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DTH Chapter 137 – Life and Death

DTH Chapter 137 – Life and Death

In the wooden house next to the stream, Mochou was sitting on a wooden chair that was slightly too tall for her, causing her feet to dangle in the air. Her face looked a little sad. Su Mei sat next to her, pondering what she should do for a living. The hundred king coins given by Xuanyuan was a lot of money, but she couldn’t depend on it forever. She took Xuanyuan’s advice and rejected the men who visited her since he left. She was determined to let Mochou have a better life than her.

“Aunt Mei!” Mochou suddenly called when Su Mei was in deep thought.

“What’s wrong, my dear?” Su Mei asked.

“I keep having a bad feeling.”

“Did something happen to the young master?”

“I don’t know. I hope he’s fine. Aunt Mei, you can’t leave me. You have to stay with me.” Mochou said seriously.

“Silly child. I wouldn’t leave you.” Su Mei smiled warmly.

Someone knocked the door, “Madame Su, I’m Li Wu.”

“It’s master Li. Mochou, stay in your room, I’ll ask master Li if something has happened to the young master.” Su Mei was happy to hear from Li Wu. The young master Li had left a good impression on her with the way he dealt with the previous situation.

She opened the door and went outside, bowing to Li Wu, “Greetings to Master Li.”

Li Wu was tempted by Su Mei’s allure, but thought better since she was tainted by several of his own servants.

“Madame Su, did young master Xuanyuan leave anything in your house?”

“Xuanyuan? Is that the name of the young master?” Su Mei was surprised at the question. But she shook her head, “I don’t know. Did he forget something in the house? He only gave a hundred king coins to me for the future.”

“Well, if you know nothing, you can just die.” Li Wu’s smile was cruel. He wrapped his hands around Su Mei’s neck which was followed by a loud snap, “Your young master Xuanyuan is probably dead by now. You should go join him, so he won’t be lonely on the road to hell!”

The moment Su Mei died, Mochou’s devastated scream came from inside the room. “Aunt Mei! You can’t leave me!! What should I do? Aunt Mei!”

“The little blind girl is quite good, she will be a beauty when she grows. Go in and search the house. Let’s see if Xuanyuan left anything behind.” Li Wu ordered. Twenty king fighters rushed into the small house while Mochou mumbled quietly to herself, clearly in shock.
“Aunt Mei…. You told me you’d stay with me… They are all bad people. They killed Aunt Mei. He told me I need to concentrate and think of kicking the bad guys out.” Mochou activated the disposition created by Xuanyuan. A bright light emerged from her chest, controlling the ‘forced’ part of the disposition.

A force crashed out like thunder and suddenly reduced thirteen of the king realm fighters into dust. The rest of them were scared witless and ran from the house as fast as they could.

“Master, something’s wrong. Someone created a disposition here!”

Li Wu was excited, “I knew it! Xuanyuan must have left something precious in this dirty place. Destroy the house!”

He took out his battle knife and joined by the king fighters, they attacked the wooden house. It was a fragile wooden house, unable to withstand such a powerful attack. It completely shattered into pieces. Ten top class crystals were revealed, they were surrounding Mochou, protecting her with violent thunder.

Staring at the disposition, Li Wu was frantically excited. “What a waste! Making such disposition for these lowly people. Destroy the disposition. It’ll break when the power of the crystals runs out. The blind girl must have some treasure on her.”

“Why did you kill Aunt Mei? She never hurt anyone. She would even heal wounded animals. She was a good person… She treated me like her own daughter even though I’m blind… She was my mother… Why did you kill my mother?” Tears streamed down from the little girl’s face, with each word she spoke, she started to sniffle and found it hard to speak the more she continued. When she was done, Mochou crouched on the ground, hugging her knees while crying to herself.

“Those types of lowly people live and die. It’s normal. I promise not to kill you if you give me what Xuanyuan left behind. You are quite adorable. Why don’t you come with me and be my servant girl? You won’t lack food or pretty things. What do you think?” Li Wu laughed. At the same time, the king fighters continued attacking the disposition with their Qi. The Qi inside the crystals was being consumed very quickly.

“Aunt Mei was not a lowly person… She was nice and you’re bad. I won’t listen to you.” Mochou was devastated by the death of Su Mei and was scared of the attacks which were being unleashed towards her.

She used to have a family, and a comfortable life, but now she was just a little blind girl who was left all alone in the world. The attacks lasted for an hour until cracks started appearing on the crystals. They wouldn’t be able to power the disposition for much longer. Mochou didn’t notice, she hadn’t stopped crying the entire time.

“Stupid little girl. Give me the thing that Xuanyuan gave you. Otherwise when the disposition is gone, you’ll be dead!” Li Wu said threateningly. The fighters had almost used up all of their Qi, so they were all consuming strength-replenishing pills to continue their attacks.

“Save me big brother. I’m scared. They’re bad guys who killed aunt Mei!”

“He’s probably dead already. He won’t be able to save you.” Li Wu mocked.

“Li Wu, do you know what you’ve done?” Xuanyuan appeared from above. His eyes were red with fury. Four hundred and fifty dragons of strength exploded from his body. His sudden release of overwhelming force crushed the king realm fighters’ bones who were beneath him. They were unprepared and fell to the ground screaming.

Li Wu couldn’t even stand from the terror. Xuanyuan could crush him like he was an ant. “How’s this possible? How could you escape. My father… my father’s Li Gang. He’s the general of Lishou City. There will be consequences if you kill me!”

Xuanyuan summoned a surge of blue water from his palm which surrounded Li Wu’s head like a bubble. The great pressure from the water slowly and painfully crushed inwards. Panic spread to every corner of Li Wu’s body.

“Let me go, please let me go…. Don’t kill me. I’ll do whatever you ask me to.”

There wasn’t much time to stay here with the assassins following closely behind. He unleashed a powerful punch and his fist crushed Li Wu’s skull. Blood and brain matter burst out from his broken skull, covering the surroundings. Xuanyuan gathered the blue light again and destroyed what remained of Li Wu’s body.
“Mochou, I’m here. I’m so sorry. This happened to you because of me.” Xuanyuan’s voice was coarse. He could hear everything Mochou was saying through his own connection with the disposition. She was just like him when he was a young beggar. The old beggar raised him and was Xuanyuan’s whole world. The old beggar’s death caused Xuanyuan to grow lost and feel like there was nowhere left for him in the world.

“Save me! I’m scared. We didn’t do anything wrong. They killed aunt Mei!” Mochou ran towards Xuanyuan and hugged him tightly, like he was the only person left that she could rely on. Xuanyuan embraced her and comforted the little girl.

“It’s ok, I’ll take care of you from now on. I’m sorry you can’t see your aunt Mei anymore, but there’re people chasing after me. We can’t stay here. Otherwise we’ll be in danger.”

“I…I want to look at aunt Mei one more time… I want to remember what aunt Mei looks like…..I’ll remember her.”

She couldn’t stop tears as she tried to speak. She used all of the willpower she had to force her eyes to open. Slowly, a soft light shone out from her eyes.

Greed suddenly said, “Her eyes are opening. The Eyes of a Thousand Spirits that can see all.”
Mochou looked at Su Mei from the lights in her eyes. “Aunt Mei, I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry…”

Xuanyuan’s heart ached as he watched this scene. He swore in his heart that he would protect this little girl with his life.

But behind him, the guards and assassins from the Yin Clan had arrived. “There’s nowhere to escape now, Xuanyuan. Today is the day you die.”

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