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DTH Chapter 130 – The Body of a Thousand Spirits

DTH Chapter 130 – The Body of a Thousand Spirits

Xuanyuan healed Su Mei’s wound with some medicine from his ring, which caused Mochou’s stream of tears to come to an end.

“Thank you for healing Aunt Mei!”

Xuanyuan was caught slightly off guard, but he soon resumed his smile, “Mochou, you can’t see with your eyes, how do you know Aunt Mei’s wound was healed?”

“I can feel it!” A bright smile appeared on Mochou’s little face, “Can you stay with us forever? Then those men won’t bully Aunt Mei anymore.”

Su Mei blushed at the little girl’s question, but Xuanyuan was not embarrassed, “I can’t. I have many important matters which I cannot ignore. Mochou, be a good girl and get some sleep, it’s already late.”

Mochou pouted with disappointment, but she still said, “Alright. I’ll go to sleep.” while going back to her room.

“She was abandoned as a child, but she’s a very smart girl. She can’t see, but can distinguish if a person is good or bad. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me.” Su Mei smiled warmly.

“Why do you choose to sell your body?” Xuanyuan asked, while frowning.

“The world is cruel and filled with trouble. Ordinary people like us can’t survive by ourselves. I could’ve gone to a big family as a servant, but they’d also treat Mochou as one. I don’t want her to suffer from a hard life. She’s too young, someone needs to be there for her. So this is the only way for us to stay together and survive.” Her smile turned bitter.

Xuanyuan was touched. Didn’t he used to be a beggar as well? If he had never met Yin Zhenluo, if he had never found out the secret of the dagger, he might have become a servant to some filthy family. You could never know where fate would take you.

“Young master, you are someone of high status, you must despise me…”

“I don’t despise you. You’ve done your best with what you had, and you raised a child without help. That’s impressive.” Xuanyuan cut her off and took out a hundred king coins from his ring, “Take these. I have more, but the scoundrels of the world might threaten your life if you have too much money.”

Su Mei exhaled deeply. A hundred king coins! Every time she slept with a customer, she would only receive a single warrior coin. How easy it was for people with money!

“Young master, that’s not appropriate. I can’t take this much money.”

“Damn it. You saved my life, is my life not worth a hundred king coins? Even if you don’t want it, take it for Mochou. Use the coins to start a business. Mochou deserves to grow up in a better environment.” Xuanyuan growled lowly.

Tears filled her eyes. Her voice was shaky when she said, “Thank you, young master. There’s not much I can do to thank you. Let me serve you for the night.”

“There’s no need to thank me. Your kindness earned you this reward. Take good care of Mochou. That’s the most important thing.” Xuanyuan shook his head, spoke calmly. He knew what Su Mei was implying, but accepting her offer would just be taking advantage.

“Madame Su, I want to ask a few questions, where are we?”

“We are in the Eastern Dynasty and the border of the Fighting Dragons Sect territory, Lishou City. You will need to cross Lishou city to go back to the Fighting Dragons sect.” Su Mei answered while gazing at Xuanyuan’s disciple clothing.

Xuanyuan was surprised. Remembering his adventure in the Blue Sea, he was attacked by numerous sea creatures and swallowed by a tiger whale. It wasn’t impossible that he was already outside the sect territory.

“How far is the capital of the Eastern Dynasty?”

“About ten million miles away. It’s not a place I could ever go to. You need to have a lot of money to ride the portal.” Su Mei said.

“Thanks for telling me, Madame Su. I’ll set a disposition around your house. Whenever you are in danger, just hide inside and you’ll be safe. I’ll take care of the people from the Li clan, but after that I’ll leave.” Xuanyuan said.

Su Mei observed the young boy, his face was still fresh and young, but he was incredibly decisive. No wonder Mochou took a liking to him.

Xuanyuan opened one of his rings and noticed that two hundred thousand jin of crystals had been reduced to a pile of powder. There was nothing left. He smiled sourly, even though gaining the Water of Heaven was surely a great bargain, he didn’t like spending his fortune. In his other ring, he still had four thousand jin of crystals. He took out ten blocks, each weighing fifty jin.

The Water of Heaven had now merged into his body and his kidneys were completely refined. Since the kidneys were directly related to a person’s bones, he could feel that his kidneys and bones were both strengthened and he was extremely energetic. He also grew to a height of 180 centimetres as well. He was now very tall amongst the fourteen-year-olds in this world.

Xuanyuan took a piece of crystal and concentrated his Qi as he began carving his markings onto the crystal. The disposition he was planning to create was called the Disposition of Forced Gentleness. It would take him a lot of Qi since it was an imperial class disposition which would force any enemies out of the disposition.

Suddenly, Greed spoke out,

“Xuanyuan, bring that little girl with you. She’s the key to finding more treasures.”

Xuanyuan’s hand trembled, “What do you mean?”

“The girl has the Body of a Thousand Spirits. She can sense the treasures and can see the nature of people and objects. She’s not blind, it’s just that her eyes haven’t open yet. When the Eyes of a Thousand Spirits open, you can definitely find other fighting elements! I’m sure of it!” Greed said excitedly.

Xuanyuan finally understood why he was so kindly disposed to the little girl.

“No, I can’t use a child. Su Mei has raised her all these years, I can’t just take her away from her foster mother. She’d be devastated.” Xuanyuan argued.

“Just say that you’re going to take care of the girl for her. She’s a prostitute, she can’t provide the girl with a good life.” Greed scolded.

“At least she won’t face any dangers by staying here. There’s a chance that she will be killed if she follows me. I won’t do that, unless it is the last resort. Don’t try to argue with me.”

“Other people will kill the prostitute and take the girl if they find out her secret. You idiot.” Greed grumbled. But Xuanyuan ignored him. He slowly carved the markings for the disposition.

Mochou laid on her bed quietly, when she suddenly spoke.

“Big brother, you’re here? You are late by a whole month. I missed you.”

“I’m busy. How come there’s another man in the house?” Another voice suddenly emerged from her mouth.

“Yes, aunt Mei saved him…” She repeated today’s events.

“I see. Do you like him?” The other voice asked.

“Yes, he’s just like you. He also likes me. I can feel the warmth from him.”

“I heard what they said. He asked aunt Mei to take care of you and gave her money. Mochou, remember to thank him.” The other voice said, “He’s coming. I’ll leave. Don’t let aunt Mei know our secret.”

“I know. You’ve told me many times.” Mochou giggled.

At this point, Xuanyuan knocked on her door, “Mochou, are you asleep?”

“Not yet. Come in!” She quickly sat up on her bed.

Xuanyuan came in and sat down on the edge of her bed, a block of crystal full of markings was in his hands.

“Mochou, I’ll give you the power to protect aunt Mei. If bad guys come troubling you, concentrate and think about kicking them away. Then the bad guys will go away.” Xuanyuan said mysteriously.

She was excited about the notion and nodded frantically, “Is that true? I won’t let anyone hurt aunt Mei!”

“Of course it is.” He pushed the crystal into Mochou’s chest. The crystal sunk into her body, without a sound. The Disposition of Forced Gentleness was created.

“Alright. If someone tries to bully aunt Mei, you have the power to protect her.” Xuanyuan smiled, “Now, go to sleep.”

“Thank you!” Mochou sensed a funny feeling in her body, but nodded obligingly.

When Xuanyuan left her room. He was covered in sweat. The disposition had consumed a lot of his Qi. He sat down on a chair in the living room and quietly restored his Qi.

Time passed and the morning sun rose into the sky.

“Come out, you asshole. You’re going to die. How dare you attack us and steal that woman!” One of the men from yesterday shouted from outside of the house.

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