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DTH Chapter 133 – Huge Gamble

DTH Chapter 133 – Huge Gamble

Duyu looked around at all kinds of stones. From his hand, he summoned several lights and pushed them into the stones one by one to sense if there were any valuable stones inside. In the end, he picked a stone weighing five hundred jin.

“That will be five hundred thousand kingly coins.” An old man said who managed the seventh garden. Even though Duyu was hired by the stone market, he still had to pay. Stone gambling was an expensive hobby.

Duyu glanced at Xuanyuan coldly and cut into the stone with a knife. His skill was superb. The stone was as big as an adult man. When half of the stone still left, a light shone out from inside the stone which startled many people.

“Top class crystals! They are very pure! The kid is doomed to lose.”

“Master Duyu is so great…”

Three hundred jin of top class crystals was put in front of Xuanyuan. Duyu smirked, “This worth seven hundred and fifty thousand king coins. Do you even have that much money?”

“We still don’t know who’s going to win.” Xuanyuan smiled. He started to walk around the place, but didn’t use any special method to check the stones. He merely observed the stones, their shape, colour, markings would show the origin of these stones, and what was hidden inside.

He stopped in front of a light green coloured stone and touched it. The stone was three hundred jin in weight.

“Three hundred thousand king coins.” The old man declared, an indescribable light flashed through his eyes. Xuanyuan noticed it, but didn’t think too much about it. He paid without hesitation, which surprised many people. He was both young and rich, but the audience found the stone he chose laughable.

“He doesn’t know anything. This is a watermelon stone. It’s not likely that it has anything inside. He’s going to lose!”

Xuanyuan paid no attention to them and began cutting the stone with his dagger. He was much more skillful than Duyu in his cutting method. Many onlookers also recognized his skill.

“He knows how to work with stones!” Duyu was shocked.

However, no matter how good at cutting he was, there was not even a tiny piece of jade in sight. This was the nature of stone gambling. You might get rich one day, you might lose everything the next day.

“Haha, that’s what I said. He wanted to gamble against master Duyu. What a joke? We’ve already told him there isn’t anything inside the watermelon stone. What an idiot.”

“How’s that possible?” Xuanyuan frowned and grabbed a bunch of stone powder. He chose the stone according to the Book of Acquisition. It’s very likely to have an unusual crystal in that kind of stone. Even if there wasn’t, he’d still find top class crystals. He didn’t understand. He just stood there silently, listening to the mockery from the audience. Duyu was acting even more cocky.

Xuanyuan suddenly understood. The stones did have unusual crystals in them, but the Youyun Stone market would use advanced methods to cut them open and remove the crystals, so they would always make a profit. It was one of their disgusting tricks.

He wanted to expose them, but thought better to act when he’s angry. He glared at the old man, causing him to jump with surprise.

“Does he know?” The old man thought.

“Loser, pay up. If you don’t have enough money to pay, you can repay the debt by being my servant. How about that?” Duyu smiled brightly.

“Of course, we’ll continue.” Xuanyuan pulled out three hundred jin of top class crystals from his ring, silencing the onlookers.

“Good, I’ll have to see how much you’ve got to spend.” Duyu laughed. In his eyes, Xuanyuan was begging to give him money.

Duyu picked another stone. It weighed the same as the previous stone. He didn’t seem to be as lucky this time. He kept cutting until the stone until it was only the size of a human head, but there still wasn’t any crystal. But the next cut revealed a shiny blue light. Everyone suddenly felt a coolness in the air.

“Hahaha, it’s an unusual crystal! An Ice Crystal! Haha. Boy, I’m lucky today.” Duyu couldn’t help but to laugh loudly. The crowd were very impressed with his show of skills.

“Master Duyu is very skillful. I’ll have to hire you to give me direction.”

Li Wu was feeling sour. How nice it’d be if he was as lucky when Duyu advised him.

“There’s eight jin of ice crystal. They’re worth a thousand and sixty jin of top class crystal. Four million kingly coins! Do you have that much money to give me?”

“We still don’t know who’s going to win this round.” Xuanyuan smiled coldly.

“Boy, just admit that it’s your loss. Don’t lose everything gambling. You won’t be able to identify anything good.”

“That’s right. You’re nothing compared to master Duyu.”

Xuanyuan smiled mockingly, “A bunch of useless scum. You only know how to bark like dogs. If you’re so cocky, why don’t you join the gamble? I’ll cover everything you bet if I lose.”

“Don’t be silly. How can you possibly pay?” One of the young men said. Other people mumbled agreement.

Xuanyuan didn’t reply, but he suddenly put three thousand jin of top class crystals on the floor. Everyone was shocked speechless at once.

“Stop your stupid barks. Just say if you’re going to gamble. If you won’t put your money where your mouth is, just fuck off. This Youyun Stone market must be a low class place. Is just anyone allowed to enter the seventh garden and irritate someone as important as me? Can I kick all these unrelated people out of here?” Xuanyuan said, looking at the old man.

“Of course.” The old man nodded.

“Be careful with your words, asshole. Here’s two million king coins. I’ll gamble!” They were all provoked. The people gathered here were all from rich families in Lishou City.

“That’s right. I’ll see how much you can afford to lose. Three million!” Another man also threw out three crystal tokens from the Taibai Trading Centre.

Many people put their money into the gamble. Even Li Wu bet for Duyu to win. The stake was sixty-six million king coins, causing Xuanyuan’s heartbeat to increase. He only had twenty million king coins. This was the first huge gamble he had taken. Everyone was looking at Xuanyuan. They all want to see if he had any real talent, or was just another spoilt rich kid.

“Alright, I’ll choose a stone.” Xuanyuan tried his best to calm down. He couldn’t win. The Mo princess, Shiguan watched the events quietly and smiled sweetly at Xuanyuan.

“Don’t worry. If you lose and are unable to repay them, I’ll help you.”

Xuanyuan was surprised, but his confidence was boosted. A princess could surely afford this.

The people around was astonished and jealous at the same time. If they could kill Xuanyuan with their glares, Xuanyuan would’ve died a million times.

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