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DTH Chapter 141 – Bite

DTH Chapter 141 – Bite

“Are you that eager to die?” Xuanyuan snorted. His boots activated in an instant and he flew into the sky like a dragon. The force of his leap contained four hundred and fifty dragons of strength. The explosiveness of Xuanyuan leap caused the Skysea Bird to freeze with fear. Xuanyuan was extremely swift, clutching the eagle’s neck with a single hand and grabbing Lu Yuxiang’s neck in the other, it looked like he grabbed two chickens by the neck.

Lu Yuxiang couldn’t control his fear. Xuanyuan was much weaker than them not too long ago and yet he was so powerful now! Since he arrived in the Fighting Dragons Sect, Lu Yuxiang was taught by one of the true disciples from his family and had refined his third organ. His strength was now more than two hundred dragons, and yet he felt as if he was a child in front of Xuanyuan. He opened his mouth in an attempt to speak, but no sound came out. Xuanyuan simply ignored his attempts to struggle and break free.

“Boy, I’m much stronger now. I can devour other people’s memories. Let’s take a look at what has happened in the sect since we left, it’s always good to be prepared.” Greed said. From Xuanyuan’s body, a black light emerged and surrounded Lu Yuxiang. In the blink of an eye, only a decaying corpse remained.

Xuanyuan, as usual, took all of Lu Yuxiang’s instruments, rings and his fifty million merit points, before he threw the corpse into the sea.

“Greed, tame this Skysea Bird. Before the egg hatches, I will use it as a mount.” Xuanyuan said in his mind.

“No problem…” A black light shot into the mind of the bird, and it immediately became docile.

“Xuanyuan….” Mochou glanced at Xuanyuan with fear. She could sense the cold, murderous force which emerged from inside him.

“Mochou, he was a bad person. If I didn’t kill him, he would try and kill us. There is no need to be afraid.” Xuanyuan was reluctant to let her witness this scene, but sooner or later, she’d have to face the cruelty of the world. She would have to accept that this was the world that she lived in.

“I understand.” Mochou nodded and turned to the giant Skysea Bird, “Big bird!”

“Do you want to ride the bird?” Xuanyuan asked. Delighted, Mochou nodded heavily. The bird lowered one of its wings to the floor, allowing the little girl to climb up the giant bird. Xuanyuan looked over to Shiguan.

“We are going back to the sect now. The seal will slowly weaken over time. In no more than half a day, you’ll be able to remove the seal with your own power. You’ll have to stay here by yourself for a while.”

“You don’t trust me?” Shiguan seemed upset.

“I never allow my life and death to be in someone else’s hands. You will probably hate me for doing this to you, but it can’t be helped.” Xuanyuan grinned and jumped onto the bird, “Farewell, your highness.”

Before he could take off, a force rushed out from inside of Shiguan’s body and burnt the seal restraining her power. The black seal was immediately consumed by her fighting fire!

“We’re doomed, boy! I warned you, she broke the seal!” Greed screamed. “I told you not to trust her, you never listen! You should’ve devoured the fighting fire from her. I am not confident in resealing her again, so you lost your chance to devour her fighting fire.”

The bird was unable to move due to Shiguan’s power. Xuanyuan was a bit sheepish. He laughed drily, “You’re very powerful, your highness.”

Shiguan grinned and stepped into the air. “You were right. I hate to be treated like this. No one has ever done anything like this to me. I’ll have to take revenge.”

“We’re going to die!” Xuanyuan couldn’t breathe.

She came to Xuanyuan’s side and grabbed his arm. Without explaining, she lifted up his sleeve and took a solid bite. A surge of intense pain spread from Xuanyuan’s arm.

“What are you, a dog? Why did you bite me?” Xuanyuan screamed.

Shiguan didn’t release his arm for more than ten seconds. On his arm, there were clear and deep bite wounds.

“You’re a dog. This was a lesson for daring to treat me in the way you did.”

Then she ignored him and moved her attention to the little girl by his side.

“Mochou, I can’t go to the sect with you, but whenever you want to leave the sect territory, I will come and play with you. This jade is for you, keep it safe.”

Shiguan took out an emerald green coloured jade and tied it onto a chain before putting it around Mochou’s neck, who quickly tucked the jade under her clothing.

“Thank you, sister Shiguan! I’ll miss you!” Mochou smiled sweetly, this was the first time she received such a gift from anyone. Shiguan waved goodbye to her and asked her to be a good little girl before she took off into the air.

“Goodbye!” Mochou shouted as loudly as she could, “I’ll be a good girl!”

Xuanyuan sighed. If his body was not particularly tough, that bite may have taken off half of his arm. It was an extremely painful bite, but there was an indescribable feeling that had taken root in his heart.

The bird was extremely quick as they immediately headed back towards the sect. He wanted to activate his Qi to protect Mochou from the wind pressure, but he felt no wind coming anywhere close to them. It was as if they had become part of the wind itself.

Mochou was very excited. She kept oohing and aahing about the view from the sky.

“You see, Greedy old bugger. Not all women are bad.” Xuanyuan communicated with Greed in his mind.

“That’s just your dumb luck.” Greed wouldn’t admit defeat. “One day, you’ll see that not all women can be trusted. The prettier a woman is, the scarier her heart can be.”

“Never mind that. Tell me what happened in the sect.” Xuanyuan asked.

“Since Biyue died, all the true disciples from the Bi family are furious. They bent the truth, of course. Painting you as a murderer who escaped after murdering your fellow disciples. Fang Yuyou tried to help you, but because you never showed up, it made difficult for her.

More and more people started to think that you were guilty. So Chen Junchou has been under a large deal of pressure, but had not declared your guilt. The Bi, Lie and Nu families are all plotting against you. Fung Lie’s also in a lot of trouble.

Anyway, many people want to kill you. However, they consider you too weak for anyone to relate the incident in Blue Sea to you. That’s the only good news. Many inner disciples were given tasks to patrol across the territory. Lu Yuxiang was responsible for patrolling above the Blue Sea. Well, now the Lu Family probably hates you too. You’ve angered four out of five of the main families of the sect.”

“I would like to see what they think they can do!” Xuanyuan smirked.

“That’s right. Have you decided how you are going to explain everything when you’re back? Even though I’m much stronger now, I still can’t reveal myself in the sect.” Greed said.

“Of course. It’s not that easy to frame me.” Xuanyuan was fearless. With a thought, Xuanyuan controlled the Skysea Bird to fly even faster. Soon, the great mountain range of the sect appeared in front of them.

On his way, Xuanyuan encountered many inner disciples on patrol, but they only thought it was Lu Yuxiang flying back with extreme speed to make a report.

They flew for twelve hours before they arrived above the Inner Hall of the sect. Xuanyuan held Mochou, “Hey, this is where we’re going to live from now on.”

“Woah! These mountains are so high! The houses are so big. It’s so pretty here!” Mochou’s eyes were sparkling, but the next moment, they dimmed. “There are many bad people here!”

“Don’t be scared. I’m here so they can’t do anything to us.” Xuanyuan smiled.

“Right! I’m not afraid when I’m with you!” Mochou encouraged herself.

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