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DTH Chapter 136 – Light of Heavenly Dragon

DTH Chapter 136 – Light of Heavenly Dragon

“Don’t try to run!” Youyun Lung growled while unleashing his imperial realm power, he crushed all the houses within a mile radius, killing countless civilians. But he ignored the damage he caused due to his fury. He was tricked by a devious and cunning boy!

He was still ten miles away from Xuanyuan, but Xuanyuan heard his scream, which made his heart jump, “They are quick!”

“So you’re called Xuanyuan. They’re all after you. Why don’t you follow me? They can’t touch you if you are with me.” Shiguan smiled innocently.

“You knew they’re after me, why are you following me?” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. His kidneys were refined after devouring the Water of Heaven, he now had four hundred and fifty dragons of strength, he was almost as powerful as a grandmaster. This was a number which ordinary people couldn’t fathom. A king realm fighter who studied a Xian class technique would only have two hundred dragons of strength after they refined their first organ.

“I can’t let you die. I have many questions for you. Also I’m curious, why aren’t you afraid of my fighting fire?” Shiguan grinned.

“Well, then. If you want to know, help me stop them. You have several types of fighting fire, it’s easy for you to kill them, right?” Xuanyuan tried to encourage Shiguan. He was carrying the Wind Spirit Spear and accelerating his pace every second, but his enemies were much stronger and they’d catch up sooner or later.

Shiguan shook her head, “I don’t kill innocent people. They’re not my enemies. I won’t kill them.”

“They’re not innocent, they want to kill me!” Xuanyuan growled angrily.

Xuanyuan didn’t get another chance to convince Shiguan. From the sky, a terrifying force descended, and a woman in black clothes appeared in midair. Xuanyuan felt like he was looking up at an insurmountable mountain. Youyun Lung, Li Gang and the Guards bowed towards the woman immediately.

“Greetings to Princess Pingyao.”

“I had heard that the Princess of Mo, Shiguan, has arrived in the Eastern Dynasty. I came here to meet her, and see her majestic fighting fire. Go, do what you must. I’ll take care of Princess Shiguan.” Princess Pingyao commanded. She looked tougher than any male soldier.

Shiguan realized that she could no longer help Xuanyuan escape from the trouble, since Princess Pingyao had arrived. She was the royal princess of the Eastern Dynasty. She possessed the Sky Covering Earth, the fighting earth that ranked number twenty-two on the List. Just like the name, her fighting earth could cover the entire sky. She was extremely powerful.

Shiguan became a mere shadow and disappeared in an instant, she soon reappeared next to Princess Pingyao.

“Princess Pingyao, shall we go to a remote location, so we won’t hurt any unfortunate souls and living creatures.” She asked.

“My thoughts exactly.” Pingyao nodded. Her voice was deep and calming. The princesses disappeared from the sky and Youyun Lung laughed when he saw Xuanyuan was alone.

“If Shiguan were with you, I wouldn’t dare to kill you. But I would like to see who can protect you now. Give me back my stone and I might give you a quick death.” Youyun Lung said as he picked up his speed. Li Gang’s eyes brightened when he heard about the stone. Even the guards showed greed in their eyes. A stone that was worth Youyun Lung’s attention must be an incredible treasure. No wonder he was so angry at the boy – his stone was stolen.

The Heavenly Dragon Guards ordered, “Li Gang, catch Xuanyuan alive. If you can obtain the stone, you shall be rewarded. I’ll report this to our master.”

Li Gang released his Qi at once. His Qi was aggressive and Xuanyuan could sense the pressure from afar was growing closer.

“Boy, they are coming. I need some more time. Combine the Water of Heaven and the talisman of ice. You can enhance the power of the talisman with its power.” Greed said. Xuanyuan quickly summoned the Water of Heaven into his palm. A clear, blue light appeared in his palm and he started to merge a talisman of ice with the Qi from the Water of Heaven. The talisman exploded with a bright blue colour. Xuanyuan immediately threw the talisman behind him as he continued to escape.

