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DTH Chapter 129 – Mochou

DTH Chapter 129 – Mochou

Not long after the assassins left, a few powerful conscious descended upon the Blue Sea.

“What happened? The sea became clear and the water is not as dangerous anymore!”

“Does anyone know what happened?”

“No, but at the edge of the Forest of a Million Beasts, there were a few bodies. Two of our disciples and a grandmaster realm fighter. There was a fight that led to their deaths. There might be a connection between the two events.”

“Investigate all inner disciples. I want to know what exactly happened.” The leadership of the sect had already been informed about the events and arrived at the sea. The giant whirlpool had killed numerous sea creatures and swallowed them into the depths of the sea. After that the water turned from a dark blue into a crystal clear blue. It was too strange. They couldn’t ignore something like this.


In the mountains there was a small stream which came directly from the sea. The water that used to be dark blue had now turned crystal clear.

Not far from the stream, there was a simple wooden house. A woman with thick makeup was sitting outside, sighing deeply. Suddenly, she spotted a body floating down the stream, causing her face to go pale. The body was soaked with blood and had stopped outside the house because the water was too shallow.

The woman had never seen anything as terrifying as this, but she slowly calmed herself down. She approached the body and moved her finger under the nose, feeling a warm, damp air which hit her finger.

“He’s alive!” The woman moved the body over to the house. The water had washed off a large portion of her makeup, but she paid no attention to it. She said softly at the door, “Mochou, open the door for me.”

“Coming!” The voice of a little girl replied. A girl with long, black hair opened the door. She seemed sweet and innocent, around five or six years old. However, when looking at her eyes, you would notice that she was blind. “Aunt Mei, what happened? Who did you bring home?”

“I saw him lying next to the stream. He was drowning in the water and must have been dragged this way by the stream’s current. Mochou, go make a pot of ginger soup. I’ll carry him to the bed and see if we can save him. It’ll be quite a hassle if he dies outside our place.” Aunt Mei replied. Mochou went to the kitchen immediately started to make the soup.

Aunt Mei was named Su Mei and she was a prostitute. One day, she found an abandoned baby that was left in a small crib. Inside the crib, there’s a note that said “Mochou” on it. Mochou meant “No sorrow” and maybe that was the only thing the parents wished onto their abandoned child. Su Mei shook her head and smiled bitterly at the memory. The baby wouldn’t have a life without sorrow by following a prostitute. But Su Mei did her best to make sure Mochou had a good life. The little girl grew up slowly. Perhaps it was because she was blind, but she never made much of a fuss. She quickly learnt to take care of herself and even took care of Su Mei when she became sick. The two of them lived a simple life together.

The body Su Mei saved was none other than Xuanyuan. She carried him to her bed, and put a hand on his forehead to check his temperature.

“He’s too cold!” She covered Xuanyuan with thick blankets. Out of the room, Mochou was holding a hot bowl of ginger soup.

“Aunt Mei, the soup is done!”

“Thank you, Mochou!” She immediately took the bowl, and then quickly grabbed the tiny hands that were holding them. They were slightly burnt from holding the hot bowl for so long, “You’re burnt!”

“Don’t worry, Aunt Mei, I’m not that hurt. Save the boy!”

“How do you know it’s a boy? And not a man?” Su Mei asked.

“If he’s old, he would be big, then you wouldn’t be able to carry him. So he must be a boy!” Mochou giggled.

“You are very smart. Now go soak your hands in cool water!” Su Mei said in a worried tone.

Su Mei held the soup and sat at the edge of the bed, feeding the soup to Xuanyuan with a spoon. However, there were a few men shouting loudly at the door. “You fox woman. Come out! Your customers are here. I need a good fuck. Open the door!”

“She also needs a good fuck. Haha…”

Su Mei was used to these obscene comments from her customers. Mochou came into her room and said, “The customers are coming, Aunt Mei.”

“I know. Stay here, Mochou. Don’t come out.” She then wiped off all her make up before opening the door. She looked less sultry, but was still quite alluring.

“Hello, gentlemen. I’m very sorry. I can’t take customers today. Please come around another time.”

“What the fuck is this?” A big man shouted angrily, “You don’t get to refuse customers. Let’s go already!”

“Please be reasonable. I really can’t do this today.”

All the constant shouts from outside eventually woke Xuanyuan. He realized there was a little girl sitting next to him. “Where am I?”

“You’re awake! You’re at my home.” Mochou was a bit scared from all the commotion outside, but she still calmly answered Xuanyuan.

“How come I’m at your home?” He asked. Xuanyuan felt quite comfortable and was lying on a bed.

“Aunt Mei carried you over from the stream. She said you had drowned.” Mochou answered.

Xuanyuan realized he was saved, but then he heard the arguments outside.

“You bloody slut. I’ve fucked you plenty of times. You think I don’t know why? You must have another man inside, isn’t that right? My day had been shit, I’ll beat him for making it worse and then we can fuck!” The man shouted and rushed inside the house with two other men.

“What are you doing? You’re scaring Mochou!” Su Mei couldn’t stop them from barging in. The men knocked over the furniture as they charged through the house and went into her room. They almost fell over when they saw Xuanyuan laying in the bed.

“Alright! So we’re not better than a little boy? If you’re not available for business, then we’ll fuck Mochou instead!” The man looked at Mochou hungrily.

Su Mei was burning with fury. She rushed to the man and dug her long nails into the man’s face. She screamed, “Don’t you dare touch Mochou. I’ll kill you!”

“Fuck!” The vulgar man’s eyes were scratched by Su Mei and started to bleed.

He angrily slapped her across the face, throwing her to the ground. He pointed a finger at her, “You slut. How dare you attack me. I’ll fuck your girl in front of you. What can you do?”

Mochou trembled and grabbed Xuanyuan’s sleeve, “Save Aunt Mei!”

Xuanyuan quickly rose from the bed and angrily slapped the man who attacked Su Mei. The man was thrown several metres from the slap and was twitching involuntarily on the ground. He was in so much pain that he couldn’t even scream.

“Get lost, scum.” Xuanyuan growled. Looking at Xuanyuan’s blood stained clothes and seeing his strength, the other two men were speechless. They were only in the fighter realm. Compared to Xuanyuan, they were insects. They also knew how weak they were in comparison.

“Do you know who we are? We’re servants from General Li’s clan. How dare you attack us? You stupid woman, we’ll come back for you!” They screamed while trembling. Eventually, they carried the large man’s twitching body from the house.

Su Mei was petrified, unaware that her face was covered in blood from the powerful slap. She turned to Xuanyuan and urged, “Young man, you need to leave. They are from General Li’s house. If they come back with help, you’ll be in big trouble. Go, now!”

“What about the two of you?” Xuanyuan asked.

“Well, we’re only a woman and child, they wouldn’t kill us for no reason, but they will kill you.”

Mochou started crying, “Aunt Mei, are you hurt?”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to the two of you.” Xuanyuan stroked Mochou’s hair gently. He looked at Su Mei confidently, “Thank you for saving me. I’ll protect the two of you. You don’t have to worry.”

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