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DTH Chapter 151 – The Source Energy of Sky and Ice

DTH Chapter 151 – The Source Energy of Sky and Ice

At the very last moment, Xuanyuan decided to jump with all his strength towards the exit. He needed to escape the disposition before the seal was activated or else it would mean death. However, an insanely powerful flame crashed into Xuanyuan through the screen of light before he escaped. A few of his bones were immediately broken and blood splashed out of his mouth. He was terrified by that final blow. The entire area inside the disposition was suddenly burning so violently that even the lava was burning.


“Just in time. If I was one step slower, I wouldn’t have escaped with my life.” He sat on the ground and began recovering from his injuries. The dragons inside the disposition were unsettled, they had just lost everything. If they could, they would rush out and kill Xuanyuan, but that was impossible.


His armour was completely broken, his boots were damaged, the Dustless Helmet was cracked down the middle. It looked like he would need to find a whole new set of equipment.


The Water of Heaven helped to recover the burns on his skin and in less than an hour, his bones were fully recovered.


“I knew you wouldn’t die so easily.” Greed laughed when Xuanyuan finished his healing process.


He rolled his eyes and ignored Greed. The flames that hit him as he escaped, had a thousand dragons of strength. If he wasn’t protected by the Water of Heaven, he would have been seriously injured. The Body of All Creations was stronger than ordinary bodies, so he was lucky to have only broken a few bones. He finally realized how useful the Water of Heaven would be. Without it, his body would have required a few days to recover.


“You don’t understand. If you don’t encounter these type of challenges, you won’t make any progress. Quick, cut the stones and see what’s inside.” Greed couldn’t suppress its greed any longer, but Xuanyuan was the same. He took out his dagger and cut into one of the burning stones. 


After just one cut, a cold light burst from the crack. He felt a freezing air rush over his body and the Water of Heaven quickly protected him from the freezing power.


It was an unusual type of crystals. Extraordinarily white and pure. Even though it was small, it was more than a hundred jin in weight.


“Hahaha, this is the crystal of sky and ice! It’s almost worth as much as fighting source! Who would have thought? Inside a fiery disposition there would be some ice cold crystals!” 


Xuanyuan continued cutting through the stones. All the red stones were cut open and he gathered nine hundred jin of the crystals.


“Quick, boy, open the big stone in the middle. I think that is the most important one. Didn’t you see how the dragons went crazy when you took it? It’s probably quite powerful.” Greed urged Xuanyuan. Xuanyuan couldn’t wait to see what was inside so he made his first cut.


Not long after, the giant stone was down to the size of a human head, and yet there was no sign of any crystals.


“Keep going!” Greed was getting more excited.


Xuanyuan tried to be patient, but it soon reduced to the size of a fist.


“There doesn’t seem to be anything.” Xuanyuan moaned, but suddenly, with the last cut, a freezing white light covered the surroundings and filled it with cold air.


“Hahaha! It’s an energy source! Nine jin worth! That will be worth more than nine thousand jin of fighting source energy or nine million jin of top class crystals! It’s worth the effort, boy! Keep it. You’ll soon be able to use it.” Greed told him. Xuanyuan understood the implication. When he retrieved the Fire of Red Lotus, these crystals and energy sources would add to his strength.


“When you took the Water of Heaven, it was easy because of that woman in the white dress, she wanted to give it to you, so the Water of Heaven didn’t resist with all of its power. This time, you will need to use all your power to subdue the Fire of Red Lotus. It’s always a very dangerous task to try and control these sentient beings. The Water of Heaven can also help you with this task.” Greed couldn’t hide its excitement.


“It all depends on whether we can actually locate the Fire.” Xuanyuan also had a hard time containing his excitement. After all, his revenge was depending on this. He needed to win the fight in three months and the one in three years.


“That’s a sure thing. The old Xian and Mochou was not far from the mountain top. He’s making you an elixir. You only need to subdue the Fire of Red Lotus!”


Xuanyuan quickly rose to his feet and started to head towards the mountain top. 

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