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DTH Chapter 165 – The Helmet of Rain Wood

DTH Chapter 165 – The Helmet of Rain Wood

The voice from the heaven booth announced his decision again. At once, none of the people dared to make another bid.

“Sir, you wouldn’t have a need for this talisman, would you?” Fung Lie asked directly.

“It’s for my disciple. She likes to run around freely. I can’t protect her everywhere. I don’t know how to make talismans, so I can only buy some. If she runs into danger, she can buy time for me to arrive.” Xuanyuan explained, which everyone thought was reasonable. So Xuanyuan gave Bai another 34 million king coins. After a while, someone sent two talismans into the booth.

“This one is a gift from master Fung Lie. It’s called the Talisman of Jitao Wind. It attacks and accelerates the user. It is also an emperor class talisman.”

“Thank you, young man.” Xuanyuan laughed.

“Very welcome.” Fung Lie also said with a laugh.

“The forth item is a lower rank heaven class instrument, called the Armour of Earthly Graphite. It has wonderful defence. The starting price is 8 million king coins!”

“10 million!” Xuanyuan knew this was something he had to own. His voice silenced all those who were ready to put in their bid. Bai thought this was ridiculous, but Xuanyuan had already created a deep fear in the hearts of everyone at the auction.

Baiji glanced at the booth numbered thirty six. If this sold for 10 million, they’d be losing money. However, she didn’t dare to ask people to bid.

“The Armour of Earthly Graphite, the first time… the second time… the third time… Alright, this belongs to the gentlemen in booth thirty six.” Baiji sighed. She was going to lose a lot of commission like this.

After a while, the armour was sent to Xuanyuan’s booth. He picked up the armour and said, “Wonderful. I can definitely activate this piece of armour.”

The fact that Xuanyuan can activate a lower rank heaven class instrument when he was only a king fighter surprised Bai again. Not even a grandmaster could activate this with ease. His Qi was so thick, it was as strong as most grandmaster fighters.

The next few items didn’t attract Xuanyuan’s eyes, which was a relief to many people. If he put in a bid, they had no hope of getting what they wanted. If Jiang Yitian had to pay the man 200 million king coins to remove any ill will, then he was definitely not someone that anyone would want to fight with.

After a few items were sold, a girl put a golden dish on stage. On the dish, there was a box made of jade.

“Inside the box is an Emperor class medicine. The Dragon Blood Elixir. It’s very suitable for grandmasters to revitalise their blood. It was made from the blood of a heavenly dragon, an extremely rare item. The starting price is 10 million!”

Xuanyuan was curious again. Even though he was only a king realm fighter, he’d still like to be prepared for when he advanced. This would help enhance his strength once the time came.

”12 million.” After a long silenced, the old man in booth thirty six made a bid. Xingyun, who wanted to buy this elixir to revitalise his blood so he could break through into the imperial realm, didn’t dare to bid.

“My friend. I’m afraid you won’t be able to use this elixir.” A Xian said.

“Indeed, but my disciple can use it. I have beloved students and it is very difficult to raise them. This might be able to help them advance.” Xuanyuan was pretending to be an old man. His trick amused Bai and Mochou. Mochou thought that he was very skilled in deception.

Other people noticed his sentiments and began to think that he wasn’t as scary as before. The Xian refrained from bidding, “If you want it, old friend, I won’t put in a bid.”

Even a Xian refrained from bidding, suddenly the people in the auction went silent again. Baiji was frustrated, she announced the results and it immediately was sent to booth thirty six. Xuanyuan was incredibly excited. He put the elixir in his ring, believing that it’d would be of great use one day.

Dragon’s blood had an extremely violent nature. It was not suitable for weak willed people, since it was very possible to be killed after consuming it.

“What would they do if they knew you are the person they are so frightened of offending.” Bai sighed. It was good that Xuanyuan didn’t need many items, otherwise the auction would lose money.

At her remark, Xuanyuan smiled sheepishly. Greed was the one behind all of this. It used to be an extremely powerful being. When it spoke, its tone looked down on the world. It was a confidence which was deeply rooted and unquestionable. Even though it was no longer as powerful as it was in the past, Greed was still incredibly imposing.

On the stage, a woman put down another gold dish with a helmet on it. It was filled with water Qi. Baiji pointed at the helmet elegantly, spreading the fog from the helmet around the stage.

“The Helmet of Rain Wood. A middle rank heaven class instrument. It can heal the wearer and the people around you. It’s especially suitable for people practicing with water or wood Qi. The start price is 12 million!”

Xuanyuan was excited. This suited him very well. Even though it’s a middle rank heaven class instrument, he believed he had enough Qi to support it.

”15 million!”

The air was silent. That mysterious old man came again!

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