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DTH Chapter 154 – The Fire of Red Lotus!

DTH Chapter 154 – The Fire of Red Lotus!
Xuanyuan closed his eyes. All his energy was drained from carving the markings. It was a task that required extreme concentration and precision. In the process, he expended a huge amount of Qi, but he was able to overcome the challenge. As a result, he could now control his Qi more precisely than before.

From Xuanyuan’s kidneys, the soft blue light from the Water of Heaven spread through his body and nurtured his entire body. His body was like a scorching desert being soothed with a drizzling rain. His exhaustion slowly subsided. It took an entire day for him to regain his energy.

“Let’s begin.” Xuanyuan sat in the middle of the disposition. Next to him was Mochou. She began practicing the technique she had been given by Greed. Many fire spiritual beings were immediately drawn to her from the surroundings. This was the first time Xuanyuan had witnessed her using this technique. He was shocked when he noticed the incredible effect it had.

“When you defeat and absorb the Fire of Red Lotus, take the egg to the palace. There will be something to help restore its power inside.” Greed told him. Xuanyuan was excited when he thought of the great beast which was dwelling inside the egg. It was, after all, the Mount of the Emperor.

The spiritual beings began to stir and grew impatient.

“Master Fire, please be prepare for the Fire of Red Lotus and lock down its escape. Otherwise, I don’t think I can capture it with so many spiritual beings here.” Xuanyuan said.

“Naturally. I believe you can do it.” The Xian of Fire became incredibly serious. He would be pleased if his disciple could capture the Fire, but he was equally proud either way.

Days slipped away and Mochou didn’t stop using her technique for a second. Xuanyuan could sense that they were surrounded by an enormous amount of spiritual beings who wanted to devour Mochou, but they were all waiting, they all seemed to be frightened. There seemed to be a powerful existence which stopped them from acting out.

“There are many voices speaking, Xuanyuan.” Mochou whispered.

“Don’t worry about that. Concentrate on your practice.” Xuanyuan reassured her. But in his mind, Greed was reminding him “The Fire of Red Lotus might be communicating with the other spiritual beings here. Be careful.”

“Master, be careful.” Xuanyuan said.

“Of course.” The Xian had already noticed the danger.

Another seven days passed. Mochou’s blood and Qi were boiling. She began to break through to the realm of a grandmaster and her strength began to surge until it reached a thousand, five hundred dragons.

When ordinary grandmasters stepped into the imperial realm, they would normally have around a thousand dragons of strength. It was unbelievable of Mochou’s ability. If Mochou really wanted to defeat Xuanyuan, she only needed to use one hand! This realization made Xuanyuan feel intimidated and envious.

“How about that, boy? Are you jealous? This is the power of the Body of a Thousand Spirits. However, the technique she uses is mainly for protection and is not specialised in killing. I can only find other suitable techniques for her once I recover to the Emperor realm.” Greed teased.

“Well, that’s good. But I was supposed to be the one who protected her….” Xuanyuan sighed.

At this time, Mochou suddenly became pale. Spiritual lights started to cover her body as Greed screamed, “Damn it, the Body of a Thousand Spirits is experiencing a transformation! Her power will be greatly weakened!”

Mochou’s strength started to decrease rapidly as the colour drained from her body.

A thousand four hundred dragons!
A thousand three hundred dragons!
A thousand two hundred dragons!
A hundred dragons!


A gigantic red lotus burst through the rocks and began to attack. The rocks began to melt into lava as they hurtled through the air. All the spiritual beings in the area also became active.

“The Fire of Red Lotus was too devious! It had recruited all the spiritual beings to help it take over Mochou’s body. It must have sensed that Mochou was approaching a transformation and waited for her strength to weaken. If she overcomes it, her power would be much greater, but this is also the perfect time to occupy her body. Be careful!” When Greed finished, the Red Lotus began to shrink until it became the size of a fist. Then it smashed into Xuanyuan’s disposition of Nine Locked Dragons.

Xuanyuan immediately activated the disposition with his mind. Numerous white dragons formed from the ice crystals and Mochou was quickly surrounded with a cocoon of ice. A snowstorm raged within the disposition and was targeting the Fire of Red Lotus, but the snow melted as soon as it came close.

Outside of the disposition, there were uncountable spiritual beings. They took the form of dragons, tigers and many other beasts as they began attacking the disposition. The Xian of Fire waved his hands and a giant red bell appeared. It was a top ranked heaven class instrument, the Fire Spirit Bell. The bell expanded until it covered the entire disposition. Under the Xian’s control, the bell fell from the air, smashing the spiritual beings back into their original form. They were then immediately harvested by the Xian.

“Haha, great. Keep it coming. Don’t you dare runaway.” The Xian laughed, “Xuanyuan, the Fire of Red Lotus is all yours!”

Greed also said, “Xuanyuan, there’s no other option other than defeating the Fire of Red Lotus now! Be prepared to activate the Frozen Sky!”

The Fire of Red Lotus understood that it had run headfirst into their trap and unleashed an angry roar which summoned a terrible fire which almost destroyed the snowstorm. It started to rush towards Mochou without fear.

Xuanyuan activated immediately activated the Spell of Frozen Sky on his instruments. A cold breeze blew around him and surrounded his body in ice which shined brightly. The Fire sensed the power of ice and slightly hesitated.

“This is the time! Nine Dragons, Lock!” Xuanyuan yelled. The complicated markings appeared on the nine ice dragons and they dived towards the fist-sized Red Lotus. The Fire already knew it couldn’t escape and had chosen to fight.

The power of the crystals of sky and ice, and the energy inside Xuanyuan’s body was being consumed at an extremely rapid pace.

The Lotus began screaming. Xuanyuan didn’t understand what it was doing, but suddenly the power of the crystal was rapidly draining.

“Xuanyuan, it’s bad. The Fire is activating the Spell inside the palace. For now, it is being stopped by the disposition, but it won’t hold for very long. You must use the Water of Heaven immediately.” Greed screamed. Behind Xuanyuan, the lady of Heavenly Water appeared, radiating soft blue light which filled the entire disposition.

With support from the Water of Heaven, the power of the disposition was greatly strengthened. The damage caused by the Fire of Red Lotus was slowly being repaired.

“Water of Heaven, seal!” Xuanyuan shouted as a soft blue light formed on his hands. He approached the Fire of Red Lotus and felt the scorching heat against his skin.

“Be quick! The disposition won’t hold for long. The Fire can sense that. We only have this one chance. Otherwise, we’ll all die here.” Greed urged.

Xuanyuan continued approaching the Fire, as the danger surrounding them increased.

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