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DTH Chapter 158 – The Umbrella of Rainbows

DTH Chapter 158 – The Umbrella of Rainbows

The City of Fighting Dragons was still bustling with crowds of people. Several thousands of people arrived there every day through the portals. Many people came here to make a name for themselves, despite the fact that millions had died before them in pursuit of the same goal.

Xuanyuan arrived at the Taibai Trading Centre on the back of the Skysea Bird. Many people began to gossip about his identity.

“It’s a Skysea Bird. He’s definitely not an ordinary person.”

“Of course, he’s wearing the clothes of an inner disciple.”

Xuanyuan landed on the ground lightly with Mochou following behind. Her innocent beauty instantly attracted a great deal of attention. The Skysea Bird circled the trading centre from the sky while it waited.

Xuanyuan approached one of the guards outside and asked, “Is lady Bai here?”

Some of the guards recognized him from the previous incident at Taibai. Lady Bai had also sent down orders regarding him, so the guard swiftly replied, “Master Xuanyuan, lady Bai has been waiting to see you. Please wait here and we’ll contact the housekeeper.”

Xuanyuan nodded when he suddenly heard a kind voice from behind.

“It’s only been a few months, but master Xuanyuan has become so powerful. You are indeed a rare genius.” He was the housekeeper of lady Bai’s house.

“Housekeeper, you’re too kind. Please lead the way,” Xuanyuan said. “Mochou, what are you looking at, come!”

This was the first time she had encountered such a large city and so many people, so she was noticeably curious.

“Brother Xuanyuan, it’s so big here! Look at those fish! And that flower!”

Inside the trading centre there was a huge pond with fragrant white lotus floating atop and dragon-koi swimming below. The koi were attracted to Mochou’s Qi and began leaping in the air. The water from their tails formed a glistening rainbow in the air.

“These koi seldom get close to anyone. Master Xuanyuan’s acquaintances are all extraordinary.” The housekeeper was amazed.

“This is my sister, Mochou. She doesn’t come to the city often, she’s naturally curious,” Xuanyuan replied. Mochou was fixated on the koi in the pond as the housekeeper and Xuanyuan waited for her.

Over time, many people began to notice the young girl who was loved by the koi fish. There were many who were astonished by her beauty and innocent aura. But their attitudes all took a 180 degree turn when they noticed Xuanyuan.

“This boy again. What’s a nuisance. He is close with lady Bai, and now he has another girl. Why are all these girls with him?”

“I’m so much better than him.”

“Ha, have you looked in the mirror lately? He’s an inner disciple of the sect, what are you?”

“Don’t you know? He’s called Xuanyuan, he has killed heirs from the Bi, Lie, Nu, Lu and the Xie families!”

“It’s him! Haven’t you heard? He challenged the true disciple Xingyun. The fight will happen soon. He also swore to defeat the First Brother Jiang Yitian in three years!”

“What? That’s not possible, he can’t be that crazy? Jiang Yitian is already an Emperor realm fighter! Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. I heard it from many inner and true disciples from the sect. Looks like he only has three more years to live.”

“Who knows if he can even survive the battle with Xingyun?”

Mochou widened her eyes and glared at the gossiping group as she shouted, “Who said brother Xuanyuan only has three more years to live? He can definitely defeat Jiang Yitian!”

Her shout to defend Xuanyuan attracted even more attention.

“So that’s the boy who challenged Jiang Yitian! I’ve heard the Xian’s of Five Elements took him as their disciple!”

“Really? Well that’s really something.”

“I’ve heard that he produced a seven-coloured light. He has the talent to become a Xian.”

Mochou didn’t expect her words would stir even more comments. She was slightly intimidated and quickly hid herself behind Xuanyuan.

Suddenly a refreshing laughter arrived from behind them. “Master Xuanyuan, what a pleasant coincidence! We meet again!”

“You’ve reached the imperial realm, master Huxuan. Very impressive.” It was the young master of the Hu family, Huxuan. Xuanyuan sensed his powerful aura and goosebumps covered his body. “It’s nice to see you again. Mochou, come meet master Huxuan.”

Mochou came out from behind him and curtsied.

“Mochou? How nice to meet your acquaintance. You have incredible aura. It’s like you have all the purest Qi from the universe dancing around you. Why don’t you take this instrument, I think it suits you very much. It’s called the Umbrella of Rainbows, it’s a lower ranked heaven class instrument.” Huxuan was very curious about this girl. She’s more powerful than Xuanyuan and yet she seemed dependent on him.

Both men and women witnessing this felt a slightly bitter taste in their mouth. The women wished they could be Mochou, the men were jealous that they could never afford such an expensive gift nor attract such beautiful girl.

Mochou looked at the umbrella and turned to Xuanyuan, as if she was asking if it was ok to accept the gift.

“Accept the gift. Master Huxuan could also be considered as your brother,” Xuanyuan chuckled.

Mochou took the umbrella and smiled happily. When she opened the umbrella, light fell onto her like snow. She looked ethereal. Even Huxuan was lost for words.

“It is my honour to have a sister like Mochou.”

Xuanyuan thought, it’d be good for Mochou to have Huxuan as a brother, since there was always danger around him and he might unexpectedly die. Huxuan was an honourable man. He might be willing to care for Mochou should anything happen to him.

“Let’s talk while we walk.” Xuanyuan wouldn’t want to keep the housekeeper waiting.

“Master Xuanyuan, you have encountered much trouble since we last met. Both the Xie and Lu families sent people to my house and told us that you could endanger us, since you’ve slaughtered their heirs already.” Huxuan walked side by side with Xuanyuan. “But there’s something I don’t understand. Even if you want to avoid the trouble from all those families and challenge Jiang Yitian, you should have set a longer time limit for yourself. Only three years, what if you are unable to defeat Jiang Yitian? What is so urgent?”

“Well, it’s a long story….” Xuanyuan sighed and explained the reason behind the conflict.

“I see. Xingyun is a scoundrel. His methods are despicable, but your challenge was exactly the thing he wanted.”

At this point, an emotionless voice came from behind, “Xuanyuan, how dare you challenge my brother. I’ll kill you today. No one can save you!”

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