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DTH Chapter 163 – Greed at Work

DTH Chapter 163 – Greed at Work
“190 million.” Calmly said the woman in the earth booth, but the first woman had already given up on buying the set of Linglong instruments. Many people wanted to know who was occupying the heaven class booth. Normally, people would give some face to Jiang Yitian and wouldn’t immediately outbid him.

“200 million.” Jiang Yitian announced.

“230 million.” Xuanyuan continued raiding the price.

“Who’s that? People rarely raise the price by so much.”

“He sounds like a cruel old man. Looks like he isn’t scared of Jiang Yitian.”

“The woman in the earth section is also quite mysterious. I’ve heard that she’s a true disciple from the Linglong Sect. She probably really wants this set. After all, it’s made by the previous Saintess.”

“Looks like the fight is just the beginning.”

“240 million.” The woman’s voice was calm.

“250 million.” Jiang Yitian was also undisturbed.

“280 million.” Xuanyuan spoke coarsely.

“You seem to be an old guy. Why do you need the Linglong Instruments? Do you want to attract some young girls? Why don’t you give it to Brother Jiang Yitian? He’s the First True Brother of the Fighting Dragons Sect.” Xingyun said sarcastically. The people in those booths were all incredibly powerful, so he wouldn’t go too far with his joke, but he was supported by Jiang Yitian so he was a little cocky and arrogant.

Greed was provoked. Using Xuanyuan’s voice, it projected a dangerous aura towards Xingyun, “Shut up! How dare a little ant question me?”

It was the Voice of Death again. Greed also used this in the last auction they attended, but this time, it was different. In the last auction, everyone who was on the scene was terrified. They all thought they were being dragged into hell and their souls were being ripped apart. But this time, the power was concentrated only on Xingyun. He felt as if his soul was being shredded. He starting violently coughing up blood. A light quickly shot from Jiang Yitian’s box towards him which finally stopped the coughing.

“It’s the Voice of Death. This was said to have been lost long ago! It’s a seven star heaven technique from the Death Cult. Looks you are someone related to the destruction of the cult.” A man commented from another box.

Xingyun turned very pale when he heard this. If Jiang Yitian didn’t interfere, he’d be dead already. Thinking of Jiang Yitian, he felt slightly more courageous and pointed at finger at Xuanyuan’s box. “How dare to hurt me? Don’t you know I’m a true disciple from the Fighting Dragons Sect? You are disrespecting the Sect!”

“You disrespected me. I don’t care if you’re from the Fighting Dragons Sect. When I see something I like,  I take it. Do I have to give it to you without a fight? Be careful of what you say. I know there are Xian’s from the sect here, but if I want to, I can still kill you. Think about it carefully.” Xuanyuan said imposingly. Bai was shocked to hear his speech. Many people tried to investigate who was in the booth, but they were all unsuccessful.

Xingyun was not so cocky now. His arrogant attitude actually made quite a few Elders and Xian’s from the sect angry. Since an auction of this scale was the best place to befriend and recruit powerful people from around the world, but Xingyun immediately antagonized one of the most mysterious guests in attendance. If they were back in the sect, Xingyun would have been severely punished.

“Sit down.” Jiang Yitian ordered. “Please don’t be provoked by his ignorant comments. Let me introduce myself. I’m the First True Disciple of the Fighting Dragons Sect, Jiang Yitian. You must be well-prepared for this auction, sir. But if you would let me bid the set of instruments first, I’ll certainly treat you as a respectable guest in the sect.” Jiang Yitian was mild and graceful. A perfect example of the future Master of Fighting Dragons.

However, Xuanyuan and Greed didn’t care for his politeness.

“Go away! You can pretend, but don’t you know people who use the Voice of Death can detect if someone’s words are sincere or not? Your voice is filled with hatred and bad intentions.”

“Haha, the Voice of Death is indeed impressive. First Brother acts polite, but he can’t pretend in front of you, sir.” It was Fung Lie’s voice. He was also sitting in another heaven booth. This had quickly escalated into fight between true disciples, so none of the Elders or Xian wanted to interfere in the argument.

“Brother Fung Lie, you are very funny. If  this master doesn’t let me have what I want, then we’ll have to see who has more money.” Jiang Yitian said while remaining calm.

“Fung Lie? Not bad. You’re straight-forward and upright. I thought all disciples in the sect would be scum like them. I like you, this is a Xian class technique, the Wuji Cyclone. It’s yours now. It’s incomplete, but you should be able to improve it.” A book flew from Xuanyuan’s booth into Fung Lie’s.

“Haha, I thank you, master, sir!” Fung Lie took the book immediately.

Everyone was in awe. Who was this man? He threw out a Xian class technique to someone he didn’t know like it was garbage!

“What? He just gave him such a powerful technique? He is a man of emotion!”

“Master Fung Lie is imposing, but he never bullies the weak. He is always fair and just. No wonder a man who can hear sincerity would like him.”

“Jiang Yitian’s the complete opposite. He is polite on the outside, but his mind is filled with evil plots…”

“Wuji Cyclone? Is that the technique created by the Wuji Emperor?” A Xian inquired.

“Exactly the same. I just happened to encounter part of the incomplete technique. I can’t study it, but it’s suitable for Fung Lie. This boy, I have taken a liking to him. Techniques can only be pushed to the limit if they’re used by suitable people.” Xuanyuan said.

“Well said, my friend. I’m impressed by your generosity.” Another Xian complimented.

In Jiang Yitian’s booth, he turned to the girl sitting next to him.

“Do you know who’s sitting in that booth, miss?”

“I don’t know.” She shook her head.

“Tell me and I’ll give you 10 million king coins.”

“I really don’t know. Even if you give me 10 billion, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.” The girl said as she fidgeted nervously.

Jiang Yitian knew that she was genuinely ignorant about it, so he stopped pushing the subject.

“300 million!” From the earth booth, the woman called out her bid.

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