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DTH Chapter 138 – Mojue

DTH Chapter 138 – Mojue

Xuanyuan carried Mochou and leapt away. If Mochou wasn’t there, Xuanyuan would have fought against them, but he couldn’t risk letting Mochou get hurt.

Mochou’s eyes were still beaming with light, as she continuously gazed at Xuanyuan with her tear-soaked eyes. She liked Xuanyuan, he was warm.

“Brother Xuanyuan.” Mochou mumbled, “I’m tired. I need to sleep.”

“It’s extremely taxing on the body when the eyes open for the first time. It’s all decided by fate. Keep the girl by your side. You’ll need her to look for treasures in the future.” Greed said quietly.

Xuanyuan was carrying Mochou in one hand and the Wind Spirit Spear in the other whilst escaping frantically.

“Damn it. He’s just a king realm fighter. How can he be so fast? His strength is terrifying as well, he unleashed Four hundred and fifty dragons. No wonder why the master wants him alive. We can train him within the clan, he’ll surely be a future talent.”

“He is only strong because the young lady was the one who taught him. Instead of being thankful, he betrayed the clan.” The Yin’s guard discussed grudgingly.

“He’s carrying a little girl. He might use her as a shield, what should we do?” An assassin asked.

“What do you care? You are hired assassins. It’s just a child, kill her and then him.” The guard commanded.

“Yes!” All the assassins replied.

The gap between them and Xuanyuan was slowly closing. Suddenly, a man suddenly appeared in midair directly in front of the guards and assassins.

The man’s appearance caused the sky to dim. He was like an ancient sword standing in the air for all to see. So sharp! Seeing the man, the hired assassins were shaken and bowed with respect.

“Greetings to brother Mojue!”

Mojue was extremely cold. The cold aura he exuded caused the other people to feel like their blood had frozen in their veins.

“Is this the new talent from Lunhui known as ‘Crazed Mojue’? Wonderful, come help us capture this boy. If you capture or kill the boy with us as witnesses, the Yin Clan will reward you.” The Yin Clan guard proposed.

Lunhui was a terrifying assassin organization. It was so powerful, it was respected by all of the sects and the Eastern Dynasty. The word Lunhui meant “the cycle after death.” The organization was extremely powerful and struck terror in the hearts of everyone. Mojue looked very young, not much older than Xuanyuan, but he was extremely powerful.

Mojue closed his eyes, and mumbled to himself, “When I was young, I had a little sister. I couldn’t even take care of her myself so I left her, hoping that someone would care for her. I left her on the outskirts of Lishou City.”

When he finished, a cold light flashed through his eyes and a head was sent flying into the air. The person who was killed was one of the king realm fighters perusing Xuanyuan.

Everyone was shocked, the grandmaster assassins asked, “What happened, Brother Mojue?”

Mojue ignored him and continued. “A prostitute picked up my baby sister. She did everything that she could to raise my sister to have a good life. Even though I’ve grown stronger now, my life is still not my own. Yet my only desire in this life is for my sister to be safe and to live happily.”

Another cold light appeared and another head flew into the air.
“The woman who raised my sister was called Su Mei. She had chosen to sell her body, but she still did her best to provide my sister with a good life. The debt of gratitude I owe her would take my entire life to repay, but I can no longer repay her. Today, she was killed without reason and it’s all because of you!”

This time, eight heads flew into the air. All ten king realm fighters were beheaded.

The assassin grandmaster was shaking, “Brother Mojue, what happened? Why are you killing your brothers? That woman was not important, who cares if she lives or dies.”

“Su Mei saved Xuanyuan and my sister grew close to Xuanyuan. I have been tracking his movements since he grabbed my sister to make sure she was in no danger, but don’t think that I forgot to keep an eye on your movements too. You all just accepted an order to attack Xuanyuan and kill my sister in his arms, that is why this is happening. You want to kill my sister? None of you are permitted to live!” Mojue didn’t even move, but the grandmaster assassin’s body was split in half.

