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DTH Chapter 16 – The Body of All Creation

DTH Chapter 16 – The Body of All Creation
Xuanyuan was in a good mood. He didn’t expect things would turn out this way.

He was now the owner of the Sword of Swimming Dragons and the Fighter’s Ring. Inside the ring, there were some high quality items that he didn’t recognize and a lot of money.

There were a thousand wild coins. Do you have any idea how much that is worth?

Martial arts practitioners aimed to enter higher realms. There was the fighter realm, warrior realm, master realm, spiritual realm and wild realm. It also meant that ten fighter coins could be exchanged for one warrior coin, and tenwarrior coins for one master coin, ten master coins for one spiritual coin, and ten spiritual coins for one wild coin. Each currency was worth ten times more than the one before. After all, one couldn’t bring trillions of fighter coins with them. People in different realms usually dealt with the coins of their correspondent realms to handle their wealth. So it was an extremely large fortune for a warrior like Xuanyuan to own so many wild coins. All those coins he gathered in the past month were nothing in comparison to what used to be Wu Dong’s wealth.

Xuanyuan was riding on Guxing and grinned as he thought of the money he possessed. His face could be perfectly described, at this moment, as smug.

He promised Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu that in twenty days, he would go to Moonwaste city and enter the selection process to become an inner disciple of the School of Yuehua.

On his way, Xuanyuan steadily sat on Guxing and started to recite the “The Way of Absorption”. Since he was already familiar with “The Book of Heavenly Dragon”, combined with his special body and the pearl, he finished practicing “The Way of Absorption” in an hour.

As the name suggested, “The Way of Absorption” allowed its practitioner to absorb spiritual Qi from the universe continuously, even when they were not meditating. So after he successfully practiced the technique, Xuanyuan’s body was refreshed; his skin became even tougher, stronger and softer, soft enough to shame many beautiful women.

Xuanyuan’s strength grew from forty five bulls to fifty four bulls as he completed in practicing “The Way of Absorption”.

He still hadn’t reached his upper limit within the warrior realm. His strength would surprise everyone who saw it for the first time.

Since normally, the upper limit for warriors was thirty six bulls. There weren’t many people who could break through this limit. Those who could were all geniuses in the martial arts world.

And Xuanyuan was a genius among all geniuses because he had the Body of All Creation. However, for those who had a special physique like this, they must work extra hard. Xuanyuan on the other hand had help from the Devouring technique which aided his practicing process.

However, the greedy old bugger told Xuanyuan that he shouldn’t show off until he reached higher levels. Therefore, when he had almost arrived at Moonwaste City, he closed his pores after he absorbed a large amount of Spiritual Qi, even though Xuanyuan had completed “The Way of Absorption” to its perfection, he was now using the method his beautiful master taught him.

Xuanyuan realized the technique that the greedy old bugger taught him existed purely for the Body of All Creation. His muscles were vibrating. Each vibration indicated that the Qi inside his body was being refined and slowly, but surely, it turned into pure fighting Qi and then was absorbed into his muscles. By constantly practicing the fivetaloned dragon he never needed to purify Qi.

With the Body of All Creation, he was unique. Only he could practice the devouring technique. Xuanyuan was even happier when he thought about this.

Tao realm, the supreme beings.
He arrived at one of the gates to Moonwaste City.

The gate was an eight meter tall building made from gray stones. It was not a particularly big gate. The people guarding it were all men of the Yue Family.

More people were coming in and out of the than usual. It was probably related to the disciple selection. With Guxing under him, many people cleared a path for Xuanyuan to reach the gate and it alerted the guards.

The boy riding a wolf was on the kill list of the Yue clan.

They didn’t expect him to come to the city; did he have a death wish? A dozen guards with nine bulls of strength were rushing forward, looking to kill Xuanyuan.

Xuanyuan smiled coldly and didn’t let this bother him. He lashed his whip forward. The leader of the guards was struck by the whip and his chest caved in, his bones shattered like glass.

The guard deserved it. Xuanyuan remembered that those guards always demanded “taxes” for poor people to enter the city. People who couldn’t afford it would be denied entry. Many people smuggled themselves into the city. All of those caught trespassing into the city were either killed or gravely injured.

The sounds of a whip were followed by pitiful screams from the guards. All of them were lying on the ground in pain as their bones we crushed under the whip.

“Take this as a lesson and stop blackmailing poor people. We won’t just take your bullying.”

Xuanyuan continued to ride forward on Guxing. The people were cheering. They were used to being exploited and humiliated by the guards. Now they rushed through the gate when the guards were defenseless, in case another team of guards would come and they would miss the opportunity to enter.

Inside the Yue Family.

The news of the guards being defeated arrived. Yuejue, who had an ugly face, was screaming as he threw his cup which smashed against the wall.

“This bastard is out of control. How dare he come into my city and cause trouble!”

There were two men sitting next to Yuejue. The clothes they were wearing indicated that they were inner disciples of the School of Yuehua. They were snuggling with women that Yuejue offered them. And just when they were having fun, a page boy came in and whispered something to Yuejue that angered him. That interrupted their enjoyment.

“Hey, Young Master Yuejue, don’t get mad.” Said one of the inner disciples, called Shi Zhengfeng. He already reached the upper limit of the warrior realm, only one step away from becoming a master realm practitioner. He was dismayed at Yuejue’s screaming. But the first disciple was from the Yue Family, he had to give his respect to Yuejue.

“We can offer our help if you need it.” Han Mu, the other man said with confidence. He was just as strong as Shi Zhengfeng.

“Respectful brothers, I was rude to have shouted, but this boy was outrageous. He keeps challenging my family. More than a dozen servants were killed by him. Even my sister’s sword was taken by him. She scolded me for this when she was back.” Yuejue was angry from his sister, Yuerong’s scolding. Yuerong realized it was her little brother’s actions and her own carelessness that ruined her dignity and pride. She got extremely angry thinking of Xuanyuan’s unwanted touches.

Shi Zhengfeng said angrily upon hearing Yuejue,

“What? He killed Yue Family’s servants and took Lady Yuerong’s sword, that’s outrageous. Don’t worry. I’ll make this boy beg for death.”

Han Mu glanced at Shi Zhengfeng, and thought to himself coldly, “Shi Zhengfeng wants to please Yuerong and get on her good side. This way he could be related to the first brother by marriage. He will be my rival in the school.”

Han Mu smiled,

“Let’s go and check out this boy who dared to offend the Yue Family. I’ll also make his life a living hell.”

Yuejue’s plan was to associate himself with the inner disciples, so he could get into the school easier. It was great news to him when they were willing to help him.

“Someone lead us to the boy!”

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