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DTH Chapter 134 – Strange Stone

DTH Chapter 134 – Strange Stone
“I don’t believe the kid will choose a winning stone. You don’t get eight jins of Ice Crystal every day. That’s the favourite of people who study water class techniques.”

“Who’s this kid? Someone from new money?”

“I’ve never seen him. Where do you know him from, Li Wu?”

“Well, I don’t know him very well…”

These young masters of Lishou City gossiped. They all thought Xuanyuan was going to lose.

But Xuanyuan was not affected by them. He looked at each stone with a peaceful mind. He’d touch them gently, sensing them with his heart of hearts. He was right. Some of the stones seemed to have potential, but when he sensed them carefully, he felt something was missing with them. Those were being cut using an advanced technique. The crystals inside were already extracted, and filled with useless materials. The stone market intended to trick its customers. Since stone gambling was supposed to be about the gemmologist’s ability and luck, the stone market would be hurt gravely if people found out they were cheating.

Every time Xuanyuan touched a deformed stone, he smiled coldly towards the old man, which frightened the old man.

“What a terrifying boy. He’s much more talented in the gemmology than Duyu. He can even sense if the stones have been changed. Those stones were cut open and put back together by the master of the market himself. I’ll have to inform the master about this. If the rumours get out, the market’s reputation will suffer.” The old man thought. A jade pendant appeared in his palm, he concentrated his mind and shattered the jade. No one noticed the actions of this old man.

Xuanyuan was patient in finding the right stone, but the onlookers grew more obnoxious.

“Stop pretending. Hurry up. Are you trying to take your time so you can think of a way to get out of the situation?”

“Stop wasting our time. You’re going to lose anyway.”

Xuanyuan had already picked a stone. According to the Book of Acquisition, it was called the Hiding Stone. It didn’t look spectacular, but what was hiding inside was surely rare and valuable. It was more than a thousand jin. However, he grinned at the people who spoke, “Be good doggies and stop barking will you. If you’re not happy, then put in more money towards the bet. What’s the matter? Don’t have enough money?”

The onlookers were provoked and started to bet their crystals, there were two thousand jin in total.

“I’ll see what you say next, when you lose!”

“That’s right, if you can’t repay us, you can become my servant. I will make you bark like a dog for all my guests.”

“If your pretty friend can spend a night with me, I’ll spare you debt.” One of them were very brave indeed, trying to get Shiguan into his bed. Xuanyuan laughed at the idea.

“Then your whole house will have to die. Do you even know who she is? Her older sister is the Elder Princess of Mo. She’ll kill every single one of you. She is the Younger Princess, Shiguan. The Body of All Medicines. She controls a powerful fighting fire. If she’s upset, the entire city will be engulfed in flames. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

None could believe what they had heard. They knew the woman was no ordinary person, but why would the Mo Princess come to a place like this? Those who teased Shiguan grew pale. They almost couldn’t stand.

Xuanyuan revealed Shiguan’s identity so she’d attract everyone’s attention. When this was over, he’d use the chance to escape. He also thought she would deny her identity, but he was wrong.

“That’s right. I am the Younger Princess of Mo, Shiguan.” She also summoned a burgundy-coloured fire in her palm. The fire turned into the twisted face of a demon and a scorching heat radiated in the room.

“Demonic Fire! It is the Princess!” People were petrified. The one who spoke disrespectfully about her passed out from the shock.

“I’ve heard the Youyun Stone market acquired a strange stone. I want to see it. I won’t bite. By the way, aren’t you a disciple from the Fighting Dragon Sect? You survived the shadow of my sister’s fire, I like you a lot. Looks like Fung Lie had the same thought.” Shiguan retracted the fire, smiling sweetly and drew the attention back to Xuanyuan.

“Fung Lie? Is that the reincarnation of the Wind Spirit? He is the great genius of the sect. He once crossed the border into the Eastern Dynasty and no one could stop him.”

Xuanyuan laughed loudly, “Your highness. You like to joke around. I’m from the Yin Clan.” He immediately punched out the Fist of Heavenly Dragon. The shadow of a Heavenly Dragon appeared behind him, shocking the onlookers.

“It’s the Heavenly Dragon of the Yin Clan!” An imperial fighter screamed out. All those young men who mocked Xuanyuan were now regretting their own stupidity. It was foolish to offend the Yin Clan of the Eastern Dynasty. Li Wu was pleasantly surprised. His family was a sub branch of the Yin clan.

Shiguan frowned. She didn’t know that Xuanyuan knew the Yin Clan’s technique. Who was he exactly?

Duyu’s face was dark. He offended someone from the Yin Clan. However, he wouldn’t declare defeat just because of the other person was from a high status. Though he changed his tone and spoke politely. “Young master, even though you are from the Yin Clan, you still need to follow the rules. Pick your stone quickly.”

“Of course.” Xuanyuan nodded, it was funny that these people changed their attitude so quickly. He pointed at the stone he set his mind on and took out a million king coins. He smiled at the old man threateningly.

They couldn’t cover up the scam by killing Xuanyuan, as he was from the Yin clan. So after he received the coins from Xuanyuan, the old man concentrated and shattered another jade pendant.

Picking up his dagger, Xuanyuan began delicately cutting the stone. Everyone was weary of Shiguan, but they were more curious about Xuanyuan’s stone.

Xuanyuan cut piece after piece from the stone. The stone grew smaller and smaller. And yet, there was still no sign of any crystals or jade. Those who placed a bet slowly relaxed, but they didn’t dare mock Xuanyuan anymore. Since he knew the Heavenly Dragon technique, he must be an important descendant of the Yin clan.

He was patient in cutting the stone. He was confident that the Book of Acquisition wouldn’t be mistaken. But his confidence subsided when the stone became fist sized. Perhaps this time he was going to lose.

“Haha, you lose. Pay your debt!” Duyu couldn’t control his excitement. The others also smiled victoriously. The boy would be able to pay all their bets, since he was from the Yin clan.

Xuanyuan felt defeated. He looked at the stone and looked at Shiguan. He then threw the stone on the ground.

The stone opened, shattering off the grey surface, revealing a source energy of multiple colours.

“Source energy! It’s a source energy! As big as a fist!”

Xuanyuan picked it up and pondered for a while. It was two jin of source energy. He turned to Duyu, who grew very pale, and said, “How about this? A jin of pure source energy is worth more than a thousand top class crystals. This source energy is two jin. It is worth more than your ice crystal!”

Duyu collapsed on the ground, while Xuanyuan laughed. He collected the sixty-six million king coins and two thousand top class crystal, which he safely stored in his ring.

“You lost, give me the ice crystal and two thousand jin of top class crystals or five million king coins. Whatever suits you.”

There was nothing else that could be done. Duyu gave him the crystal and five million king coins. He felt as if his heart was bleeding, but Xuanyuan didn’t show any sympathy.

When this was over, a powerful force descended onto the seventh garden, along with a string of laughter.

“It’s my honour to welcome the Princess of Mo and the young master from Yin Clan to the Youyun Stone market. The market has just collected a strange stone. I’d like to welcome you both to take a look at it.”

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