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DTH Chapter 143 – Punishment!

DTH Chapter 143 – Punishment!

“That day? Sister Biyue came to my doorstep to seduce me into leaving the sect. She had a plan with Kuiya and his father to kill me once I was outside of the sect. However, a bunch of mysterious men interrupted their plans, so I used the opportunity to escape. They were probably killed by them, and stalled those mysterious men for me to escape. That’s why I’m alive today.” Xuanyuan smiled.

“How dare you! Why would Biyue seduce you?” Biji was furious.

“Brother Xuanyuan didn’t lie. We found a woman’s undergarment in his room. They have already been confirmed to have belonged to Sister Biyue.” Chen Junchou added.

“Hahaha, what can you say to that, Biji?” Fung Lie laughed. He was under a lot of pressure when Xuanyuan was gone. This could all be relieved now that Xuanyuan was back.

“You can’t prove that Biyue seduced him. He might have raped her!” Biji yelled.

“There are five other witnesses to this.” Xuanyuan chuckled, and said loudly, “The five of you perverts. That night, you gave me the Book of Royal Fire, the Book of Golden Xian, the Book of Black Water, the Book of Earth and the Book of Green Wood! You saw everything didn’t you?”

Biji, Xie Tian and Lu Tianxiang were both grinding their teeth when they heard this. Fung Lie on the other hand, couldn’t control his wide smile.

“Damn it, how dare you call us perverts?” An old man with dark red skin appeared out of nowhere. He was obviously furious.

“Well, Fire. We did appear in front of the boy without saying a word. He was probably shocked that we were watching him.”

“Water is right…”

“Where have you been, my boy? We are too old to follow all of your movements.”

“That’s right. I even went to the Eastern Dynasty to look for you.”

The five old men came out. Every disciple was shocked and bowed immediately,

“Greetings to the Xians!”

“Since you witnessed it. Xians, please tell us whether brother Xuanyuan was telling the truth? Did Biyue seduce him or did he rape her?” Chen Junchou was feeling very uneasy as he questioned the Xians. Xuanyuan must have broken some sort of record to have the five Xians giving him their techniques. Any other disciple would die for the opportunity.

“Bullshit! Xuanyuan is our disciple and he’s a very handsome boy! Why would he need to rape anyone? Biji, did you accuse him of rape?” The Xian of Fire shouted.

“I was just speculating.” Biji jumped at the Xian’s fury.

“Stop your speculation! Biyue came specifically to seduce him.” The Xian of Fire said.

“Well, to prove our disciple’s innocence, we’ll re-enact the scene…” Water came towards the Xian of Gold with a sultry expression, giving everyone goosebumps. “So you don’t want to see me?… Brother Xuanyuan, you’re such an attractive young man, so many women would fall for you….”

Xuanyuan was stunned by the crazy development. These five Xians must have mental problems. Why was he so unlucky?

Fung Lie was on the verge of laughing. Chen Junchou was no better. Biji, on the other hand, was incredibly pale.

“So that’s what happened. I will happily sacrifice my own image to prove my disciple’s innocence. We couldn’t stay to watch the end, but if anyone wants to see, we can use the Mirror of Rewinding and show everyone what happened.” The Xian of Water said. “Is there anyone who doubts our statement?”

“No! We believe you!” Biji, Xie Tian and Lu Tianxiang still wanted to keep their lives. They wouldn’t dare to challenge the five Xians.

“Since Xiang Tianku and Lu Yuxiang are dead, there’s no way to arrest them. We’ll arrest Huotao, who spread the untrue rumours to cause problems with the solidarity within the inner disciples. He’ll receive eight hundred strikes and shall not take receive anything from the sect for three years as punishment!” Chen Junchou declared. A few inner disciples on the List of Merits glanced at Xuanyuan before they followed Chen Junchou to arrest Huotao.

“Well, if that’s all, we’ll take our leave.” The Xian of Fire said.

But Xie Tian gritted his teeth and said, “Xian of Fire, even though we proved that Biyue and Kuiya deserved their deaths, but Xie Wuhen didn’t deserve to die! He only spread a few rumours! Lu Yuxiang was also killed by Xuanyuan. We can’t let this go!”

“Xuanyuan, tell us why did you kill Lu Yuxiang and Xie Wuhen.” Fung Lie inquired.

“I was followed by the mysterious men when they were done and arrived at the Blue Sea. I didn’t know how far I had travelled, but today, Lu Yuxiang found me on his Skysea Bird. He didn’t say anything and only attacked me without warning. I could only defend myself from an enemy that wanted to kill me. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the Xians to use the mirror from earlier and see for yourself.” Xuanyuan looked towards the old men.

“Let’s do that then!” The Xian of Fire blew his long beard and looked over to Lu Tianxiang.

“There’s no need. Yuxiang was young and reckless. He was at odds with brother Xuanyuan because of sister Fang Yuyou. I can imagine him trying to kill brother Xuanyuan without a word. It’s just that Xuanyuan shouldn’t have killed him.” Lu Tianxiang said immediately. His tone was mild, without accusation.

“I agree. Brother Xuanyuan, you are too reckless. The Lu Family is a respectable family and Lu Yuxiang was their future heir. He was talented in the martial path and business. You shouldn’t have killed him, you should have just cut off all his limbs and dragged him back to the sect for a whipping.” Fung Lie said sarcastically while nodding his head.

Lu Tianxiang looked slightly dismayed, but didn’t say a word. Fung Lie continued, “Then, what about Xie Wuhen?”

“Him? He deserved even worse. He accused me of slaughtering my fellow disciples and fleeing from the sect. When Elder Zhao Manfeng defended me, he attacked an elder of the sect. This was unacceptable. How could he be allowed to attack someone of a higher status. An elder is a symbol of respect and they stand high above mere inner disciples. I believe all the fellow disciples here must have witnessed that?” Xuanyuan turned his head to the terrified disciples at the side, speaking furiously.

“Of course! Of course…” Many inner disciples nodded their heads frantically.

Behind them stood the injured Zhao Manfeng. The Xian of Wood heard what happened and approached him, injecting a stream of Qi into his body. The wounds began healing at a rapid pace.

Zhao Manfeng couldn’t believe his good luck and knelt down before the Xian. “Thank you, Xian of Wood!”

“There’s no need to thank me.” The old man took Zhao’s arm to help him stand. “You defended my disciple despite the danger to yourself. I appreciate that.”

Xie Tian was upset. With that, it was impossible to kill Xuanyuan for his family.

“Brother Xuanyuan. This is still unacceptable.” Fung Lie proclaimed confidently, “Even though brother Xie Wuhen was in the wrong, but still didn’t deserve to be killed. If something like this happens again, just cut off all the limbs from the one responsible. You need to be punished. You shall go to the Red Mountain and suffer the burning fire for three months. The Xian of Fire shall go there to monitor your ‘punishment’.”

Xie Tian eyes went wide in surprise, but the Xian of Fire’s laughter stopped him from objecting, “I have no objection. Does anyone have any objections?”



Xie Tian and Lu Tianxiang replied.

Two shadows appeared in the distance far off in the distance. Xuanyuan turned and looked when his heart suddenly jumped. A sudden intense fury and killing intent oozed out from his body.

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