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DTH Chapter 152 – The Search for the Fire of Red Lotus

DTH Chapter 152 – The Search for the Fire of Red Lotus

In the sky above the mountain top, a giant cauldron was floating in mid-air, while an old man sat on the ground forming several mudras. A boiling hot red liquid was bubbling inside the cauldron, releasing its medicinal scent into the atmosphere.

Mochou had started observing the process of making the elixir, after using the Eyes of the Fire Spirit, she was completely exhausted and slept for eight days. If the Xian of Fire didn’t know that she possessed the Body of a Thousand Spirits and the strength of a king realm fighter, then he would’ve started to worry about her.

“Grandpa Fire, you still haven’t finished yet?” Mochou had only just woke up and was still drowsy.

“Mochou, you’re a sleepy little piggy. You slept for eight days already.” The old man teased.

Mochou was provoked by the harmless remark, “Who is a little piggy? I’m not a piggy. I was just tired. I don’t know why I slept for so long…”

“Alright. Alright. You’re not a piggy. It’s fine, I just finished the elixir!” He made his final mudra and a powerful energy rushed into the cauldron. A dragon formed from fire surged into the sky, its roar echoed across the sky. A red elixir had been completed. It seemed to have its own consciousness as it flew out of the cauldron and attempted to escape. Before it could escape, the old man jumped up and captured it. “The Elixir of the Fiery Dragon. This is for Xuanyuan. With this he will be able to beat that bad guy with giant eyes.”

“Great! He’ll beat the big bad eyes!” Mochou’s cheeks were red from excitement.

At this time, Xuanyuan had finally made it to the mountain top. He could sense the extraordinary power from Mochou’s body, and feelings of envy and jealous rose in him. However, since Greed had already explained this to him before, he did his best to suppress these emotions.

“Xuanyuan, you’re here! I was scared by a pair of big eyes! They made me cry!” Mochou started to tear up again when she thought about her encounter with the eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll punish all the bad guys who made you cry.” Xuanyuan smiled.

“Master, how did the search go?” Even though Xuanyuan was already informed by Greed, he still needed to pretend he didn’t know.

“We think that we have found the fighting fire, it was all thanks to Mochou’s help. It’s the Fire of Red Lotus. I’ve concocted an elixir which will aid you in refining your heart. It required twenty types of precious flora to make, so the benefits won’t be small.” The old man said as he handed Xuanyuan the elixir.

Xuanyuan could feel the enormous power from the elixir. He was glad to have the Xian’s help as this would definitely help him with refining his heart.

“Thank you, master. I will have to trouble you to protect me while I use it.” Then Xuanyuan gulped down the elixir. A gust of hot steam immediately rushed into his heart. A vortex was formed inside his heart and started to devour the power of the elixir. A shadow of a Royal Dragon, representing his heart started to appear and was quickly joined by the Lady of Heaven from fully refining his kidneys.

“The medicine is so powerful!” Xuanyuan was in awe. His blood already contained the aura of a heavenly dragon, but it started to boil as his veins and arteries expanded.

His veins were becoming tougher with each heartbeat and he was able to accommodate even more Qi than before. More importantly, he felt that his thoughts had grown clearer and his mind was more powerful than ever. He felt like nothing could deceive his mind anymore. He felt an unexpected sense of peace.

His strength surged as his heart was refined,
Six hundred dragons!
Six hundred and forty dragons!
Six hundred and eighty dragons!
Seven hundred and twenty dragons!

The surge in his power finally stopped after three days. Xuanyuan opened his eyes, seeing that the image of the Lady and the dragon were now hovering behind him. The force of water and fire were beginning to interacting with each other. They were both extremely powerful.

The dragon was still weaker than the Lady, because his kidneys were fully refined by the Water of Heaven, while his heart was still not fully refined. Xuanyuan needed to acquire the Fire of Red Lotus if he wanted to quickly refine his heart.

“Alright.” Xuanyuan stood up. He turned to the Xian of Fire and felt a wave of gratitude rush through his body. He made this elixir over eight days and used many rare flora, without ever expecting anything in return.

“This Body of Five Elements is strange, huh? Even with the help of the elixir, your heart is still not fully refined. Well, at least the elixir can still benefit you when you enter the heat. The Fire of Red Lotus is cunning. It’s hiding within the palace in the hottest location. Even I am not strong enough to go inside and capture it. We can only lure it out.” The Xian of Fire exclaimed.

“Let’s just go to the entrance and see if we can find the Red Lotus again!” Xuanyuan felt his blood boiling. He had to take this opportunity.

“Carry me!” Mochou was clinging onto Xuanyuan like a koala on a tree.

“Fine, let’s go!” Xuanyuan carried Mochou and flew towards the peak of the mountain.

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