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DTH Chapter 139 – Laughter and Tears

DTH Chapter 139 – Laughter and Tears

“Princess Shiguan? Didn’t you go with Princess Pingyao? Why didn’t you stay and chat with her for a while more?” Xuanyuan laughed drily. Her black dress was tainted by blood, though she didn’t seem to mind at all. However, her face was also rather pale.

“I have lots of questions for you, so I have to take you with me. Even though I’m injured now, but it still won’t be a problem to take you with me.” She giggled.

Xuanyuan looked at her innocent face and heard her innocent voice. She’s a natural born ambassador, she seemed friendly and was very convincing. But Greed spoke, “Boy, don’t trust the words of a woman. Don’t worry, this will be easy. Since she’s badly injured, I’m confident I can seal her power and allow you to devour all of her fighting fire. This will drastically increase your strength and no one under the imperial realm will be your match.”

Xuanyuan had no idea why Shiguan was so fixated on him, but he didn’t feel any malicious intent from her, so he told Greed, “Make sure that you don’t hurt her, just seal her power.”

“All right, Romeo.” Greed said in a mocking voice. A great power suddenly surrounded Xuanyuan’s body.

“If you want me to go with you, you would need the power to make me.” Xuanyuan smiled, but he didn’t feel like Xuanyuan at all. Shiguan thought he reminded of her many ancient ancestors. This was because Xuanyuan’s spirit and body were being possessed by Greed.

Numerous black threads flew from Xuanyuan’s body and formed a ring which tightly wrapped around Shiguan. The ring was absorbed into Shiguan’s body without giving her any chance to fight back. Shiguan immediately noticed that all of her Qi was tightly sealed within her body. Even the power of her body was being sealed. The seal was mysterious, every time she attempted to use her power, it was devoured by the seal.

“What do you want to do?” Shiguan asked instinctively.

“I don’t want to do anything.” After her power was sealed, Xuanyuan seemed like his normal calm self again. Shiguan was no different from an ordinary powerless girl, but he wouldn’t take advantage of her. “I just won’t be forced to go anywhere with you. I don’t like to be controlled, I am the only one in control of my life.”

“I wasn’t planning on harming you.” Shiguan sighed.

“I know, I never felt any malicious intent from you. So I won’t hurt you either.” Said Xuanyuan while holding little Mochou. She was still sleeping like a log in his arms. “What do you want to ask? I’ll heal your wounds while you ask your questions.”

The Water of Heaven could enhance the potency of plants and medicines, it was also very beneficial when used for healing. Xuanyuan had merged with the water of heaven, so he had only begun to learn how he could use it.

“Why do you have to hurt Mo?” Shiguan’s face regained a little of its colour.

“I had no personal reason. The Fighting Dragons Sect sent out the order for us to attack. As I was part of a school under the sect, I couldn’t say no. Also the Mo creatures endangered the ordinary citizens within the territory. It was only right for us to stop any more innocent civilians from being slaughtered.” Xuanyuan was honest.

“There’s no right or wrong in a war between Mo and humans. The fighting has been going for many years without pause. I want to put an end to the hostilities, it has been going for too long.” Shiguan sighed again. “If another war broke out, then both sides will lose countless lives. If even more people are killed, the hatred becomes even deeper rooted within the people.”

“Princess Shiguan, you have a very noble goal, I’m impressed. I’m not anyone important in the sect and the only goal I wish to achieve is my own survival. I am not as noble as you, I only have time to worry about my own problems.” Xuanyuan smiled, “Is that all you wanted to ask me?”

“Why aren’t you afraid of my fighting fire?” Shiguan shook her head and continued.

Xuanyuan was carrying Mochou, while pushing a soft blue light into Shiguan’s body where she was wounded. Her wounds were healing slowly with the help of the Water of Heaven.

“Boy, are you crazy? You are healing her wounds! It’ll be easy for her to break my seal if she regains her full power. I don’t have enough power to fight against her. She can control several kinds of fighting fire which means she will have no problem breaking the seal once she is healed.” Greed screamed in his head.

