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DTH Chapter 167 – Divine Wood

DTH Chapter 167 – Divine Wood
The green wood was covered with moss, laying on the table atop the stage. Again, people were scanning it for any special features, or bribing their servants from Taibai. But it all came out the same – this piece of green wood couldn’t be used. It couldn’t be refined, damaged or destroyed. There’s nothing one can do with it. This prompted many people to give up. They have other things to buy. There were many precious things in the world and they were not always useful. They were much better off buying a damaged piece of xian class instrument.
However, Mochou looked at the piece of green wood and told Xuanyuan, “Buy it. I think it’s interesting.”
Xuanyuan was surprised, as well as Greed, ”It must be a spiritual being if Mochou finds it interesting. Buy it! The Body of A Thousand Spirits can detect great things!”
”The base price for this green wood is…” Baiji glanced at the box number thirty six and smiled.
”Girl, I dare you to make this more expensive. I’ll see who will buy it.” Xuanyuan teased again.
In her mind, Baiji was thinking that they’ve already earned quite a lot of money from the people bribing their servants. She shouldn’t set the price too high. After a while, she said,
”Of course not. You’re such a powerful man, you won’t mind a bit of money, that’s why I set the price higher. I won’t do that again. The only thing about this wood is that it’s incredibly tough. So its starting price is 5 million.”
”You’ve scammed me, girl! You’ve made the price ten times more expensive?” Xuanyuan kept pretending.
“That’s not fair. Metal overpowers wood. So that piece of iron is much more powerful than wood.” Baiji said softly.
”That’s just infuriating. Do I need to buy this again?. So, just to be clear, maybe It’s meant for me?”
”That’s what you said. It’s not my opinion. But if you buy it, I’ll give you a gift. I’m sure your  disciple will like it.” Baiji smiled deeper.
”Oh really?”
”Of course!”
”If my disciple doesn’t like it, I’ll return the iron wood to you and you’ll refund my money.” Xuanyuan smiled.
”Well, that’s not right. I’m so much younger than you. Do you really want to bully a girl?” Baiji teared up again.
”Then I won’t buy it. Damn it, girl, don’t bite me… Alright! I’ll buy it.” Xuanyuan pretended to be bitten by his ‘disciple’.
”Looks like you brought your disciples with you. How lucky they are!” Baiji said, “Everyone, you’re welcome to bid on the wood. Even though that gentleman is powerful, he won’t mind a bit of fun!”
”If lady Baiji says so, then 6 million!”
”7 million!”
”8 million!”
”9 million!”

”36 million!”
”I say, enough! I won’t buy it for over 50 million. I’ll bid 40 million. Don’t you dare add on the price again!” Xuanyuan yelled angrily. Everyone was quiet, but in fact they were all amused, since they made that old bully upset.
“40 million the first time!”
“40 million the second time!”
“40 million the third time! This piece of mysterious divine wood belongs to the gentleman in the heaven class box number thirty six!” Baiji was happy, “This is my gift to the gentleman’s disciple.”
It was a doll.
”It’s a Puppet Doll. In fact, it’s a top class earth instrument. Your disciple only needs to release her Qi and she can control the doll with her mind. It can be used for entertainment, but it’s just as effective to kill. This is a precious item given to us by an ancient puppeteer. It took me a great deal to find it. How about that? Does your disciple like it?” Bai’s voice echoed in his box.
”Wow, this is so interesting!” Mochou was able to control the doll with her mind immediately. The doll moved as smooth as a real person. Mochou was thoroughly delighted.

”Puppet! I’ve heard that the skills of puppeteering was lost a long time ago but Taibai was able to find it. That’s impressive!”
“Baiji was the person who’s capable. She’s establishing ties with the old man. He’ll probably be a regular customer of Taibai from now on.”

”Thank you for your compliments, young lady. If you want something more interesting, ask your master to look for me. I’ll find you something even better.” Baiji giggled.
”Really? Thank you, lady Baiji!” Mochou replied.

”The next item on the manifest is a piece of top rank heaven class weapon, the Fire Dragon Spear…”
But Xuanyuan was not interested. He wanted to know if the wood he bought for 32 million was anything interesting.
”Mochou, tell me. What’s so special about this piece of wood?” Xuanyuan asked.
She stopped playing with her doll and looked at the wood, “It’s just interesting.”
Xuanyuan rolled his eyes in annoyance. A black light only he could see shone on the wood. But it was reflected at once.
”There must be something about this piece of wood. There’s not much things that the Light of Devouring can’t penetrate.” Greed also had no idea what this piece of wood was.
”Xuanyuan, that piece of iron wood was thoroughly investigated by the Taibai. But we couldn’t find anything about it. Study it first. If you don’t want it, I’ll give you a refund.” Bai said gently. She knew that Xuanyuan was in a playful mood so she didn’t stop him from buying the items. It was very sweet for her to offer buying it back.
”Bai, it’s not right. It’s like gambling. There’s nothing I can do if they turn out to be useless. It’s alright.” Xuanyuan said. He was quite touched by Bai’s gesture.
“Alright. I knew you’d say that. Let’s see if there’s anything you like. The last piece is a xian class instrument. Stay until then. The auction will last for a few days.” Bai said.
”I need a weapon. I’ll see if there’s anything suitable. If I find it, I’ll be ready to go.” Xuanyuan said. Even though the Wind Spirit Spear was not damaged, it no longer suits him. That was the reason why Fung Lie gave it to him after he became an imperial fighter.
The auction went on. Xuanyuan was feeling a bit numb about money. The few hundreds of million was not enough to buy most of the things.
Another day passed and the auction hadn’t paused for one bit. Such a long time wouldn’t exhaust grandmasters. Staying up for two days is the same as blinking one’s eyes. Bai even mentioned that there once was an auction that lasted for ten days! It’s an auction that happened every decade after all. There were many things waiting to be sold.
”The next item is a middle rank heaven class weapon! The Soul Catching Bow and Arrows. There’s a spell to damage your enemies soul on it. It can inflict great harm. Twenty arrows are included. If you inject them with Qi, you can retrieve the arrow wherever you are. This piece could be improved to an upper rank heaven class instrument! It’s made by…..” Baiji introduced the new item. Even Xuanyuan was a bit moved. “The starting price is 30 million!”
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