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DTH Chapter 142 – Fury

DTH Chapter 142 – Fury

“Xuanyuan slaughtered his fellow disciples and fled from his crimes. I’ll be sure to kill him if I catch him.” Xie Wuhen declared while gritting his teeth in the Inner Hall of the sect. The boy is protected by Fung Lie, but even he is under an enormous amount of stress because of Xuanyuan’s reckless actions. So Xie Wuhen was no longer afraid of showing his hatred. Along with Huotao, Xiang Tianku, Lu Yuxiang and Xiaotian, they encouraged the rumours against Xuanyuan and spread them throughout the sect.

There were many people who didn’t know who Xuanyuan was, but they now thought that he was guilty of countless cruel crimes. His reputation of killing on the Judgment Stand when he arrived at the sect also spread like wildfire.

“That’s right. He’s a sinner. When his verdict is concluded, we’ll organize a team to eliminate him. No matter where he is, we will find him.” Xiang Tianku said gloomily.

“Brother Xuanyuan is not a sinner! We don’t know the whole truth yet, how can you decide to punish him without a verdict?” Zhao Manfeng suddenly appeared. Because of Xuanyuan, he was a lot more confident than his former self, which allowed him to advance through to the next realm. He had already refined an organ and established himself as a king realm fighter. His status as an Elder also helped his confidence.

“Zhao Manfeng, you really think that I wouldn’t dare to touch you after you became an Elder? Xuanyuan even killed Sister Biyue. She wanted to make peace with him and was instead murdered!” Xiang Tianku looked like he was filled with sorrow. With a turn of his body, he rushed up to Zhao Manfeng and slapped him across the face.

Zhao Manfeng had only just stepped into the king realm, so he couldn’t defend himself against Xiang Tianku. He fell on the ground and a few of his teeth fell from his mouth. Xiang Tianku held Zhao Manfeng down with his foot and said, “Zhao Manfeng, you are an elder. How dare you cover up for a sinner. Take this as a lesson.”

“Brother Xiang, how loyal you are. He defended a traitor, he deserves to be killed!” Xie Wuhen approached them and kicked Zhao Manfeng several metres across the floor.

“Brother Xuanyuan will come back! And then we’ll know the truth!” Zhao Manfeng ignored the pain and shouted.

“Go to hell!” Xie Wuhen kicked Zhao Manfeng again. The damage made Zhao Manfeng cough up even more blood.

At this point, an eagle screeched and a terrifying force descended from the sky. The force struck with incredible power against Xie Wuhen, his protective armour immediately exploded with light to protect its master, it only lasted for a flash before it broke under the incoming attack. Xie Wuhen was crushed into a pile of flesh and blood in front of thousands of witnesses.

A person descended from the sky. His long hair was flying casually in the wind, his armour gave off a noble golden light. To everyone’s shock, it was Xuanyuan. After he touched the ground, he immediately gave Zhao Manfeng a healing pill, then took Xie Wuhen’s instruments into his ring for Greed to devour.

His Wind Spirit Spear was in his hand, expanding his killing intent across several miles. This time, he gave Lu Yuxiang and Xie Wuhen’s ring to Zhao Manfeng, “Elder Zhao, take these and rest. I’ll handle the rest.”

“Brother Xuanyuan, you…you’re back. This must be a misunderstanding.” Xiang Tianku was trembling. The power Xuanyuan unleashed was that of a grandmaster. He would be much stronger than anyone of the List of Merits. Xiang Tianku would only be slaughtered if Xuanyuan saw him as an enemy.

“Brother Xiang, farewell.” Xuanyuan smirked as his Wind Spirit Spear pierced out. Before Xiang Tianku could react, his heart was pierced by the spear and a large hole was blasted in his chest. Everyone was terrified when they saw the sight.

“Die!” Two grandmaster realm fighters arrived on the scene and rushed to kill Xuanyuan, it was a man and a woman from the Bi family. They didn’t bring out their weapons, so Xuanyuan thought they must be suicidal.

