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DTH Chapter 145 – Five Masters

DTH Chapter 145 – Five Masters
The Skysea Bird carried them silently across the sky.

“Xuanyuan, we’re going to the Red Mountain. This little girl doesn’t have a single bit of power left in her body. She won’t be able to endure the heat of the mountain.” The Xian of Fire broke the silence.

“Don’t worry. Haven’t you realized it yet?” Xuanyuan had calmed himself and steeled his heart. There was nothing he could do, he needed to become stronger to take his revenge.

“No wind pressure!” The Xian of Wood was the first to realize. They had reached the Xian realm so the pressure from flying didn’t affect them and they had no need to pay attention to it. They finally realized the strangeness surrounding Mochou.

“Mochou has the Body of a Thousand Spirits. She can interact with everything in nature. She will only benefit from going to the Red Mountain.”

“She has the Body of a Thousand Spirits? She is qualified to become the Lady of the Fighting Dragons sect!” The Xian of Water cried.

But Mochou held Xuanyuan tightly and shook her head, “I only want to be with Xuanyuan!”

The Xian of Gold was delighted, “Perhaps you’ll have great progress in these three years if you are with her.”

“I think you four should go back to the Mountains of the Five Elements first. I can go to the Red Mountain with Xuanyuan and Mochou. If you can start refining the Golden Elixir for his lungs, the Earth Elixir for his spleen, the Water Elixir for his kidneys and the Wood Elixir for his liver, then Xuanyuan’s power will improve greatly. At the very least, he will not lose the battle in three month’s time!” The Xian of Fire commanded.

“Good. We will use all our power to help you, Xuanyuan. Just concentrate on your cultivation. Even if you can’t defeat Jiang Yitian three years later, we’ll still be able to protect your life.” The Xian of Earth said heavily to reassure Xuanyuan.

Xuanyuan was touched by their actions. Mochou looked at the old men and said quietly, “You are good people.”

”Hahaha, we aren’t good people. We just don’t want our disciple to be bullied. It’s not appropriate for us to get involved in young people’s affairs, but Xingyun must pay for what he’s done. His actions are grotesque.” The Xian of Gold said severely.

“Then we’ll go. You probably cannot study all of our techniques at once, but you should still work hard.” The Xian of Water said.

“Wait!” Xuanyuan called out as they were about to leave, “I won’t lie to you anymore. I have a special physique, the Body of Five Elements. I am very glad to have you five as my masters. I can study the techniques of all five elements!”

Xuanyuan immediately summoned his Qi and turned its nature from water, to wood, to fire, to earth and at last to gold. It formed a cycle of the five elements. He didn’t tell them the full truth. He used the power of the Body of All Creations to create the cycle of the five elements. In fact, he could study every single technique in the world.

“It is the Body of Five Elements! Great!” The Xian of Gold laughed.

“Since you have the Body of Five Elements, then we’ll of course teach you all we know!” The Xian of Earth was excited.

“There’s one thing. You’re my masters now and I don’t want to keep you in the dark.” Xuanyuan felt relieved. He had help from Greed when it came to advancing, but Mochou still needed guidance to find fighting gold, fire, earth and wood.

“Xuanyuan, just tell us. We’ve finally found a perfect disciple for all of us, we won’t be angry about you hiding some things from us. You can help advance our techniques to a whole new level.” Wood said kindly.

“I’m the one responsible for the Blue Sea. I was being chased after by assassins and hid inside the sea. At the depths of the sea, I found the Water of Heaven.” Xuanyuan said, “Perhaps it’s because of my special physique. I was able to absorb the Water of Heaven. I’ve already used it to refine my kidneys.”

When he was speaking, he summoned a blue light in the palm of his hand, it was filled with powerful water Qi. It was the fighting water, the Water of Heaven! The five old men were astonished. Even though they were Xians, they would still be envious of such a treasure. The Xian of Water was especially envious and he laughed loudly, “That’s why the water in the Blue Sea changed! There were many disciples who trained in the Blue Sea over the years and none of them found the Water of Heaven. This is destiny! You are brave, Xuanyuan, to refine your kidneys using such a powerful water. I understand what you want now. You want to find other fighting elements and use them to refine your other organs to enhance your power. What a crazy idea!”

“Indeed, it’s very dangerous.” The Xian of Earth couldn’t hide his excitement.

“And exciting! If Xuanyuan can control the fighting elements and study all our techniques, he’ll definitely bring our techniques to a new level! He has the Body of Five Elements, it’ll be easier for him to be accepted by the fighting elements.” The Xian of Gold said.

“That’s right. I want to ask masters for a favour and tell me where I can find more fighting elements. You’re Xians who have lived for countless years, you must know places which have high possibilities of containing fighting elements.” Xuanyuan was relieved that they regarded him as their disciple.

The Xian of Fire’s eyes sparked. He pointed at the Red Mountain, “There’s a great chance that there’s a fighting fire hidden in the Red Mountain. But numerous people have come and gone, but they were still unable to find it. With the help of Mochou, you might have a better chance at finding it.”

Xuanyuan grew more confident about his speculation of the Red Mountain after what the Xian of Fire said. If he could devour the fighting fire hidden in the mountain, he’d be able to defeat Xingyun!

“Then, may I suggest our next action? Master Gold, Earth and Wood, please start refining the elixirs to strengthen my other three organs. Since I have the Body of Five Elements, I will face greater difficulties when refining my organs. I need as much help as I can get. I’ll stay in the Red Mountain to refine my heart and study your techniques. Master Fire, please take Mochou and look for the fighting Fire. Master Water, since I’ve already refined my kidneys, there’s no need for your elixir. Would you please help me look for other fighting elements? Does that sound appropriate?” Xuanyuan asked.

“Very well, you’re quite strategically minded. We’ll do what you say.” The Xian of Water promised and left, so did the rest of the Xians, apart from the Xian of Fire.

“Xuanyuan, you’re our disciple. You are our legacy and we are depending on you to enhance our techniques.” Fire smiled contently and closed his eyes.

“Xuanyuan! Mochou will help you find the fighting Fire!” Mochou said. She was still very young, but she wanted to help Xuanyuan.

“Thank you, Mochou!” Xuanyuan smiled. He had made a right decision.


In Mochou’s mind, a voice sounded, “Mochou, don’t speak aloud, I’m Xuanyuan’s grandfather! ……”

“Xuanyuan’s grandfather?” Mochou was confused.

“Let’s not dwell on the subject. I’m going to ask, do you want to help Xuanyuan?” Greed tried to lure her attention.

“Yes, but I’m not talented enough to help him.” Mochou was disappointed with herself and her own power.

“Don’t worry. I’m going to teach you a special technique. Just practice it and you can help Xuanyuan!” Greed encouraged.

“Really?” Mochou asked.

“That’s right. I’ll teach you now. Remember to work hard! I’ll help you with whatever you don’t understand. Remember, this is our little secret. Don’t tell grandpa Fire.” Greed said mysteriously.

“No problem! I promise. How should I address you, grandpa?”

“You can call me grandpa Greed!”


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