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DTH Chapter 131 – Youyun Stone market

DTH Chapter 131 – Youyun Stone market

Li Wu was the son of General Li Gang of the Lishou City and beautiful women was his special interest. Last night, two of his servants told him about the latest news in the city.

“We’ve heard there’s a woman who lives in a wooden house next to the stream. People say she’s extremely alluring and sultry. We were going to bring her here when suddenly an arrogant young boy attacked and almost killed Li Yan, then stole the woman.”

Li Wu was intrigued. He waited until morning and then went to the wooden house by the stream. He was a tall and muscular man who had already refined his organs. He was a peak king realm fighter. He also brought along the servants who had told him the news along with ten other wild fighters.

Su Mei was unable to sleep the entire night. When she heard the noise outside, she sprang up and stopped Xuanyuan, who was about to open the door. “Young master Xuanyuan, leave through the back door. There’re too many of them.”

“That’s not a problem.” Xuanyuan replied.

He had already removed his clothes from the Sect of Fighting Dragon and shattered them into powder using his Qi. He was in the Eastern Dynasty now. He didn’t want to be killed because of the grudges between the two territories. As he opened the door, Su Mei grit her teeth, but mustered up her courage and went outside as well.

“You have indeed came back to make trouble.” Xuanyuan said. He was wearing all his upper class earth instruments, he looked like a majestic, elegant young man.

As the son of a general, Li Wu could recognize Xuanyuan must be someone of importance. At the very least, he came out to face them alone which meant that he was not afraid of them. At once, Li Wu changed his tone and said kindly but commandingly, “Young master, someone has accused you of hurting one of our clan servants. Could you tell us what happened yesterday? If what they said was true, then I’ll have to seek justice on their behalf.”

Su Mei stood out from the house and Li Wu’s eyes brightened. She was just as alluring and sultry as his men had said. She explained the whole incident timidly, “My name is Su Mei. Yesterday, I saved this young master from the stream. He was still unconscious when the master’s servants came to do business with me. However, there weren’t any beds left in the house, so I asked them to come back later, but they barged in. The young master woke up at that time and hurt one of them after they attacked me. Please forgive him, master Li.”

Li Wu was furious. His servants had already slept with the alluring woman who was actually a prostitute and then lied to him about it. His face darkened. The once cocky servants were now kneeling and kowtowing frantically.

”Master, master. We shouldn’t have lied to you, but the boy is……”

But Li Wu was in no mood to hear excuses. He ordered, “Take them away and execute them.”

Immediately, two of the wild fighters dragged the men into the forest. A few moments later, screams echoed out in the distance.

Li Wu turned to Xuanyuan and apologized, “Young master, we must have offended you. Please forgive us. I am Li Wu, the son of the General Li of Lishou City. You are a refined young man. I love to befriend people of high calibre. Please be my guest at Lishou City. Consider it as my apology.”

Xuanyuan thought, “I’m on the border of the Eastern Dynasty any way. Let’s see if I can learn more about the Yin Clan.”

So he agreed. He turned to Su Mei, “Madame Su, thank you for saving me. Master Li is a reasonable man, I’m sure there won’t be any trouble coming your way in the future. Take care.”

Su Mei sighed. She knew Xuanyuan would have to leave, but this was still too sudden. Mochou wasn’t even awake to say goodbye, she thought. But then a tiny shadow came out from behind Su Mei.

“I’ll kick out all the bad people with the thing you gave me! Thank you!” Mochou said quietly.

“Be careful” Mochou added.

“I will!” Xuanyuan smiled.

Su Mei watched Xuanyuan and Li Wu leaving until they completely disappeared from sight.

“Master Xuanyuan, what do you think about Lishou City?” Li Wu was polite. On their way, he patiently explained everything regarding the city.

“Even though this is a border city, it’s bursting with people and wealth. This is a great place.” Xuanyuan replied. At the same time, Greed was talking in his mind, “Boy, be careful. The girl warned you to be careful when you left. She must have felt that Li Wu isn’t a good person.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, who’s your master?” Li Wu asked.

“I’m a wandering practitioner.” Xuanyuan said.

“Well, that’s wonderful. I’m only a few years older than master Xuanyuan. How about we swear to be brothers. We will be able to achieve great things if we work together in the future.”

“Thank you, master Li. But I’m used to being free of all attachments.” Xuanyuan immediately diverted the conversation, “I wonder if there’s a stone market in the city? I want to try my luck.”

“Of course! You’ve asked the right person! The biggest stone market in the city is called the Youyun Stone market. I like to go there and try my luck as well, but I’m not very good at it, I lose out most of the time. Today, I’m lucky enough to meet you, maybe I will continue having good luck and make a profit! Let’s go.”

“It’s just a little hobby.” Xuanyuan smiled, but in his mind, he grew even more weary of Li Wu.

Xuanyuan wanted to see if the knowledge he gained from the Book of Acquisition could be used. He didn’t expect anything. The Emperor of Acquisition experimented numerous times and for many years to gain his understanding of stones. Xuanyuan needed to experiment as well, otherwise, he’d be wasting the Book of Acquisition.

With Li Wu leading the way, they quickly arrived at the Youyun Stone market. In front of the mill, there were many guards on patrol. The stones inside were no small sum, so they controlled a heavily armed force to protect them.

“Haha, let us brothers try our luck!” Li Wu laughed, leading Xuanyuan into the mill.

In a mountain range not far from the border of the Fighting Dragons Sect, the assassins from the Yin Clan had gathered. The grandmaster was holding a black mirror. One that much more powerful than the one which Wu Ming had.

The mirror floated in midair. After absorbing the Qi from the grandmaster, a shadow appeared in the mirror. The grandmaster kneeled down beneath the mirror.

“Master, Xuanyuan should be dead. I am unable to sense the presence of the pearl any longer.” He said obediently.

“You useless bunch. He isn’t dead. He’s in Lishou City of the Eastern Dynasty. Go kill him immediately!” The shadow sounded furious. His voice was like thunder which struck the ten king fighters, causing them to cough blood.

“That’s not possible, Master. We forced him to dive into the depths of the sea. There was a huge disaster inside the Blue Sea where a whirlpool killed everything, afterwards the water turned clear. He should not be alive.”

“Is that so. He still has the pearl, so I know he’s alive, unless he gave the pearl to someone else. No matter what, you have to retrieve the pearl. Wait for my command when you arrive in Lishou City. General Li Gang will help you deal with Xuanyuan. If possible, bring him to me alive. We can use him to lure my younger sister home.” The young master of Yin Clan said.

“I understand, master.”

The shadow disappeared and the assassins could finally breathe.

“Let’s go to Lishou City.” The grandmaster was irritated. He couldn’t imagine how Xuanyuan survived. Even he wouldn’t be able to survive the disaster that happened in the ocean.

“How come he’s still alive?” The other grandmaster was shocked.

“I don’t know. Perhaps he was saved by the protection Yin Zhenluo put on him. But he won’t be so lucky this time. I’ll break his arms and legs. Then we will see if he can still run away again!”

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    And now one of the many horny members from Yin Clan wants Yin Zhenluo on their bed.
    The one after her is probably someone with high ranking in the family that is why everyone else turned into idiots to please him, even going as far as using the fact that Yin Zhenluo was Xuanyuan’s teacher to get the treasures on him. (saying stuff like he should know where his master is, even though the facts point that he doesnt)

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