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DTH Chapter 156 – The Palace of Red Lotus

DTH Chapter 156 – The Palace of Red Lotus


At last, the Fire of Red Lotus had been devoured into his heart. This process required an entire month. When it was finished, Xuanyuan collapsed onto the ground from exhaustion and curled into a ball. His skin which had been charred black, had to be regenerated and restored to its normal condition. 


The Disposition of Nine Locked Dragons was broken. The icicles became water that streamed down the mountain. The temperature on Red Mountain was much milder than in the past.


“Xuanyuan! Xuanyuan… No!!… Wake up! Please don’t leave me alone!”


Xuanyuan was still half awake. He slowly opened his eyes when he heard his name, and saw a beautiful face sobbing above him. It was a tiny face which belonged to a young teenage girl. Her eyes were bright, her skin flush with youth.


When he opened his eyes, the girl’s tear covered face bloomed into a smile, “You’re awake!”


“You are?” Xuanyuan frowned, dumbfounded by this unrecognizable girl. He pondered for a while and cried out in shock, “Mochou?”


“Yes! I am Mochou! I don’t know what happened. I became like this after practicing.” She nodded her head excitedly. Her big eyes gazed at him intensely, making him blush with embarrassment, the embarrassment enhanced when she started hugging him tightly.


Xuanyuan wouldn’t feel so abashed if it was still the little girl hugging him, but now she had grown into a young lady. Many inappropriate thoughts appeared in his mind, but Mochou was ignorant of what she was doing.


“This is the transformation of the Body of Thousand Spirits. This girl is pretty good! You should stay with her and see if the two of you give birth to a Body of a Thousand Spirits and All Creation.” Greed laughed teasingly. Xuanyuan was so embarrassed he wanted slap himself. It was outrageous to think about these type of things, but after all, she looked like a girl around his age…


“Did I perhaps sleep for a very long time?” Xuanyuan scratched his head while thinking and looking at the Xian of Fire.


“Not very long, only a month. But I’m glad that you’re awake. You’re the first one who I’ve seen absorb a fighting fire as violent as the Fire of Red Lotus into your heart!” The Xian was impressed.


Even though he had just been through a long and gruesome battle, he felt a burst of energy within his body. His Qi seemed like it was endless, but he knew, he needed much more than this. He needed to devour more power. He didn’t just want to defeat Jiang Yitian. He needed to fight against the Yin Family, so Master Zhenluo wouldn’t have to get married against her will.


“I did sleep for a long time. Master Fire, you don’t have to worry about my safety any longer, as I am now the master of The Fire of Red Lotus. Besides, the temperature of the Red Mountain has lowered dramatically. I will stay here, so no one will suspect anything. After, I’ll go into the City of Fighting Dragons. You don’t have to protect me any longer.” Xuanyuan was touched by the two of them, they had watched over him for a month.


“Good. I’ll go back, the other masters have completed the elixirs.  They’ve also found other fighting gold, earth and wood. I’ll go back and look for more. It won’t be a problem for you to defeat Xingyun.” Fire smiled, “I’ve collected a lot of precious items from this trip to the Red Mountain. They’re gonna be so jealous. The Red Mountain was the grave of the first Emperor, The Emperor of Red Lotus. Rumour has it that the rivers of lava were formed when his blood touched the land. You can control the Fire of Red Lotus now, so you shouldn’t be in any danger, but still, be careful.”


Afterwards, the Xian of Fire disappeared, leaving the Skysea Bird circling in the sky. Since the defeat of the Fire of Red Lotus, the Red Mountain had become much cooler, so the bird was able to fly closer. Mochou’s spiritual Qi was also able to protect the bird.


Xuanyuan took out a new inner disciple’s robe from his ring and changed into it. He looked at Mochou. She did not look like a small child anymore, but she was still the same little girl, “Mochou missed you! Did you catch the bad guy?”


“Yes, I did.” Xuanyuan said.


“Great! That bad guy was terrifying!” Mochou jumped onto Xuanyuan and hugged him. Xuanyuan blushed when this happened a second time.


“Mochou… this… you can’t hug me as casually anymore…” Xuanyuan couldn’t find the words.


“Why?” She blinked with confusion.


“That… It’s because you’re a big girl now…” Xuanyuan couldn’t really explain.


“It doesn’t make any difference. I’m still going to stay besides you. Don’t you like Mochou anymore?” Mochou suddenly got teary, “Did I do something wrong?”


“No! No!” Xuanyuan wanted to find a hole to crawl into. “All right. It’s nothing, don’t worry. Let’s go to the Palace of Red Lotus first.”


The Mochou jumped onto Xuanyuan’s back. Wrapping her arms around his neck tightly.


“Mochou. You’re not a little girl anymore. You have to walk by yourself. If someone see this, no one will marry you in the future.”


Mochou considered his words for a while before letting him go. While smiling she said, “Then I’ll just marry brother Xuanyuan.”


Xuanyuan was stunned. What was she saying? He shook his head and decided that it would be better to have his five masters explain, as he was making it worse.


“Haha, I told you. She’s a good girl. At least she won’t lie to you. Yin Zhenluo and the Bai woman are women with their own agendas!” Greed teased.


“Go to hell, Greedy old bugger. That is inappropriate.” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes.


“All right. Don’t cry when you are scammed by women.” Greed diverted the conversation, “Go to the palace now. There’s dense Qi inside. Give the egg a few days to absorb it, it’ll help a lot.”


“So you can do the same, right?” Xuanyuan said sarcastically.


“Haha, of course Ill absorb it too, be quick now.” Greed laughed.


Xuanyuan ran towards the entrance of the mountain. Mochou followed lightly behind him. Soon the Palace of Red Lotus was beneath them. They jumped inside and the Skysea Bird dived in with them.

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