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DTH Chapter 146 – Training on the Red Mountain

DTH Chapter 146 – Training on the Red Mountain

The Body of a Thousand Spirits was the target of many sentient treasures. In order for treasures such as fighting elements to become sentient, they’d need to survive for a long time and brave many dangers in order to reincarnate into human form. Fung Lie was a successful example, the Wind of Sky reincarnated as him. However, if Fung Lie hadn’t become the Xian of Wind’s disciple, he might be hunted down by practitioners and the Wind of Sky would be torn from his body. Then it would be another few millenniums before the fighting wind would have another chance to reincarnate into a human again. However, if they occupied the Body of a Thousand Spirits, the sentient being would be able to gain enormous power at once, without the need to reincarnate. The Body of a Thousand Spirits was in harmony with nature. It didn’t require much time for it to harness the powers of nature.

And that was precisely why Greed would teach Mochou the Thousand Spirits technique. If she could finish studying the technique and absorb some powerful sentient being, then she would become unimaginably powerful.

“There’s the Red Mountain. It’s so nostalgic. I trained here for many years in the past. It’s the perfect place for people who study fire Qi.” The Xian of Fire indulged in his own memories.

Xuanyuan thought, “I have a pearl with me. My progress would be increased a hundredfold when using it. Even if I can’t find a fighting fire, I can still fully refine my heart.”

The Red Mountain was ahead of them. The mountain was too large, they couldn’t even see the peak. The entire mountain was densely covered with fire Qi and emitting a burning heat. Even king realm fighters would find it difficult to breath in the hot air of the mountain. Many practitioners would dehydrate and die while training on the mountain. Only the strongest grandmaster realm practitioners could survive for long periods of time on the mountain. The Skysea Bird with its extraordinary vigour, didn’t dare to move closer to the mountain, so the Xian of Fire protected it and allowed it to enter the separate space he created.

There must be many sentient treasures dwelling inside the mountain. Xuanyuan didn’t dare to bring Mochou with him. He had decided to let Mochou be protected by the Xian of Fire.

“Xuanyuan, be careful when you are training here alone. I’ll be leaving to take Mochou to search for the fighting fire now.” The Xian of Fire said. Even though he was there to supervise Xuanyuan, he wasn’t going to be staying with him the entire time. If Xuanyuan couldn’t even handle the creatures of Red Mountain by himself, he would surely die in three months time.

“I will.” Xuanyuan turned to Mochou, who now sat on the Xian’s shoulders. “Mochou, behave when you’re around the Xian of Fire. You must work hard on your technique. Do you understand?”

Xuanyuan said this so the Xian wouldn’t suspect Mochou if she practiced the Thousand Spirit technique given by Greed.

“I will work hard every day! When I become strong, I’ll help you find many treasures. I’ll be useful to Xuanyuan!” Mochou said seriously. She closed her eyes and began to recall the technique that Greed taught her. Her tiny hands formed a mudra according to the technique and her entire body began to shine with a bright spiritual light. Suddenly, the fire Qi started rushing towards her.

The Xian of Fire was planning on searching some suitable techniques for Mochou to study as soon as they were back in the sect, but when he saw how smoothly the Qi rushed to surround and enter her body. He recognized that she was studying a mysterious Xian class technique, so he didn’t need to worry about finding a technique to suit her. He quickly flew to the peak of the Red Mountain with Mochou. On their way, more and more Qi started to rush into her, as if the Qi was being summoned by Mochou.

“Mochou, what kind of technique are you studying?” The Xian of Fire asked curiously.

“The Thousand Spirits Technique.” Mochou admitted honestly. “But please don’t ask me where I got it, it wasn’t given by Xuanyuan.”

The Xian of Fire was in awe. It was the Xian class technique created by the first person to own the Body of a Thousand Spirits. His curiosity was satisfied. There was no need to be suspicious of where the technique came from. There was no way that Xuanyuan would have access to such ancient techniques. The Xian grew very fond of the little girl, and encouraged her to grow stronger every day.

Xuanyuan was at the heel of the mountain. This would be the limit for any other king realm fighters, because the extreme heat further up the mountain would slowly exhaust their strength. If they didn’t have enough strength-replenishing pills, they would collapse on the mountain and would never be able to return. However, such a problem wasn’t an issue for Xuanyuan because he absorbed the Water of Heaven. With the protection of the Water of Heaven, the heat only felt like a cool breeze. Even if he didn’t have the fighting water, the temperature alone wouldn’t harm him, because he owned the Body of All Creations.

