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DTH Chapter 159 – Killing in the blink of an Eye

DTH Chapter 159 – Killing in the blink of an Eye

All eyes were on the man who had just threatened Xuanyuan. He was the brother of Xingyun, Xingzan. Xingzan’s face was full of disdain for Xuanyuan. He was wearing a shiny flamboyant armour and holding a sword which was a top class earth instrument.

A new round of gossip began.

“He’s Xingyun’s younger brother! An inner disciple who ranks number six on the List of Merit!”

“That’s him. He slaughtered a grandmaster fighter over their gamble!”

“Everyone on the List of Merit is strong enough to challenge grandmaster fighters.”

“Looks like Xuanyuan’s going to die. He doesn’t even have a single instrument equipped!”

“Xuanyuan is the disciple of the Xian’s of Five Elements! He has been training for months on the Red Mountain with the Xian of Fire! Xingzan’s not strong enough to challenge him!”

“Xingzan must be trying to kill him because he doesn’t have any instruments equipped!”

“But Xuanyuan isn’t on the List of Merit.”

“Jiang Yitian declared that no one should harm me in these three years. Are you trying to insult the First Brother?” Xuanyuan smirked when he saw Xingzan. His words provoked many people. They thought Xuanyuan was afraid so he was using Jiang Yitian to avoid the fight.

“Xuanyuan, if you are scared, of course I won’t challenge you. First Brother Jiang Yitian commanded that no assassination is allowed, but I challenge you with all these witnesses. Do you dare to fight me? If you’re afraid, kneel down and bark like a dog, then I’ll let you go,” Xingzan laughed hysterically.

“Is that so? Alright. I’ll accept your challenge.” Xuanyuan didn’t seem like he was provoked. He actually wanted to use this to test how much he had improved and also to test the strength of someone on the List of Merits.

“Everyone, please bear witness. I didn’t set up a trap for Xuanyuan. In this fight we are responsible for our own lives, how about having master Huxuan be the judge?” Xingzan said.

Huxuan looked at Xuanyuan, who nodded approval.

“Fine. I declare that inner disciples of the Fighting Dragons Sect, Xingzan and Xuanyuan have both engaged in this fight willingly. The death of either party shall not be blamed on anyone but themselves.”

The centre of the garden was quickly cleared for the two of them. Mochou frowned. She wanted to step in, but was stopped by Xuanyuan.

“Xuanyuan, take out your weapon. I don’t want people accusing me of killing people without a fair fight.” Xingzan had wanted to kill Xuanyuan for a long time, since he had embarrassed him in front of lady Bai.

“It’s just a fight with you. Why would I need a weapon?” Xuanyuan shook his head.

The crowd were surprised again. They thought Xuanyuan was either ignorant or scared stupid.

“Alright, if you want to die. I’ll make it quick.” Xingzan was furious at Xuanyuan’s arrogance. He released his Qi. A light shone out from his sword and hundreds of dragon shadows surged into the sky.

Two hundred dragons!

Three hundred dragons!

Three hundred and sixty dragons!

“Impressive! A peak king realm fighter who has three hundred and sixty dragons! No wonder he could kill a grandmaster! Xuanyuan is dead!”

The sword and Xingzan seemed to fuse into a single entity. It was so bright, even in daylight, it was hard to directly look into the light. He wielded the sword, shooting the Qi directly at Xuanyuan’s face. Xuanyuan didn’t make any attempts to evade. He remained unmoved. Behind him, the shadow of the Royal Fire Dragon appeared. It was like the most noble and domineering tyrant, forcing the entire area to surge with heat.

“What is this?” People started shouting in awe.

“Is it a kind of uncommon fire? It’s not as strong as fighting fire, but it’s still powerful.”

“I guess so. Xuanyuan practiced on the Red Mountain with the Xian of Fire. It must have been given to him by the Xian. No wonder he was so arrogant.”

In Xuanyuan’s heart, he said silently, “Guxing, First I’ll kill Xingyun’s brother to help comfort your soul!”

His hand reached out and he flicked his fingers. A spark of fire cracked in mid-air—

Xingzan felt like his body was being torn apart from within. His Qi was stopped with a single flick. Xuanyuan leapt forward and grabbed hold of the sword by the blade. Xingzan tried to pull the sword away, but it wouldn’t budge.

To everyone’s surprise, the sword started to melt in Xuanyuan’s hand…

“Uncommon fire! It’s scary! I’ve heard that the Xian of Fire also controls an uncommon fire. Looks like he’s given it to Xuanyuan. A fighting fire would be even more scary.”

Xingzan was forced into a corner, his Qi formed into golden stardust which surrounded Xuanyuan. But Xuanyuan’s terrifying fire Qi burnt the dust before it even touched his body. Xingzan finally realized, he was not Xuanyuan’s equal. But it was already too late for him to regret.

“You can die now.” Xuanyuan declared. A red light flashed through the air as Xuanyuan hand moved. Xuanyuan grabbed Xingzan’s head with a single hand and then violently ripped it off of Xingzan’s body. A rainbow of blood splashed into the air, staining the garden of the Taibai Trading Centre with crimson rain. It was a death which happened within a few seconds!

The audience was trembling. Xuanyuan’s method was too savage. Even Huxuan couldn’t think of anything to say at that moment. After a few minutes, he finally announced Xuanyuan’s victory.

Xuanyuan’s took Xingzan’s ring and transferred his four billion merit points to his own token. There was also about five million king coins inside. It should be enough money to buy what he wanted, he thought to himself.

The housekeeper was the only calm person on the scene, “Someone clean up this mess and take away the body.”

“No need for that.” Xuanyuan smiled. He flicked his fingers again and flame poured from his finger, engulfing the remains. In an instant, the body was burnt to ashes.

Mochou looked at Xuanyuan with a frightened look, but said nothing. She still believed that Xuanyuan was fundamentally good. He wouldn’t kill people who didn’t deserve it.

“Let’s go!” Xuanyuan said mildly. Mochou followed him immediately, but she was no longer in the mood to play with her umbrella of rainbows.

“It’s only been a few months and master Xuanyuan has improved a lot. Looks like Fung Lie has a very keen eye for talents,” Huxuan said, “In two days time, there will be one of the many auctions which Taibai host, this one occurs every decade. Will master Xuanyuan be attending?”

Xuanyuan’s eyes lit up, “Naturally. I was wondering why Xingzan would have so much money with him. Looks like he came for the auction.”

After a while, they approached the wooden house Bai lived in.

“Master Xuanyuan, the lady has been waiting for you. Please come this way,” The housekeeper said. Huxuan knew it was time for him to take his leave. He promised to meet Xuanyuan in two days at the time of the auction.

Xuanyuan looked at Huxuan’s back, then brought Mochou towards the wooden house. Then he suddenly realized there was a large cut on his hand.

“Looks like my body is still not strong enough.” He sighed.

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