“Mojue, don’t kill me. I was only following orders. Even if you kill me, the master will only send more people to kill Xuanyuan. If you let me go, I will inform the master and we will only kill Xuanyuan and make sure to care for your sister!” The guard from Yin clan grew pale. He knew very well, that even though he was already a peak grandmaster, he was nothing when confronted with an imperial realm practitioner. Not to mention the fact that Mojue had survived through a great deal of life and death battles. He was much more powerful than an ordinary imperial fighter.

“Xuanyuan is a good person. He doesn’t use his power to bully the weak, he uses his power to protect them. He doesn’t deserve to die. He also needs to care for my sister, so he can’t afford to die. I won’t let my sister be hurt again. Your death is sealed.” Mojue’s voice was cold. Numerous cold lights flashed and the guard along with the bodies of the dead were minced into small chunks of flesh.

Mojue stared at the direction Xuanyuan had left and firmly gripped his black and white dagger. The dagger was tainted with the blood of Xuanyuan’s pursuers.

“Thousand Illusions, looks like you’re the only companion in my life.” Mojue’s solitary figure stood in the sky. His dagger, which was called Thousand Illusions suddenly disappeared along with all traces of Mojue.

Xuanyuan was holding Mochou and continued to escape at full speed. Suddenly he arrived at the tranquil Blue Sea, and realized there was no longer anybody chasing after him. The Blue Sea was now transparent and quiet compared to when he previously encountered it.

“Someone stopped your assassins while you were escaping.” Greed said energetically, “Alright, alright. I’ve just reached the imperial realm.”

It took Greed much longer to regain his power than Xuanyuan thought. He felt like he had exhausted all of his Qi trying to escape so he decided to rest on a small island he saw in the sea. Mochou was still quietly sleeping like a log, nothing could wake her.

“Who stopped the assassins?” Xuanyuan frowned.

“I don’t know. But the reason they were able to chase after you was because of the pearl you are wearing on your neck. Someone powerful left a trace of their aura on it. I’ll devour the aura so they won’t be able to chase after you so easily.” A black light moved into the pearl, followed by silence. Xuanyuan only felt the pearl tremble slightly before calming down.

“Those stupid assassins. How dare they mess we me.” Greed was very proud.

“We are very lucky. It was probably a fateful encounter to have met the Body of a Thousand Spirits. This was a lucky find. When she wakes up, I’ll teach her how to use the protection of the thousand spirits.”

Xuanyuan asked, “What’s that?”

“It’s a Xian class technique. It provides protection to the user, but you can’t study it unless you have the body of a thousand spirits!” Greed chuckled, without explaining thoroughly. Xuanyuan wouldn’t refuse anything that could help protect Mochou.

“Then it’s settled. We’ll go back to the sect first. The Blue Sea contained the Water of Heaven. Maybe there’ll be a fighting fire in the Red Mountain.” Xuanyuan said.
“But the events in the Blue Sea must have attracted the attention of many powerful figures. Be careful to hide all our sensitive items using the devouring technique to conceal their auras. If it’s not an emergency, don’t use the Water of Heaven.” Greed suggested.

“I know.  It was very lucky that Princess Pingyao appeared. Otherwise, I would have been taken away by Shiguan.” Xuanyuan recalled everything that happened. The events he encountered were much more dangerous than he ever anticipated.

And he also thought of Yin Zhenluo.

“This time, I was saved by the Light of Heavenly Dragon given to me by my beautiful master. I would have died if it wasn’t for her protection. I need to work hard and close the gap between our strengths!”

Suddenly a floral fragrance tainted by blood filled the air. A beautiful shadow appeared next to Xuanyuan.

“Master Xuanyuan, you ran so far without saying goodbye.” Shiguan’s black robe was covered with fresh blood. However, her face was unchanged. “Come with me. I have a lot of questions to ask you.”

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