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DTH Chapter 166 – Smile

DTH Chapter 166 – Smile

“Looks like this gentleman has quite a few disciples?” Baiji was not amused, but she still smiled.

“Haha, not really. Just a boy and a girl. I only came here to buy a few things for them.” Xuanyuan continued to lie. The noisy auction hall had fallen into silence again. The people who sat in the booths weren’t very interested in instruments of this rank. Those who were seated in the hall couldn’t compete with this powerful old man. So the Helmet of the Rain Wood was sold for 15 million. Xuanyuan tried on the helmet when it arrived. It echoed with the power of the Armour of Earthly Graphite. They combined to surround him with a slightly more elegant aura.

“Xuanyuan, even though this helmet is good. It’s probably not a good fit for you. The Dustless Helmet is better.” Bai had chosen a piece of lower rank haven class instrument, according to Xuanyuan’s strength.

“That’s not right. This helmet is very suitable for me. It can heal across a large area.” He stressed on the last few words and Bai understood immediately. “Haha you are very smart.”

Bai was even more impressed with Xuanyuan. He was capable of thinking about details like this already. His enemies didn’t know what they were in for.

The auction continued with nothing much catching Xuanyuan’s eye. On the following day, Xuanyuan bid on a pair of boots and a jade pendant. The boots were quite similar to the previous pair he had and were also made from dragon’s scales. If he activated them with his Qi, he could move with incredible speed. Xuanyuan bought them for 10 million king coins. The pendant was called the Jade of Five Elements, which enhanced the attacks and protection of five elements spells, especially for practitioners who studied techniques from the five elements. Xuanyuan bought it for 30 million, which upset Baiji, but there was nothing she could do.

Luckily, Xuanyuan didn’t buy many items, so no one was angered by his actions. The auctioned items were mostly bought by Jiang Yitian, Fung Lie, and other emperor and Xian realm practitioners. Some of the items had reached billions. Xuanyuan couldn’t have afforded all of these items if he didn’t intimidate them with the Voice of Death.

“The next item is one of a kind. We don’t know what it does. But nothing, nothing can put a dent on it. It’s very mysterious.” Baiji explained as a woman brought in a gold plate with a piece of rusty iron on it. Some of the people in the venue tried to break the iron, but all were unsuccessful.

“Boy, buy that armour!” Greed screamed.

“What armour. It’s a useless piece of junk!” Xuanyuan cursed, then he thought of the rusty appearance, “Is that…”

“That’s right. It’s the Tao class Armour of Devour! The Emperor was being attacked by many people that day, so the armour was torn apart. Quick, buy it. It’s also a part of me, so if I can return to peak condition, I can restore it to its former condition!” Greed said. Xuanyuan felt the excitement build within him. It’s the armour the Emperor once had and it’s Tao class, with power far exceeding even the Xian class.

“Is that all? The previous items were all at a certain standard, and then you put out a piece of junk? What can it do other than being extremely tough?” Xuanyuan asked in his coarse voice.

“We don’t know every detail of the items we put in the auction. These things might be treasures waiting for their owner. That’s why instead of selling it normally, we put them out for auction. Why don’t you buy this piece? It was no doubt destined for a great person such as yourself.”

Taibai had tested this iron numerous times, but nothing ever happened. Everyone in the booths tried to bribe the information from the staff, but they received the same information.

“Haha girl, you say its destined for a great person like me? Alright then, I’ll buy it! What’s the base price for this junk?” Xuanyuan chuckled.

“Haha, that old man has taken the bait! He made me lose a lot of commission during this auction. I’ll make him cover my losses with this.” Baiji was plotting.

“This is clearly a piece of a powerful treasure. So the base price is set at 50 million. We can sell it to you for the base price, sir.” She said.

“A piece of iron for 50 million? It’s not easy for an old man like me to earn money and you’re trying to bleed me dry!” Xuanyuan sounded heartbroken, as if the coins were his own children, making everyone smile at the display.

They thought of the old man who intimidated so many in the auction, being tricked by a young beautiful girl like many men before him and it caused many of them to chuckle. 50 million wasn’t a large amount of money, but it was enough to be considered a lesson.

But actually, Xuanyuan was extremely happy. It was a huge bargain to buy the armour of the Emperor for only 50 million. Greed would be able to fix it when its power was restored. Its value was immeasurable.

“How dare you! Aren’t you scamming me? Can’t you make it just a little bit lower? 25 million?” Xuanyuan made it seem like he was spending his life savings, making many people roll their eyes at his display. Even that dangerous old man could fall into the trap of a beautiful woman.

“Sir, this is the base price. It can’t go any lower. You said you would buy it.”

“Well, maybe I can’t afford it.” Xuanyuan teased.

“If someone as powerful as you won’t even keep your promise. What can I do? If you don’t buy it….” Baiji started to sniffle as she spoke, melting the hearts of many young men. They all started shouting out.

“If he won’t buy, I’ll take it. Cheer up, lady Baiji!”

“Yes, I’ll buy it for you instead…”

Then Xuanyuan yelled, “Bullshit! If this old man says he will buy, he will buy. Well, 50 million then. Damn it, such a little minx.”

Baiji resumed her charming smile. With his discount, Xuanyuan bought the armour for 40 million. He couldn’t be happier.

“Haha I didn’t think I would find the armour here! I’m blessed with good luck!”

“Your destiny is linked with the Emperor, but you’ll still have to prepare lots of crystals and source energy for the armour.” Xuanyuan was horrified by this statement. Another money sucking leech had been added! Greed continued. “Hahaha… it’s for your own good. No one can wear this armour other than you. Stop pretending. It’s not for me.”

On the stage, two women brought in a piece of green wood. Baiji looked at booth number thirty six and smiled, “I know you will be interested in spiritual beings. This piece of wood must interest you. You mustn’t miss it!”

“You’re trying to trick me again? I won’t fall for it. I won’t pay another 50 million!” The people started to laugh, but Xuanyuan couldn’t be happier.

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