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DTH Chapter 148 – Sadness and Despair

DTH Chapter 148 – Sadness and Despair

“Have you heard? An inner disciple named Xuanyuan challenged first brother Jiang Yitian. He said he’s going to defeat him in three years! I bet he must have gone crazy.”


“Right, I don’t care about it. A nobody like him can only attract attention this way.”


“I don’t know. There must be a reason the Xians of the five elements took him as their disciple. He’s determined and savage like brother Fung Lie. Maybe he’s an upcoming genius.”


“No matter how talented he is, he’s still nothing in front of First Brother. If I was in his position, I would have killed the arrogant brat on the spot.”


“First Brother is nice like that. He probably found the boy amusing.”


“I don’t know. I think the boy is quite smart. He has a grudge with those major families, but now no one can touch him for three years!”


“Three years is not long. He should have just laid low and studied under the five Xians. He would probably live longer that way.”


“I don’t think he’ll survive past three months. There’s no way he will be able to kill Xingyun.”


“Well, he’s only a king fighter, but strong enough to slaughter two grandmasters. I think he’ll make a lot of progress on Red Mountain.”


“But Xingyun has been a grandmaster for many years. He won’t be able to hurt him with just three months of training.”


“That’s true. We will see in three months.”


Everyone was discussing the rumours about Xuanyuan which had spread throughout the sect.


“Uncle Fang Yun, what should we do? How can we save Xuanyuan?” Fang Yuyou was worried. When she got the news about Xuanyuan, she rushed to the scene at once. But by the time she arrived, Xuanyuan had already left with the Xians. She was shocked that Xuanyuan would challenge Xingyun and Jiang Yitian. Her shock had now become concern.


“I’ve met Xuanyuan many times. He has a strong will. Perhaps he will defeat Xingyun in three months time. However, I’m not so sure about first brother Jiang Yitian. He’s too young to fathom Jiang Yitian’s strength. He can transform into a powerful beast, but no one knows what this beast is. Everyone who has witnessed his transformation died. Three years might not be enough time for Xuanyuan.” Fang Yun explained. He knew that his niece had taken a liking to Xuanyuan, but Xuanyuan was too young and reckless. He should have set the challenge for a century, then perhaps he had a chance to win.


“So Xuanyuan will die in three years?” Fang Yuyou’s eyes were clouded with sadness.


“It might not be hopeless. Xuanyuan is one of the most talented people I’ve seen. In three years time, Xuanyuan might become someone of great importance. The sect wouldn’t allow fights between their important disciples. There will be people who will stop them from fighting. Don’t worry.” Fang Yuyou reassured.


“Uncle, I still want to visit him on Red Mountain.” Fang Yuyou was still worried.


“You’ll only die on Red Mountain. If you really want to help him, concentrate on your training and become a true disciple. Then I’ll give you enough merit points to go into a separate space to train. If you’re not strong enough, you will only become a burden.” Fang Yun uttered slowly.


“I understand, uncle.” Fang Yuyou replaced her worries with a determination to become stronger.



In a little wooden house made from scented wood, located in the garden of the Taibai Trading Centre, a scream suddenly erupted.


“What? Is this true?”


“It is true, my lady! Please don’t be angry!” The housekeeper pleaded.


“This boy is worrisome! It’s okay that he challenged Xingyun, but Jiang Yitian? Three years? I can’t think of any way to help him.” Bai was pacing back and forth. “No, I must stay calm. Jiang Yitian is the first brother of the sect, but there must be a way to defeat him. Three years, there is still three years of time. There must definitely be a way.”


She suddenly turned to the housekeeper, “Give the order. Find every piece of information about Jiang Yitian. I want to know the technique he studies and the form of the beast he transforms into. Gather all the required information and report back to me.”


The housekeeper left the room at once. Bai was finally alone and sat down heavily on a chair, closing her eyes and sighing deeply.


“He dared to challenge Jiang Yitian. No one knows how powerful he Jiang Yitian is, but if there’s enough time, he might be able to grow beyond Jiang Yitian. What we need is more time.” She pondered for a while before her eyes snapped open, “Three months, before his battle with Xingyun, he will need to come here to prepare. We should be prepared with everything he needs. Every type of instrument, talisman and medicine should be available. Someone come here! We’ll need to gather the best lower ranked heaven class instruments, medicines and imperial class talismans!”


A shadow confirmed the order from outside of the house before vanishing.


“Xingyun, you shouldn’t anger someone I’m interested in. In three months, he’ll surely defeat you!” Bai gritted her teeth.


Suddenly, someone called from the door, “My lady, miss Huayu came with lady Yan Ziyun. They want to meet you.”


“Bring them in.” She said softly.


Two women stepped into her room. Huayu was as stunning as before, but Yan Ziyun seemed disheartened and lonely.


“Lady Yan, I know why you came today.” Bai said. She knew that Yan Ziyun would be blaming herself for Guxing’s death. Xuanyuan had asked her to care for Guxing before he left for the sect, which Bai was there to witness.


“Jiang Yitian is the First True Brother of the sect. Xingyun is also a true disciple. They travelled there specifically to kill Guxing. There was nothing you could do to stop them. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”


“What? He’s the First True Brother?” Yan Ziyun couldn’t believe what she heard.


“That’s right, lady Yan. Xuanyuan has dug a rather large hole for himself.” Bai sighed, “Guxing’s death made him act irrationally. He challenged Xingyun in three months, and Jiang Yitian three years later. Jiang Yitian is a third level emperor. I’m also worried about this.”


There was only despair for Yan Ziyun to feel! She wished that she could trade places with Guxing. She would happily change positions with Xuanyuan to challenge Xingyun and Jiang Yitian, if it could save Xuanyuan.


“Is there no way to save Xuanyuan? I came here to inform him and apologize. I didn’t think… It turned out this way…” Yan Ziyun couldn’t stop her tears.


“Lady Yan, it’s not your fault. He attracts too much attention with his talent. There are people who want to keep him down. They are not supposed to hurt the people related to him, but Xingyun played dirty. Xuanyuan must hold you in high regard. You should leave the sect territory at once.” Bai didn’t want to tell her this, but she didn’t want Xuanyuan to worry about unnecessary things. She was a calculating merchant after all. Yan Ziyun wouldn’t bring any benefit to Xuanyuan, other than more trouble.


“I understand.” Yan Ziyun smiled bitterly. “Lady Bai, I know you like Xuanyuan. There’s something, I can only tell you.”


Then she approached Bai and whispered in her ears. Bai shook at what she said, “Is that true?”


“Absolutely. Please take care of Xuanyuan. I won’t bring him more trouble.”


Inside the City of Fighting Dragons, Yan Ziyun was surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the street. Wearing the Moonstar instruments Xuanyuan bought her, she felt nostalgic about the past. She felt as if every step was painful. Loneliness, sadness and despair. It was all her fault. She was not powerful enough to protect Guxing. She was not from a powerful family. It was her fault. She did this to Xuanyuan. Self-hatred was revealed in her eyes.


She slowly grabbed her sword, and said bitterly, “Xuanyuan, you won’t have to worry about me from this day onwards. I’m sorry that I wronged you.”


However, just before her sword touched her neck, a force shattered the sword.


“Little girl. Why would you choose to kill yourself? Wouldn’t it be a better idea to follow this old woman for a walk around the world? Maybe you’ll change your mind.” It was a hunchback, white-headed old woman staring at her. Yan Ziyun smiled bitterly, unable to forgive herself. “I seldom find someone I like. Come with me, little girl.”


She sighed and flicked her cane. A strong wind came and swept the two of them away. 

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