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” Xuanyuan thought.

“This is…fighting water!” Shiguan was knowledgeable. She immediately recognized the fighting water.

Xuanyuan was silent. Every time he healed Shiguan’s wounds, he would seal the wound as well, in order to further suppress her power.

“Boy, you’ll regret this. The Water of Heaven cannot defend you against multiple types of fighting fire. This girl is not an ordinary opponent. Listen to me! Devour her fighting fire and gain the benefits while you can!” Greed said heavily. “If you really don’t want to take away her fighting fire, then ask for a few Xian class techniques. Like the ‘Demonic Way of Refining Blood’, which would suit you. She’s the princess of the Mo Dynasty, surely she has the techniques you need.”

Xuanyuan was moved by Greed’s persuasion, he turned to Shiguan. “Your highness, can you give me a few of your Mo’s Xian class techniques, such as the ‘Demonic Way of Refining Blood’.

Shiguan glared at Xuanyuan, “No. That is our highest class technique. We are not able to teach this to outsiders. Besides, you haven’t studied the previous techniques required to use it. You’ll only kill yourself if I gave you the technique. It would be the same as when you learnt the Yin’s secret technique, you would face the assassination attempts from the Mo Dynasty for the rest of your life.”

“You don’t have to worry about whether I can handle it.” Xuanyuan smiled, scanning her body from top to bottom. Shiguan felt goosebumps cover her entire body, “If you don’t give me the technique, then I’ll have to do something to you.”

“I won’t give you the technique, no matter what. It won’t bring you joy, just endless trouble. Believe it or not, that isn’t what I want. You can ask for anything but not that.”

Xuanyuan laughed then laid Mochou softly onto the ground and pushed Shiguan onto the ground.

“What do you want?” Shiguan was scared and started to struggle.

Xuanyuan took off her black boots and white socks, revealing her feet. Her face blushed with a deep shade of red. No one was permitted to touch her feet, this was the first time someone had disgraced her like this.

Xuanyuan used two fingers to gently tickle the bottom of her feet. She couldn’t help but to laugh, “Stop!”

“Doesn’t that feel great? Look how much you’re laughing. Let’s continue.” Xuanyuan smiled indecently. It seemed like he was really enjoying this. If the Mo Dynasty knew about this, they would go insane with anger.

Shiguan’s eyes were filled with tears from laughing so much. She accused, “How can do you this to me? I was so nice to you. I can give you whatever you want, except the technique you requested. It’ll bring you disaster. I wouldn’t want that.”

Xuanyuan was also a bit ashamed. He could feel that Shiguan was a kind hearted person when he met her in the nest. But he studied the devouring technique, he had the urge to devour everything for himself. He would devour everything that could help to enhance his power.

“I don’t care about that. Give me the technique or we’ll do this all day.” Xuanyuan grabbed hold of her feet and continued.

Shiguan’s tears were streaming down her face, but she couldn’t stop laughing. This continued for over six hours.

“Please, let me go, young master Xuanyuan. I can’t give you the technique.” Shiguan said, with both tears and laughter.

“We have all the time in the world” Xuanyuan smiled.

Both of them were persistent and neither side would back down.

While they were continuing their ongoing battle, a drowsy voice spoke, “Brother Xuanyuan, what are you doing to that lady?”

Xuanyuan turned his head and looked at Mochou who was sitting on the ground, looking at Xuanyuan and Shiguan with wide eyes. Xuanyuan wasn’t embarrassed at all and replied, “Mochou, we’re doing happy things.”

Shiguan, on the other hand, was not as shameless. Her whole face went bright red. In Xuanyuan’s eyes, she looked exceptionally seductive with a shade of red in her cheeks.

“Mochou. Ask your brother Xuanyuan to let me go. He’s bullying me.” Shiguan was asking for reinforcements.

Mochou nodded, and told Xuanyuan, “Let the lady go, please. I’m hungry and I really want to eat.”

Xuanyuan was speechless, he could only stop and shrug. He couldn’t have a hungry child. “Alright. Wait here, Mochou. I’ll go catch some fish.”

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