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DTH Chapter 147 – Fighting Fire Discovered?

DTH Chapter 147 – Fighting Fire Discovered?

Mochou was growing at an unimaginable pace. On the first day, she grew from an ordinary person into a master realm practitioner. The second day, she became a wild fighter. The third day, she entered the realm of a peak king fighter, with a thousand dragons of strength!

It was beyond shocking. Xuanyuan was extremely talented, but he was nothing compared to Mochou.

“The Body of Thousand Spirits is an extremely special physique that attracts the power of nature and harmonizes with natural Qi. Mochou is easily able to understand the Tao of everything within the natural world without even realizing it. I’ve given her the Thousand Spirits technique. She is probably stronger than you by now.” Greed chuckled.

“How is that possible? She is more powerful than me after just three days?” Xuanyuan couldn’t believe Greed’s words. He even felt like his pride had been injured.

“It’s not impossible. I’ve already told you that you know too little about the world. Every power in the world has its own price. Because of her special physique, she was blind from birth, and not every person with a Body of a Thousand Spirits can open their eyes. If they cannot open their eyes, they will be forever blind and unable to practice. However, once they open their eyes, they are able to grow while using the power of nature. This was the reason why I wanted you to take her from the start. Also, the Thousand Spirits technique she’s studying is a ten star Xian class technique. It’s very normal that she will be stronger than you by now.” Greed seemed to be excited about the little girl’s growth.

“Alright. At least she will have the strength to protect herself. That’s what I wanted.” Xuanyuan said.

“There’s one more thing. The stronger the Body of a Thousand Spirits, the stronger their attraction to sentient beings becomes. There will be many sentient beings who will hunt her for her physique. Some of them will be very powerful. Each physique has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, training will become more and more difficult for the Body of All Creations as you grow stronger. In the future, you’ll encounter many people with special physiques. They are your real enemies. All the Xians and Emperors throughout the course of history had special physiques.” Greed explained. It gave Xuanyuan a whole new outlook on how insignificant his power was.

“Well, I can sense that there are many interesting landscapes and dispositions on the mountain. There might be powerful stones or crystals hidden within. Let’s see if we can find something.” Xuanyuan said, but he was also wondering whether Jiang Yitian had a special physique. With this thought, he quickly ran higher up the mountain.

The top of the mountain was filled with hot air. Within the air, there was pure and abundant fire Qi. All of that fire Qi was rushing into Mochou’s body, which startled many of the sentient treasures inside the mountain.

“Grandpa Fire, there are many eyes staring at me! I’m scared!” Mochou trembled. She hadn’t fully understood the Thousand Spirits technique yet, so she still couldn’t command the sentient beings to protect her.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here for you.” The Xian of Fire brought her to the opening which allowed entry inside the mountain. Inside was a giant palace made entirely of red stones. However, the palace was ruined and it seemed to have happened a very long time ago. Inside the mountain was lava so thick that it could even kill imperial fighters.

Suddenly, a dragon roared from above. A dragon made from fire was hovering above them and started spitting fire towards them. The Xian of Fire smirked and flicked his fingers. A magical power destroyed the waves of fire and smashed the dragon into pieces. After its final howl, the dragon transformed into dragon grass which lightly landed on the Xian of Fire’s hand.

“Haha, they are attracted by your physique, Mochou. This is Fiery Dragon Grass. It is extremely rare and extremely useful. It will be beneficial to Xuanyuan for refining his heart.” The Xian said.

“It’s scary! They’re all trying to kill me. Grandpa Fire, I’m scared!” Mochou was pale from fear.

“Don’t worry. I’ll defeat them all! Mochou, don’t you want to help Xuanyuan?” He said as he comforted the little girl.

“Yes!” The thought of helping Xuanyuan calmed her frightened heart.

“Good. My guess is that the fighting fire that Xuanyuan wants is hiding inside this palace, it’s probably under the lava. Let’s go take a look, Mochou. We will see if you can find it.” He brought her to the edge of the opening and looked down inside. The Xian of Fire had come to the Red Mountain many times, but he failed to find the fighting fire all these years. He was desperate to solve the mystery of the Red Mountain.

“I’ll look.” Mochou formed a mudra she learnt from Greed with her hands, and whispered, “Eyes of The Fire Spirit!”

Her eyes suddenly turned as red as rubies, as if she was able to see through the fire. She concentrated on the task for more than fifteen minutes. Her forehead was dripping with sweat.

Suddenly, she smiled from ear to ear, “I can see a pretty lotus!”

“What? Keep looking, what does it look like?” The Xian of Fire was shocked to hear that she found something.

“It’s a red lotus that is burning. The lotus is in the hottest place.” She was starting to grow short of breath, since the Eyes of The Fire Spirit consumed her strength very quickly.

”Would it be… on the list of fighting fire….” The Xian’s heart was racing. “The Fire of Red Lotus!”

Mochou’s technique suddenly broke, she began trembling and hugged the old man tightly while sobbing. She cried, “I’m scared! There are a pair of big eyes staring back at me!”

He immediately carried Mochou out from the opening and thought to himself, “We’ve found it. There’s fighting fire in here. It’s the Fire of Red Lotus, ranked twentieth on the List of Fighting Fire! Xuanyuan will benefit from this if he can refine the fire into his heart. I’ll use the grass to make an elixir which will help protect him from the intense fire.”

Mochou still wouldn’t stop crying, and the old man tried his best to calm her. “Mochou, don’t cry. You’ve done a great thing and helped Xuanyuan!”


“Of course! I wouldn’t lie to you. We’ll wait for him here. He’ll be sure to punch that big pair of eyes for you!” He laughed.

But she started to cry again when she thought about those eyes. The eyes truly scared her.

“Don’t cry, Mochou.” He said and summoned a large cauldron. “I’m going to make a powerful elixir for Xuanyuan. If you keep on crying and distract me, Xuanyuan might get defeated by that pair of eyes!”

His threat worked quickly, with the opposite result. Mochou screamed out, “I don’t want the eyes to take Xuanyuan, I don’t want the eyes to take Xuanyuan!”

“Oh my, please stop crying. Xuanyuan won’t be taken by the eyes. I’m here to help him, aren’t I?” The Xian grew more desperate. “If you keep on crying, Xuanyuan will be caught the eyes, but if you stop, he’ll easily defeat them!”

“Really? I won’t…cry…. Can he…can he beat the bad eyes?” Mochou forced herself to stop crying with great difficulty.

“Of course! Here, help me make the elixir!” He was relieved that the crying stopped. He put a few dozen plants and the Fiery Dragon Grass into the cauldron and started creating the elixir.

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