He didn’t evade and attacked with four hundred and fifty dragons of strength. The grandmasters immediately realised their mistake, but it was too late for regret. The man’s throat was pierced, completely separating his head from his body. The woman tried to run, but the spear continued on its path through the throat of her companion and nailed her to the stone wall. She was hanging from the stone wall while screaming in pain. Xuanyuan didn’t destroy her heart, so she could only struggle in pain. Her life essence and blood slowly poured out from the wound as she struggled.

“Since you said I’m a murderer who kills my fellow disciples, I’m going to kill them in front of you!” Xuanyuan glared at all the terrified disciples surrounding him. The deaths of Xie Wuhen, Xiang Tianku and two members from the Bi Family scared everyone speechless.

“So you’re Xuanyuan? How powerful?” A woman appeared in the sky. She was wearing a beautiful dress, but her aura was cold. “Your family’s young master is dead, Xie Tian.”

There was a man holding an iron-grey claw. He was a true disciple, Xie Tian. His pressure made Xuanyuan felt suffocated.

“The woman is a peak grandmaster, the man is an imperial fighter! The instrument he has is a lower rank heaven class instrument!” Greed said to Xuanyuan in his mind.

“Biji, he seemed to kill Biyue from your family, and Lu Yuxiang from the Lu Family. I haven’t seen anyone as audacious as this for a long time, angering two out of five of the major families in such a short time.” Xie Tian’s voice was threatening. “It looks like he also tamed the Skysea Bird. Impressive. The bird is one of the wildest and most violent among all the species of eagles. We raised the bird since it hatched from its egg. You’re really talented for taming the bird, brother Xuanyuan.”

Xuanyuan controlled the Skysea Bird with his mind and the bird landed next to him. He stood in front of the Mochou protecting her. But at this moment, another terrifying force descended towards them.

“Another imperial fighter! The Devouring Emperor had a long list of enemies, don’t be scared over this much, boy.” Greed said. Xuanyuan was even more protective towards Mochou. The man who just arrived was dressed in a plain white robe. He looked gentle and handsome. He was Lu Tianxiang, a true disciple from the Lu Family.

“I took care of the Skysea Bird for a while. I’m impressed that you tamed it using such a period of short time. We haven’t seen a talent like this in the sect for a long while.” Lu Tianxiang said. There was no way of telling whether he was angry or not. But his every movement suppressed the atmosphere.

“Tell me, who will slaughter this sinner?” Biji said quietly.

“Sister Biji, please calm down. We cannot be sure that brother Xuanyuan is guilty.” Another man arrived. He was fully armoured and carrying two hammers. He was Chen Junchou, who cleared Xuanyuan of the crime against Liu Xiangxiang. Chen Junchou was relieved that Xuanyuan was back. He honestly believed that Xuanyuan wouldn’t kill innocent people.

“If it isn’t Chen Junchou from the law enforcement team of the Inner Hall. Do you want to interrupt the punishment imposed by true disciples?” Biji glanced at Chen Junchou coldly.

“Greetings to all True Brothers and Sisters.” Chen Junchou said respectfully, “According to the Law of Fighting Dragons, order four hundred and thirty-seven, the crimes of inner disciples will be resolved by the law enforcement in the Inner Hall. If it is impossible to resolve, it’ll then be handled by the law enforcement team among the true disciples. Sister Biji, you are not part of the law enforcement team within the true disciples, are you trying to interfere with sect law?”

“Haha, Chen Junchou, you are indeed right.” Fung Lie arrived on his Dragon Scale Horse. Because of Xuanyuan, he was under a lot of pressure, so he was immediately informed once Xuanyuan was back in the sect. He glanced at the dead body of the grandmaster from Bi Family which was pinned by the Wind Spirit spear and laughed with satisfaction, “Brother Xuanyuan, tell us what happened on that day. I’m here for you, there is no need to fret.”

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