A huge dark blue coloured ice pillar pierced towards Youyun Lung and Li Gang like a huge ice sword.

“This is a talisman of ice made by the imperial elder of ice from the Taibai Trading Centre! Only the true disciples from Taibai have them. How did one land in the hands of this boy?” Youyun Lung recognized the talisman. He ran the Youyun Stone Market for a number of years, so of course he had encountered the products of Taibai.

Youyun Lung and Li Gang attacked the blue ice pillar with their Qi which caused it to shatter on impact. They were completely uninjured.

“They are too powerful!” Xuanyuan panicked as he continued running.

Youyun Lung was getting closer and closer. Xuanyuan didn’t seem to be able to escape. Numerous strands of purple Qi shot into the sky from Youyun Lung’s body and dark clouds started to gather in the skies. Each cloud contained a suffocating pressure of an imperial fighter. Xuanyuan was finding it difficult to breathe under the pressure, which allowed Youyun Lung to move even closer.

Xuanyuan didn’t stand a chance against an imperial fighter.

“Lightning of Youyun! Die!” The clouds collided with each other and bolts of purple lightning struck towards Xuanyuan. Both Li Gang and Youyun Lung continued rushing towards Xuanyuan. They knew that they may have to fight the other for possession of the stone.

Countless lightning bolts rained down at Xuanyuan from the clouds, each of them contained a thousand dragons of power. Xuanyuan, was starting to think that this was the end for him.

However, when he was truly in despair, a golden light burst out from the point between his eyes. A heavenly dragon rose into the air, it was completely unaffected by the purple lighting striking its body. The dragon unleashed a roar which shook the heaven and earth. A golden light exploded across the sky.

“The Light of Heavenly Dragon! That must be the protection placed on the boy by the young lady! Evade!” The guards were only in the grandmaster realm, they were a lot slower than Youyun Lung and Li Gang, who were imperial fighters. They recognized the dragon and immediately retreated.

The holy light from the dragon gathered in the sky and transformed into a gigantic golden sword. With a deafening roar from the dragon, the sword slashed down towards Xuanyuan’s pursuers.

Youyun Lung and Li Gang weren’t able to escape the stroke from the sword and were directly slashed by the sword. Blood filled the air as flesh was sliced from their bodies. Both their bodies were mangled beyond belief and their consciousness had been seriously injured.

Finally, Xuanyuan composed himself. With the Wind Spirit Spear in one hand and dagger in the other, he used the steps of Heavenly Dragon to charge back towards his enemies. The two men were both knocked unconscious from the attack and were unable to defend themselves from the incoming danger that was Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan’s dagger pierced directly into Youyun Lung’s head, sucking out an enormous amount of life essence. Xuanyuan couldn’t help his habit and also pried the ring from his cold dead hands. He pulled the dagger out from Youyun Lung’s head and then thrust it into Li Gang’s head, devouring his life essence and robbing him of his ring as well. With the help of the Light of Heavenly Dragon, Xuanyuan was able to kill two imperial realm fighters.

His dagger shook violently as Greed screamed excitedly. “I only need one more hour before I can step into the imperial realm. I’ll also regain parts of my memories. Hahahaha….”

An hour was far too long. They needed to keep on running. However, suddenly, Xuanyuan’s heart started to race. He felt a sudden sense of danger well up in his chest.

“Damn it, Su Mei and Mochou are in danger!”

He immediately turned around and ran towards the stream. Youyun Lung and Li Gang’s bodies started to rot and only their decomposed bodies remained. All the instruments they were wearing were completely destroyed by the golden sword.

When the guards and assassins arrived and saw the bodies, they were disgusted.

“Young lady’s Light of Heavenly Dragon is truly terrifying, but it can only be used once. There’s nothing else to protect the boy. Kill him!” The guard ordered. The team quickly followed behind Xuanyuan.

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