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DTH Chapter 161 – Banter

DTH Chapter 161 – Banter
The room was filled with the soothing scent of incense. It sharpened the minds, and filled the air with a sense of calm. The room was very simplistic. There was only an octagonal table with a few stools, a few mahogany chairs, a bed and a few plants.

Xuanyuan glanced at Bai and broke the silence, “There’s one more thing I want to know.”

“Ask.” Bai smiled elegantly, glancing at Mochou who was quiet throughout the conversation.

“I want to know if there’s any news about the Yin Clan.”

“I knew you’d ask that. Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first?”

“Bad.” Xuanyuan replied immediately.

“Yin Zhenluo cut ties with her older brother and he was furious about it. He slaughtered his way through every city his army passed through. You were the one who caused the disturbance in Lishou City in the Eastern Dynasty, right? Her brother sent out eighteen Heavenly Dragon Guards and ordered them to assassinate you.” Bai frowned as she said.
The grandmaster realm was the lowest requirement to become a Heavenly Dragon Guard. Xuanyuan might not be able to defeat eighteen of them if they attacked together.

“That’s not bad news to me. With my strength as it stands, I can kill all eighteen of them.” Xuanyuan said menacingly. This made Bai contemplate just how powerful the fighting water and fire actually were.

“Even so. There are three imperial fighters in the guards. The formation they create is not to be underestimated.”

“Imperial fighters?” This caught Xuanyuan off guard. They were stronger and had more numbers than Xuanyuan. Not to mention they can form an attack formation.

“Yes. The young master of Yin Clan was truly outraged. The reason Yin Zhenluo cut the ties with him was because of you.” Bai said.

“Because of me?” Xuanyuan was shocked. But he remembered, “Is it related to me activating the Light of Heavenly Dragon? They can sense that?”

“Probably. The young master loves his little sister very much. So he’s willing to send out all those guards to eliminate you, even though he is fighting a war.” Bai explained.

“I see. What about the good news?”

“Since Yin Zhenluo never returned to the her family, she won’t be married to the Hai Clan anytime soon. She seems to be looking for you.” Bai said.

“She’s looking for me?” Xuanyuan’s heart was racing at the thought.

“Does Xuanyuan like master Zhenluo?” Mochou suddenly said. Bai chuckled, even this innocent little girl noticed it.

“Don’t be nonsensical!” Xuanyuan glared, but Mochou took no notice and offered her observation.

“It was like the time you were with Sister Shiguan. Even though this is slightly different, you still like her. Sister Shiguan also likes you. I wonder if master Zhenluo likes you.”

“Shiguan….Good heavens. So it was not just rumours. The young princess of Mo, Shiguan battled with Princess Pingyao of the Eastern Dynasty for a mysterious man. When did this Xuanyuan become so charming? But Shiguan is a member of the Mo, Xuanyuan will never stay with her. Yin Zhenluo is his master, Yan Ziyun has disappeared, Mochou is his sister and Fang Yuyou is no competition for me at all…” Bai thought to herself, then she blushed with embarrassment as she thought, “Why am I having such thoughts!”

“Where is master Zhenluo?” Xuanyuan asked.

“She might have been to Lishou City, but recent news indicates that she’s probably now on the east side of the Linglong Sect.” Bai.

“Thank you, Bai.” Xuanyuan was grateful for her help.

“Don’t worry about it, I do it because I like you.” Bai said softly.

“But it’s not like, it’s love.” Mochou said and she looked straight into Bai’s eyes. “Aunt Mei once loved a man. I know what it looks like.”

Bai’s face turned crimson. Xuanyuan laughed drily.

”Silly girl. Don’t talk about things you don’t understand.”

“I understand! Aunt Mei said if a person gives you all they have without expecting anything in return, that’s love.” Mochou pouted. Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. He never thought he’d banter with this young girl.

“Mochou, do you want me to be your sister?” Bai asked teasingly, but Mochou’s face was blank. She didn’t understand, so Bai continued, “If I marry Xuanyuan, then the two of us will be sisters.”

After a while of pondering, Mochou asked seriously, “Xuanyuan said if I keep hugging him everyday, no one will marry me. So I will just marry him. If both you and I marry him, then what would I call you?”

“Well, you’re his little sister, you can’t marry him.” Bai was still teasing.

“Who said I can’t? Aunt Mei said I should marry a good person and Xuanyuan is a good person!”

“That won’t do!” Bai wouldn’t stop teasing and Xuanyuan decided he didn’t want any part in this.

“Look at you, boy! The Devouring Emperor wasn’t as charming as you! He was powerful, but many women avoided him because of his reputation. Not like you! Charming women wherever you go.” Greed laughed uncontrollably.

“I didn’t charm any woman, anywhere. Mochou just doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. Bai is the one who charms people. Her affection will pass.” Xuanyuan was slightly annoyed.

“Even though I don’t particularly like Bai, but Mochou eyes are not wrong. Don’t be a wuss. In ancient times, those with power would take many partners….” Greed began to reminisce.

The housekeeper called from outside, “My lady, the possession in the rings have been exchanged.”

“Good, come in and give the money to master Xuanyuan.” Bai stopped teasing Mochou and commanded. The housekeeper swiftly entered the house and quickly left. Xuanyuan checked the rings and took a deep breath. Li Gang and Youyun Long from Lishou City were loaded. Apart from the crystals, their wealth was exchanged for a total of 380 million king coins. He now had 550 kingly coins in total. He should be able to buy quite a few things in the auction.

“Xuanyuan. It’ll be the auction very soon. There are many things I need to tend to, so I’ll leave first. You and Mochou can stay here. I’ll pass the Taibai golden token to you later so you will receive a discount when purchasing from us.” Bai looked at Mochou with half annoyance and half affection. She doesn’t understand the world yet, but she was adorable.

Xuanyuan sat cross-legged on the floor to meditate.

Two days soon passed.

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