition to kill the sea creatures that come close so it can absorb their life essence. If we wait for a few thousand years, it’ll probably become a sentient water spirit and be able to reincarnate into a person, just like what happened with Fung Lie.”

Xuanyuan was shaken by Greed’s words, “Was Brother Fung Lie reincarnated from a fighting wind that ranks higher than eighteen?”

“Not necessarily. Those ranked higher don’t necessarily get reincarnated sooner. Quite the opposite, actually. The Water of Heaven was recorded in an ancient scripture. I’ve only heard of its name, but have never seen it. You must find it and devour it!” Excitement was leaking from Greed’s shadow.

“If you can get the Water of Heaven, you’re going to make many alchemists go crazy. They’ll spend fortunes to hunt you down and request for you to nurture their plants. Hahaha, we’re going to be rich! Even if I can’t find my origin of memories, I’ll still be able to regain my power!”

Thinking of how much crystals Greed would have to absorb, Xuanyuan rolled his eyes, “Even if I receive that many crystals, I won’t let you have them. We’ll go find your origin of memories. Let’s first find the Water of Heaven. We still need it to get out of the disposition.”

They had arrived at an underwater palace formed completely of aqua jade. The jade contained endless pure Qi. “This must have been made by the previous owner of the Water of Heaven before their death, in order to hide it from the world.”

“That’s right. So many powerful people were killed because of the treasures they possessed. People would lust after their treasures. Many people would do anything to hide the Water of Heaven, they would hide it with many protections before they go to reincarnate. So they can come and retrieve it in their next life.” Greed looked at the palace and said, “The palace itself can be considered a treasure.”

“Does that mean they are able to live forever through reincarnation?” Xuanyuan was curious about reincarnation, since it also happened to him.

“That’s not possible! No matter how powerful you are, you can only reincarnate for three lives. No exceptions. It’s the law of the universe. Unless…” Greed replied.


“Unless you become a deity and step into immortality, but the deity realm is too distant. Many Xians meet their downfall because they’re too obsessed about becoming deities.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll understand one day.” Greed merged itself into the dagger and said heavily, “Xuanyuan, I’ll help you with everything I can. The Water of Heaven is no ordinary treasure, you must find a way to obtain it. You won’t get another chance.”

Xuanyuan nodded with determination. He looked over at the egg, it was glowing with a dim black light that resembled plant roots which had dug into the aqua jade. It was devouring as much Qi as possible. The third golden sun mark had already fully formed. The edge of the fourth sun was starting to appear on the shell.

“Am I supposed to leave it here alone to devour the Qi?”

“Why, of course! Drop some blood on the egg, then when you are in danger, it’ll immediately return to you.” Greed said.

So Xuanyuan moved towards the egg and bit a small wound on his finger, allowing a few drops of blood to fall onto the egg shell. As the blood was absorbed, a marking of red blood veins appeared across the egg shell. He could feel that a spiritual bond had formed between the egg and himself, so he was no longer worried. Perhaps the egg could sense his worries, it shook slightly, like it was reassuring Xuanyuan and urging him to go without it.

Xuanyuan was happy that it was able absorb as much Qi as it could, every second it spent absorbing Qi was saving him a fortune in crystals.

“Let’s go. You need to look for the origin of the light, the Water of Heaven will be there.” Greed was growing more impatient.

Xuanyuan was still protected by the protection talisman, which was supported by the disposition he created. He slowly walked across the aqua jade floor and into the palace.

The palace was completely silent. There were only some strange dots of light which floated in the water around the palace. Every step that he took, he looked around, bracing himself for any possible dangers. He knew that there could be danger at any moment.

As Xuanyuan moved into the palace, he noticed a door which led to a hall. The hall was made from another kind of crystal, the Crystal of Heaven, which was incredibly rare. There was a powerful blue light glistening through the crystal.

“Haha, we found it…” Greed yelled.

Suddenly, a shadow of a woman appeared at the door to the hall and Xuanyuan’s heart clenched. He knew that it couldn’t be this easy.


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