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DTH Chapter 128 – Burial

DTH Chapter 128 – Burial

The power of the Water of Heaven exceeded everything that he had imagined. His body was being torn apart and healed at a rapid pace. An ordinary imperial fighter wouldn’t be able to withstand the strain put on the body, but the Body of All Creations was particularly strong. It could absorb everything in creation. With the help from Greed, most of the force from the water was being suppressed.

However, it was still difficult for Xuanyuan to hold himself together while enduring the searing pain. Xuanyuan was covered in a mixture of sweat and blood. In his delirium, he arrived at an imaginary land. It was a land of emptiness with only a girl in a blue dress standing there. She had very bright eyes, but her face was angry. She interrogated, “Why do you have to devour me?”

“I need you to become more powerful. So I can save the person I care for.” Xuanyuan was stunned. This girl must be the Water of Heaven.

“Did you know that my master will die if you devour me?” She was furious.

“I know that you care for your master very much, but she was being tortured for all these years. She’s all alone and sad. Do you understand that?” Xuanyuan asked.

“It’s still better than her disappearing.”

“You’re not human, Heaven, you don’t understand our emotions. The person she loved betrayed her and killed her. It’s too painful for her to continue living.” Xuanyuan shook his head.

“How dare you say I don’t understand? I do. If I didn’t exist, master wouldn’t have gone through that. She’d be happy and have everything she wanted. I destroyed everything she had. Her life is the only thing she has left.” Heaven’s eyes filled with tears.

“You shouldn’t blame yourself. It’s really not your fault. Some humans are greedy and devious. It’s these evil thoughts that destroy all good things.” Xuanyuan approached slowly. He didn’t seem to care about the harm he might be exposing himself to. “I know you want to be with your master forever. You think she’d be better off as long as you’re with her. But she is being tortured everyday by the thought of the man she loved had betrayed her. Do you know how painful it is?”

“I don’t know. I don’t want to listen. Let me go!” She covered her ears and screamed, as Xuanyuan opened his arms and embraced her.

“Heaven, don’t be like this. You’ve made a mistake. You should’ve let your master go reincarnate. Then perhaps she can forget all these bad memories. She has been here for countless years. All those years were filled with grief and solitude. Even though you try to hold everything together, but you know that her soul will eventually disperse, right?”

She looked up at Xuanyuan, “Was I wrong? It’s all my fault! It’s all my fault…”

“Do you remember the man who betrayed your master?” Xuanyuan asked softly.

“I’ll never forget his face!” She replied sharply.

“Become one with me and leave here. We will find the man and avenge your master. That’s the least I can do. I’ll slaughter the man who did this to your master.”

“Will you?”

“Of course! I never forget my promises!” Xuanyuan nodded.

“All right. I will leave with you. You must kill the man should you ever meet him….” Her body suddenly became a blue light and merged with Xuanyuan.


In reality, Xuanyuan had already passed out and was laying on the ground. No one knew how much time has passed. Greed was waiting in shadow form outside the dagger dagger. It looked at the woman in a white robe and asked, “You look familiar. Do I know you?”

“You are the Devouring Emperor’s companion, Greed. Right?” She smiled slightly.

“That’s right. You…” Greed’s face was a blur. “I couldn’t retain my power. A lot of my memories are gone. I don’t remember you.”

“Don’t worry. I remember you. The emperor saved my life when I was little. All my family was killed and I was left alone. The Emperor came and devoured all my enemies and passed their power onto me. That’s why I was able to find the Water of Heaven. I wanted to find the Emperor and thank him, but I never could.”

“He was always alone and never stayed in one place. The sect he created only had one member and that was himself. It wasn’t easy for someone to find him.” Greed said calmly. “He saved many innocent people throughout his years. I don’t remember all of them. Please don’t be sad that I don’t remember you, miss.”

“Of course not. He only had good wishes for me, that’s why he taught me the techniques to protect myself. The egg over there must be Devour, right? Looks like the Emperor met his downfall as well. I can only leave the Water of Heaven to his heir as a token of my gratitude.” She looked outside to the egg and her smile deepened. She had no more regrets in this life.

Suddenly, the Water Palace shook violently. The crystals that the palace was formed from had lost their colours and power. The Qi surrounding the place became thinner. That was because Xuanyuan had obtained the Water of Heaven, the source of power that was sustaining the palace, and the egg had absorbed all the Qi from inside the jades.

“That thing has devoured nearly everything from the palace. Without the support from the Qi, the palace will collapse. Let me help you escape from here.” Greed cried.

“There’s no need. The palace was made from the body of the man who protected me when I was killed. Now that I’m going to disappear. I want to be buried with the one who loved me the most. Farewell, Greed and Devour. I will use the last of my power to escort you out of the disposition. The young master has tamed Heaven, she’ll help you escape from the sea…” She smiled and shook her head. Her body transformed into tiny dots of light, the same lights Xuanyuan saw when entering the palace. In an instant, the woman was completely gone and all that remained were the dots of light. Greed shouted towards the egg, which now had six golden sun markings. “Did you have to suck everything from the palace? Haven’t you had enough? Come back!”

The egg shook urgently and shot back into Xuanyuan’s ring. Greed also returned to the dagger.

The dots of light embraced Xuanyuan, creating a mysterious force. With a flash of light, Xuanyuan’s body disappeared from the water palace and appeared outside. The moment he was gone, the palace started to crumble and was buried in the sea bed.

The person she loved the most was the one who killed her.

The person that loved her the most died to protect her.

And she was buried in the deep blue sea along with the person who truly loved her.

“What’s happening to the sea?” On the cliff, the assassins that were waiting for Xuanyuan screamed. The Blue Sea was normally overcome with violent waves, but now it was completely calm.

“We should leave. Now that there are changes to the Blue Sea, it’ll surely attract the attention of the sect. We can’t wait here any longer.”

“Let’s go! The boy couldn’t possibly be alive after all this time.” The man from the Yin clan ordered and all of the assassins left.

After a long period of calm, a giant whirlpool appeared in the middle of the Blue Sea.

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