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DTH Chapter 149 – The Disposition of the Nine Locked Dragons

DTH Chapter 149 – The Disposition of the Nine Locked Dragons


Seven days passed by. Xuanyuan fought against the attacks from uncountable beasts as he ran towards the peak of the mountain.


He observed many dispositions on his way, but there was nothing special about them.


The Disposition of Fire Pulling, for example, attracted a large amount of fire Qi and beasts with it.


The Disposition of Burning Heart suited those who studied fire techniques, especially when refining the heart, but there was a side effect. If the practitioners were not careful, they might lose their mind inside the disposition. These were not rare nor powerful dispositions, according to the Book of Acquisition, there were no special stones in these places.


Xuanyuan’s strength had increased to five hundred and sixty dragons. His heart was stronger and more Qi could be accommodated in his body, his mind was growing sharper as his strength increased. Blood was pumping through his body with incredible force and filling his body with energy.


“The Red Mountain is a good place to train your mind, but it’s providing you with less help. Go to the peak as soon as possible. The old man and Mochou have already found the whereabouts of the fighting fire.” Greed reminded him.


“You can sense that?” Xuanyuan was curious. After Greed regained more of its memories and power, it seemed to gain more secret tricks.


“I just used a little trick when I gave her the technique. I was just being careful. If the secret about the Body of a Thousand Spirits is discovered, all the major sects and families will try to take her away.” Greed laughed, “Mochou probably saw the Fire of Red Lotus, ranked twenty on the list of fighting fire.”


“The Fire of Red Lotus?” Xuanyuan frowned.


“It can burn through the impure. Mo and beasts fear the flames greatly.” Greed said softly, “It doesn’t have any special attacking methods, but it is still extremely powerful. Normal people wouldn’t be able to handle it. It’s almost as powerful as the fighting fire that ranks seventeenth on the list. More importantly, it’s related to an Ancient Saint.”


“Ancient Saint?” This was the first time Xuanyuan could learn something about the ancient world.


“That’s right, the Ancient Saint was one of the many Saints. They were born with the world. The story was that the Fire of Red Lotus was created from one of the weapons of the Ancient Saint. The weapon was named Red Lotus.” Greed was also excited that it had a chance to explain.


“Were these Saints more powerful then the Devouring Emperor?” Xuanyuan asked.


“All the realms, fighters, warriors, masters were all derived from the titles of an Ancient Saint. They were the first to experiment with the different realms. They were the first to achieve those ranks, they created them! They also created all the instruments and the basis of all techniques!” Greed said, “The Devouring Emperor died young. He was attacked by numerous emperors since he was too powerful. His strength was comparable to that of an Ancient Emperor. Many people were afraid that if he became even more powerful, he’d threaten their positions. He didn’t have any family and he liked to interfere in other people’s business. He would destroy different sects, families and organizations depending on how he felt towards them, he was a danger to the world. If his life wasn’t cut short, he’d be as famous as the Ancient Saints. He was able to create his own technique, after all.”


“He’s that powerful?” Xuanyuan marvelled. Those Ancient Saints were the ones who created the laws of this world. They were the creators of the realms and the Devouring Emperor was almost as powerful as them!


“Of course. He also had the Body of All Creations. If someone knew about your physique, they’d fight over you, but you wouldn’t be as fortunate as you are now. They won’t be interested in training you, just experimenting on your body. They’d want to turn you into a living weapon. Because not a single sect can afford to train the Body of All Creations! If I don’t get my Origins of Memories back, it’d take a near infinite amount of crystals to restore my power. But without the devouring technique, the Body of All Creations would require even more crystals than me!”


Xuanyuan trembled at Greed’s warning. Indeed, none of the sects would be able to afford the training of the Body of All Creations.


“In order to create the Devouring Technique, the Emperor had to devour numerous techniques, Precious Beings, and other resources. That’s why he made so many enemies. He destroyed many sects in his time. Now you understand, your physique is extremely unpopular. No one wants you to become powerful. They only regard your physique as the source of sin and disaster.”


Xuanyuan breathed deeply. He finally understood and nodded, “I get it. I won’t think about all that right now. I’ll concentrate on enhancing my power, and devouring the Fire of Red Lotus. I should try my best to strengthen my power.”


Then he noticed that there was nine dragons ahead of him, they were made of fire Qi and were growling at him. His heart raced. “This is the Disposition of Nine Locked Dragons! A Xian class disposition!”

According to the Book of Acquisition, dragons were highly regarded as the symbols of spirit. There must be treasure hidden in there!

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