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DTH Chapter 164 – The Protective Talisman of Emperors

DTH Chapter 164 – The Protective Talisman of Emperors
Inside booth number thirty six, Bai was looking at Xuanyuan, but she felt like he was an ancient, terrifying being. There were many things he kept secret which she didn’t ever question.

Greed was talking to Xuanyuan in his mind, “Are you happy with this? I think it’s good to give him the Book of Wuji Cyclone, even though it’s incomplete, it’s still powerful. He’d be able to learn a lot as the reincarnation of a fighting wind. Fung Lie is decent to you. This could count towards repaying the favour.”

“I’m very happy with it. Fung Lie discredited Jiang Yitian. This is the first strike. Now I’ll discredit his name even further.”

“310 million.” Jiang Yitian was relentless.

“340 million.” Xuanyuan added. Many people thought Xuanyuan had already won this round. Not many people could give away a Xian class technique so casually. He definitely had enough money to buy the Linglong Instruments.

“350 million.” The woman bid again, but her voice was not as calm as before.

“360 million.” Jiang Yitian looked towards booth thirty six and gave his bid.

“Xuanyuan, be careful. 400 million is the highest value of this set of instruments. It won’t be worth it if you bid for too high.” Bai reminded him.

“I understand.” Just when Xuanyuan was about to make the next bit, Fung Lie laughed loudly. The technique he just acquired had delighted him.

“I’ll add in 100 million, so the bid is 460 million! Sir, you gave me such great gift. I should at least show my gratitude. There’s not much else I can do for you, but I have a bit of money. Please take it!”

“Agreed!” Xuanyuan also laughed. He might not have had enough money otherwise.

“I give up.” The woman from earth booth said. Attention soon turned towards Jiang Yitian.

“Brother Fung Lie is very generous. I’ll relent.” Jiang Yitian announced. He didn’t want to lose money in order to buy this set of instruments. Also he didn’t know who the mysterious man was, it would be better not to get on the wrong side of him. “I must have offended you, sir. Please forgive me, and allow me to apologize.”

“If you give me 200 million king coins, I will forgive you.” Xuanyuan smiled coldly.

Jiang Yitian frowned. The man was extorting him in front of such a large crowd. But the mysterious identity of the man sobered his mind. He must be someone extremely powerful. If he could form a friendship with him, it would be very helpful.

“Of course. I didn’t discipline my brothers in the sect and embarrassed you and the sects reputation. If 200 million can settle this, it’s very worth it.” Jiang Yitian said slowly.

“Do you think Jiang Yitian will die of anger if he finds out that it’s you?” Bai was astonished.

“Haha, who knows?”

”460 million the first time.”

“460 million the second time.”

“460 million the third time.”

“The Linglong instruments belong to the gentlemen in the booth number thirty six.” Baiji, the auctioneer announced. She ordered people to collect money from Jiang Yitian and Fung Lie. Xuanyuan only needed to pay 130 million, with his discount given by Bai.

“You’re probably the only person who would make your enemy pay for you.” Bai was liking Xuanyuan more and more.

“I understand what he’s thinking. Jiang Yitian looks at the long-term benefits and doesn’t mind sacrificing in the short term.” Xuanyuan was in a great mood.

When the instruments arrived, Mochou was drooling over them and took off all her clothes at once to change. Xuanyuan turned his head but still caught a glimpse as she stripped. He blushed uncontrollably. Bai was not amused. Was this girl really so innocent?

The instruments transformed Mochou’s aura once they were equipped. People would surely mistake her as the Saintess of the Linglong Sect while wearing this.

“Xuanyuan, do the new clothes look good on me?” Mochou smiled from ear to ear.

“Yes, you look really nice.” Xuanyuan said. He sighed and was amused by how beautifully the instruments matched her.

“Why don’t you marry her? She likes you enough! I wonder if your children will be some sort of hybrid between the Body of All Creations and Spirits!” Greed laughed teasingly.

“Go to hell.” Xuanyuan rolled his eyes. He then turned his attention back to the stage. The second item was an unusual crystal. It was at least a thousand jin and was filled with wind Qi. Many practitioners who studied Wind techniques started bidding on it, but Fung Lie was of course the final winner.

“The third item is the Protective Talisman of Emperors. An Emperor class talisman, made by a Xian. When you’re attacked by an emperor realm fighter, this will save your life. The bid starts at 10 million king coins!” Baiji announced.

“A talisman with 10 million as a starting point? This is insane!” Xuanyuan gasped.

“Of course. We’re not particularly wealthy. But when we are, we’ll realize that’s not a lot of money. The price of source energy can be worth billions. It’s the same for talismans. The more powerful the maker, the more powerful the talisman. An emperor class talisman is extremely rare. 10 million is considered a bargain.”  Bai smiled. Xuanyuan understood this. The nine jin of sky and ice source energy was valued at 20 billion king coins.
People were calling out bids crazily.
“12 million!”
“15 million!”
“23 million!
“29 million!”

When the bid reached 40 million, many people began to realize this was a very high price for a one-time use talisman. But at this point, Xuanyuan opened his mouth,

“45 million!”

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