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DTH Chapter 162 – The Linglong Instruments

DTH Chapter 162 – The Linglong Instruments
People were rushing into the Taibai Trading Centre. There must be people in the emperor and Xian realms coming too, Xuanyuan thought. Since this was an auction that happened once every ten years, it would attract more attention than their normal auctions.

The auction was segregated into two sections, the heaven section and the earth section. People who were under the grandmaster realm or without a powerful background were only allowed to join the earth section, while those with backing would be in the earth booths. The heaven section would only accommodate peak grandmasters or above, and those who were from particularly wealthy and powerful backgrounds had their own booths.

Xuanyuan was not influential enough to receive his own private booth, but Bai had arranged a booth for him, heaven section number thirty-six. Apart from Bai, Xuanyuan, and Mochou, no one knew that Xuanyuan was in attendance.

Many true many true disciples had come to join the auction. Some of them were imperial fighters already, but they were still unable to get a private booth. Bai told Xuanyuan that Jiang Yitian, Fung Lie and Huxuan were all attending the auction this year. All hundred booths of the heaven section and two hundred booths of the earth section were occupied.

Over the past two days, Bai was busy preparing the information on the guests’ wealth and the estimated prices for the items on the manifest. She was the chief manager of the auction, but she only accompanied Xuanyuan to the auction.

“Which class of instruments do you want to purchase this time?” Bai asked.

“Lower rank heaven class. I won’t be able to activate anything more powerful at the moment, but I’ll need a set of upper rank heaven class instruments for Mochou.” Xuanyuan smiled. Mochou was much more powerful than he was since she was a peak grandmaster. She had the Body of a Thousand Spirits, she would need something decent to protect herself. “How much do those usually cost?”

“Ordinary upper rank heaven class would cost around 20 million king coins.” Bai chuckled. “You probably have more than enough money for that.”

“Then we’ll see what’s on offer. Oh? Xingyun’s here also?”

Xingyun sat in the normal seats with a few other true disciples. They were chatting very loudly, so their voices were clearly heard by everyone surrounding them.

“Xingyun, your brother was killed by Xuanyuan a few days ago. This is infuriating!”

“If he wasn’t given that uncommon fire by the Xian of Fire, he wouldn’t have been able to kill Xingzan. I’ll skin him alive when we fight.”

“I wonder if he joined the auction. He took all the money Xingzan brought with him.”

“Xingzan only had 5 million on him. What good will that do him? He won’t even be able to enter the earth section. He’s just a country bumpkin. Killing him is like crushing an ant.”

Mochou heard what they said and she jumped up and down in anger, “They’re so rude! I’ll go teach them a lesson!”

“Let them be. Don’t bother with them.” Xuanyuan smiled. He reached out to grab her shoulder to stop her. Mochou could definitely kill them with just pure strength, but attracting attention to her was not desirable.

“That’s right, Mochou. Don’t be provoked. Those people are not worth your attention.” Bai was delighted.

“Alright, they are not worth it.” Mochou pouted.

“That’s right.” Bai smiled. “Xuanyuan, if you want to purchase a set of upper rank heaven class instruments, the first item is quite suitable. It’s a set of Linglong instruments, including the armour, helmet, boots, and jade pendant. It’s great for protection. They were made by the previous saintess of the Linglong Sect. They are extremely valuable.”

“The Linglong Sect. I’ve read in the Book of the East that it only accept female disciples, right.” Xuanyuan asked.

“That’s right, but it’s just as influential as the Fighting Dragons Sect. They have dovish policies on their land, so their land is much more peaceful than the Fighting Dragons Sect and the Eastern Dynasty. The citizens there are much more wealthy, but since they’ve been peaceful for a long time, they do not have as many warriors as the land owned by the Fighting Dragons Sect. Each sect has their own advantages and disadvantages.” Bai explained. “Oh, the auction is beginning.”

Xuanyuan looked at the centre stage where there were three beautiful women present. The strongest among the three was an imperial fighter, while the other two were peak grandmasters. Xuanyuan was amazed at the power of the Taibai Trading Centre.

“Welcome everyone, for joining the decade auction of Taibai. The time has come to begin. Let’s start with the first item.” The leading lady was named Baiji. Her smile was sultry and enticing. Even Xuanyuan felt slightly fuzzy when he watched her.

“They all study a technique which increases their charm. This is to attract everyone who joins the auction. Xuanyuan, are you tempted by them?” Bai noticed Xuanyuan’s change of expression.

“A little, but not much.” Xuanyuan confessed. Bai let out a small laugh.

“Xuanyuan, do you think they’re more beautiful than me?” She asked.

“No, I think you’re better.” Xuanyuan said honestly, not understanding why Bai was asking.

The first item was on stage for display. Baiji began to explain the use and history of the Linglong Instruments. It was indeed a set of powerful protective instruments. The starting price was 100 million king coins.

“I’ll take the set for 100 million king coins, I can offer it to my wife.” An imperial fighter announced.

“120 million. I don’t need anything from you. I’ll buy it myself.” A hot tempered, beautiful woman said. She was sat next to him and was a peak imperial fighter.

“130 million.” A woman in the earth section announced.

“140 million.” The first woman said coldly.

“150 million.” A man’s voice came from the heaven section.

“That was Jiang Yitian!” Xuanyuan jumped. He looked at Bai, who nodded in confirmation.

“It’s indeed Jiang Yitian. He wanted to please the current saintess of the Linglong Sect. This is probably for her.”

“Then I’ll have to fight with him for the instruments. Let’s see who has more money.” Xuanyuan said dangerously.

“He has about 2 billion kingly coins with him, but he has many things to buy so he won’t be able to spend all his money on the first item.” Bai explained.

Xuanyuan turned to Greed in his mind, “Don’t let the egg absorb everything from the energy source. I’ll exchange those for money if needed. I’m not as powerful as Jiang Yitian now, but ill drown him with all my money.”

“I know, I know.”

Xuanyuan had about a million jin of top class crystals with him to exchange for more money.

“180 million.” Xuanyuan’s voice became incredibly cold and sinister as raised by 30 million at once. Bai and Mochou had shivers when they heard it, so did many people attending the auction. They turned their heads towards the booth where Xuanyuan was sitting.

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      I realy like these parts too glad im not the only one 😛

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