Within him, the fire Qi was starting to awaken. His heart started to race as he activated the Royal Fire technique, he also activated his pearl to boost his training speed. His body became a giant vortex which pulled all the inexhaustible fire Qi towards him. The burning energy rushed into his body and purified his heart. If someone was watching this scene from the outside, Xuanyuan would look like he was surrounded by a cocoon of fire.

Step by step, he began climbing the Red Mountain.

The stones on the mountain were all a shade of burning red and their heat distorted the air. He saw many creatures on the mountain which had long adapted to the difficult environment. The weakest wolf he saw had sixty dragons of strength, while the pack were much more powerful. All of them were growling at him as he moved up the mountain. He was absorbing a large amount of Qi as he moved, including the Qi of their territory. Obviously, they would be angry, but Xuanyuan simply ignored them. He was here to enhance his strength, not to bully those weaker than him. Searching for fighting fire was his main priority. He needed to find a location with dense fire Qi as soon as possible.

“Boy, those five old men are very good to you, but they’re quite weak. The techniques they gave you were only a collection of the incomplete ancient techniques of the Five Elements. Well, when I regain all my memories, I can teach them the complete techniques of the Five Elements as thanks. Then we won’t owe them anything.” Greed commented.

“It’s not about owing anything. They are my masters and deserve my respect. I know you were a big shot once upon a time and I’m the heir of the Devouring Emperor, so it mustn’t sit well with you when I call them master. Maybe they are nothing compared to the Devouring Emperor. However, that’s irrelevant. They have been good to me and protected me. It does not matter how strong they are. Do you understand?” Xuanyuan said.

“Never mind. You’re nothing like the Emperor. You are far too attached. One day, you’ll know what I mean. You are too naïve to understand it now.” Greed replied, then refused to continue.

Xuanyuan avoided the wild creatures on his way while absorbing a large amount of fire Qi to refine his heart. It would be a long process for him to refine his organs compared to normal practitioners. It granted him more power, but equally took a much longer time. So Xuanyuan was in no rush and walked at a leisurely pace towards the peak of the mountain.

After three days, Xuanyuan finally reached the halfway point of the mountain. Since the mountain itself was releasing a scorching heat, there were many plants and herbs in the surroundings which were ablaze, such as the burning grass. It was almost identical to normal grass, however it was engulfed in flames and produced fire Qi. These plants brightly lit up the mountain. It seemed like the mountain would be burning forever.

When he reached the waist of the mountain, he saw a strange species of trees. It was the tree of fire which only grew on the Red Mountain. Every one of its branches seemed like a flaming torch. Xuanyuan was amazed by the unique flora of the mountain. He couldn’t help but wonder what was so special about the environment which caused all these unique and rare plants to grow.

In these three days, Xuanyuan felt his heart burning with more intense heat. The strength of fire in his body was growing and his blood was starting to boil. His heart was starting to synchronise with his refined kidneys. All the blood within his veins was being refined, and he noticed that his veins were expanding to accommodate the power of his strengthened heart. His mind also seemed to turn clearer and more determined. His heart would be strengthened against temptations, making his mind stronger against illusions. If the heart was strong, the mind would be strong, and vice versa.

Apart from his mind, the energy in his body was also enhanced because the fire in his heart and the water in his kidneys synchronised to create an even greater strength. Before refining his heart, he was able to train without rest for seven days. Now, a month wouldn’t be a problem, but he would require the assistance of pills and medicines.

Since he stepped into the king realm, he finally saw the benefits of refining his five organs. His strength was being increased at a rapid pace, Xuanyuan went from four hundred and fifty dragons to four hundred and eighty dragons in just three days. This was after only refining a very small part of his heart. He knew that when his heart was fully refined, his strength would be unimaginable for normal people.

“You keep saying that we’re gluttons and bottomless pits for Qi, but you’re also one. Keep working hard. The hard work and pain are only temporary…” Greed told him.

“I understand.” Xuanyuan replied. “I wonder how things are with Mochou and the Xian of Fire?”

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