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DTH Chapter 150 – Get Out!

DTH Chapter 150 – Get Out!

Xuanyuan observed the Disposition of Nine Locked Dragons from afar. Inside the disposition, the fire dragons were burning the sky. The disposition itself had a radius of nine miles, but beasts wouldn’t dare to move closer than fifty miles. It was extremely violent. Not as powerful as the Disposition of Nine Lives, but still as terrifying.


The nine dragons were formed from the Qi inside. With them as guardians, the place was completely locked down.


“Maybe there’s lots of precious stones inside. I want to get in.” Xuanyuan was tempted.


“Or there may be nothing. Not every powerful disposition can nurture treasures. The dragons aren’t proof that there will be good stuff inside. The mountain is full of pure fire Qi. It’s not abnormal that it is able to give birth to a dragon.” Greed said, “But since you have the fighting water, it’s not impossible to get in. The Water of Heaven can reduce the power of this disposition. But even so, you shouldn’t underestimate the Disposition of Nine Locked Dragons. This disposition is specialized in sealing. You should make a counter-seal disposition before you go in. Otherwise, you might never get out. I also need to make a protective disposition of gold and water. I’ll need your armour.”


Xuanyuan was still not powerful enough to go in unprepared. These dispositions didn’t form from a crystal mine, but formed from the combination of the natural laws and Qi! But Xuanyuan had made up his mind. In the Book of Acquisition, he learnt about how to make the Disposition of Nine Locked Dragons, but the research might be very outdated compared to the current disposition. It would be best if he could go inside and feel it for himself.


He took off his armour and took out five hundred jin of crystals. Using the power from the Water of Heaven, he carved the markings to make the protective disposition. If the protection broke, his armour would transform into water and continue protecting Xuanyuan from the fire. It took him five hours to finish the protection. When he was done, the crystals were absorbed into the armour.


He then moved on to the next task, the counter-sealing disposition. Many tricks would be deemed powerless when facing such a disposition. There were people who studied sealing techniques that would lure their enemies into a counter-sealing disposition, in order to easily kill them.


There were two kinds of dispositions. The major ones located within natural environments, such as mountains and rivers and the minor ones carved on the human body. Xuanyuan was making a minor disposition and he still needed to use another eight hundred jin of crystals to make the counter-sealing disposition. When he finished, half a day was gone and almost all of his Qi had been used. He had sealed the disposition into his armour.


To regain his strength, he sat cross-legged and inhaled the fire Qi around him. Afterwards he took a strength-replenishing pill and walked towards the Disposition of Nine Locked Dragons.


He couldn’t feel anything when he was crossing the boundary of the disposition. But the moment he was completely emerged within, the counter-sealing disposition was activated immediately. The eight hundred jin of crystals was being used at an incredible rate. He also activated his Dustless Helmet and disappeared. It was not the most effective tactic, but it could slow down the consumption of his crystals.


Above him, nine dragons were hovering in the air. Despite being made from Qi, the dragons still caused thunderous waves whenever they flicked their tails. They seemed to notice the intruder and dived into the disposition at once.


“Boy, they have found you. Be quick!” Greed screamed.


Xuanyuan observed the disposition, remembering as much details as possible and compared it with the record from the Book of Acquisition. He amended the book according to his observations.


At the same time, he activated his boots and dashed to the opposite edge of the disposition. He saw a burning red stone and stuffed it into his ring. A dragon seemed to have felt what was happening and dived straight for Xuanyuan. Luckily, he was quick and the dragon only struck empty space. But there was a deep crater which appeared on the ground, spewing flames from the centre.


Xuanyuan started to run for his life, until he suddenly saw another red fighting stone and couldn’t resist the temptation as he picked it up while running. In exchange, he was now chased by two dragons. The attack from the dragons created a rain of fire. Xuanyuan had nowhere to hide, but the protective disposition was proving to be highly effective. The rain of fire turned into harmless steam by the time it reached him. 


Xuanyuan didn’t dare to slow down. At the same time, a blue light shone from his kidneys and supported his protective disposition.


He encountered another fighting stone, and surely enough, three dragons were now chasing after him. No matter where he ran, the dragons could sense his exact location.


“These stones are nurtured by the disposition. That’s why they can sense their whereabouts. Keep moving!” Greed screamed. The rain of fire was pouring down onto him. The power of his protective disposition was starting to run out of power.


Xuanyuan ran for his life, while taking six of the red fighting stones. After that, he ran towards the centre of the disposition.


The fiery rain continued to pour. He was covered by a layer of steam made from the protection of water stopping the rain of fire. Behind him were nine furious dragons. He spotted a strange fighting stone in the middle. It looked very different from others. But Xuanyuan didn’t even think before he packed it into his ring. When he was doing that, a dragon approached him and struck him with all of its power. He was sent flying from the power of the blow. The protective disposition on his armour was damaged and he coughed up three mouthfuls of blood.


The attack had at least a thousand dragons of strength. His armour’s protection was decaying at a rapid pace. It wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Despite his wounds, Xuanyuan didn’t dare to slow down, since his counter-sealing disposition was also starting to waver. If his power was sealed by the power of the disposition, he wouldn’t be able to survive.


The dragon which attacked him also learnt its lesson. Its enormous head was destroyed from contact with Xuanyuan’s protection. But the fire Qi started to pour towards the dragon and soon replaced its head. The power of the disposition made it so that no one could destroy the dragons as long as the deposition existed.


Xuanyuan jumped to his feet and continued to escape. The light screen surrounding the Disposition of Nine Locked Dragons flickered and the seal was about to be activated.


Seeing the seal activating frightened Xuanyuan to no end. He ran towards the exit like his life depended on it, which it did. The rain of fire was pouring from above, dissolving his armour. The Water of Heaven took the core role in protection and it was consuming a large amount of Qi from Xuanyuan. His Qi was almost finished.


“You greedy old bugger! Stop being the bystander. You’ll be sealed into this disposition if I die!”


“Haha, don’t worry. I won’t let you die!” A large amount of Qi rushed into Xuanyuan’s body. He could finally use more Qi to increase his speed.


His armour was dissolving. The seal of the disposition was starting to activate. Xuanyuan stared at the exit and screamed, “We can’t be stopped! Screw it, let’s get out of here!”

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