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DTH Chapter 160 – The Plot of Jiang Yitian

DTH Chapter 160 – The Plot of Jiang Yitian
“According to ancient knowledge, the heart governs the blood, the veins and circulation to the mind. The kidneys govern the bones, while the lungs govern the skin. If you had conquered a fighting gold and refined it into your lungs. The sword would’ve been unable to harm you.” Greed told him.

“I have already found fighting fire and water to refine my organs with. It’s already considered a blessing. It won’t be easy to find fighting gold.” Xuanyuan reflected.

“Your beautiful master has fighting gold, doesn’t she? Go to the Yin family. I’ll treat her sick father and request the Divine Gold as payment.” Greed suggested playfully.

“Don’t even think of taking things from master.” Xuanyuan dismissed the suggestion. However, he remembered Yin Zhenluo managed to damage the ground with a single breath. The fighting gold, Divine Gold, was unimaginably powerful.

“You’re tempted though, aren’t you?” Greed knew every little thought which Xuanyuan had. “Your body would transform if your five organs are fully refined by the five elements. It’s a transformation you will need, if you want to avenge Guxing.”

“Even so, I still won’t take things from master.” Xuanyuan replied. “And I should be the one who finds the cure for master’s father. Bai once said that his sickness is related to spiritual beings….”

“Alright. I’ll wait until you beg me. There’s no disease I can’t cure. I’ve seen all kinds of strange illnesses…” Greed laughed.

Mochou walked down the path lightly. The sides of the pathway were decorated with bamboo. They would create a soothing melody as the wind blew through the air. When Mochou passed the ponds, the fishes jumped up as if they were welcoming her arrival.

When they arrived at the doorstep of Bai’s house, the housekeeper said softly, “My lady, master Xuanyuan has arrived.”

“Come in.” It was Bai’s voice. The housekeeper opened the door and let the two of them inside, but he didn’t enter. Bai sat on a meticulously crafted mahogany chair and chuckled, “You are back so soon.”

“I’m here to ask for your help.” Xuanyuan smiled bitterly.

“What is it? There’s no need to be shy.” Bai said. She noticed Mochou and asked, “And you are?”

“Mochou! Xuanyuan is my brother!” Mochou said merrily.

“Is that so? Come sit. There is no need to stand.” Bai said sweetly.

Xuanyuan sat down, but he couldn’t find the words. Since Guxing was murdered, Ziyun must have also encountered trouble. He had already prepared his mind for the worst.

“Is there any news on Ziyun?” He took a deep breath and asked with trembling voice.

“I knew you’d ask about that.” Bai sighed. “About that. I hope you won’t mind my decision.”

“What did you do?” Xuanyuan frowned.

“Lady Yan came to see me here. And I…” Bai told them what happened that day. She was also uneasy. “After that, lady Yan left and no one has seen her since that day.”

“Well, it is already in the past. There’s nothing we can do. If it wasn’t for me, none of this would’ve happened. You did what you could. I’ll find Ziyun after I defeat Jiang Yitian. I don’t blame anyone but myself.” Xuanyuan’s face contained a bitter smile.

“Before she went away, lady Yan told me to remind you about Jiang Yitian.” Bai let out a long sigh.

“What is it?” Xuanyuan asked.

“Jiang Yitian used a memory spell and went through lady Yan’s memories. He knows that you acquired the Book of Acquisition in the Shi village. I speculate that he wouldn’t want other people to know about it. He surely wants it for himself. That’s why he returned to the sect.” Bai wouldn’t have thought that Xuanyuan was the master of the Book of Acquisition when they met. Everything about him was unbelievable.

“He thought that I wouldn’t hand over the Book of Acquisition. So, he baited me into a fight to kill me. Then he can take away everything I own without creating suspicion.” Xuanyuan snorted. “He left Ziyun alive to continue gathering information on me. Luckily she’s very observant and realized his real plot. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know the book is his target.”

“So, is that all you want to know? About lady Yan?” Bai smiled.

“No. There’s one more thing. I think Taibai must have the information which I require. I’d like to know more about other spiritual beings. Specifically fighting gold, earth and wood.” Xuanyuan said slowly, “Taibai must have gathered intelligence about them, right?”

“Of course, but they are the top secrets of Taibai. I don’t have access to that information. But, if you really want to know, I will see what I can do.” Bai gazed at Xuanyuan, whose temperament had transformed to be more elegant. “Why do you need them?”

“To refine them into my five organs. I already have fighting fire and water.” Xuanyuan immediately spoke the truth. Bai could have captured him to find out more about the Book of Acquisition, but she chose to help him instead. He decided that she was trustworthy.

“You have fighting fire and water?” Bai couldn’t help but gasp.

“Yes. I am betting on the transformation which occurs when one refines all five organs. Then it wouldn’t be impossible for me to defeat Jiang Yitian.” Xuanyuan said quietly.

“So you have a special physique, is it the Body of Five elements? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to refine both fire and water!” Xuanyuan became more surprising everyday.

“Bai, you are very clever. I need your help. I only have three years to find the other three elements to defeat Jiang Yitian.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll help you.” Bai reassured him. “Can you tell me which fighting elements you acquired?”

“The Water of Heaven and the Fire of Red Lotus.” Xuanyuan confessed.

Bai looked at him with wide eyes. She immediately guessed where Xuanyuan found the spiritual beings and didn’t inquire any further. “Do you think you can defeat Xingyun?”

“Of course! I don’t even need to use the power of my fighting water or fire. But I need some instruments, talismans and medicine.” Xuanyuan took out eighty million king coins and then said, “I have quite a lot of earth class instruments and other items which won’t be of much help to me. Would you please help me sell them? I might want to buy something at the auction in two days.”

“I’ll have them prepared for you. I’ve added the items to the manifest. Buy whatever you need.” Bai was shocked at the wealth Xuanyuan had accumulated, though she didn’t show it.

“Thank you. Would you mind if Mochou and I stay here until the auction?” Xuanyuan smiled.

“Of course you may.” Bai remembered what happened last time and blushed slightly. She turned her attention to outside, “Housekeeper, take these items and evaluate. Exchange them for king coins and send the money back.”

The door opened and the housekeeper entered. He took the two rings and closed the door again.

With two young women and one young man alone in the house, the atmosphere quickly became awkward.

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