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DTH Chapter 168 – TianJi

DTH Chapter 168 – TianJi
”This Soul Catching Bow is only a middle rank heaven class instrument and its bidding price starts even higher than upper rank ones. It definitely has a lot of potential.”
”It can damage your enemies soul, of course it’s powerful. But there are seldom people who practice archery.”
”That’s right. But that doesn’t affect its price though.”

”35 million.” A man called out.
”40 million.” Xuanyuan followed and the previous man felt speechless. He did not stand a chance in winning now that the old man joined the fight.
“A powerful man like you still needs the Soul Catching Bow?” Bai rolled her eyes and said in dangerous sweetness.
”Of course. Someone will find it useful.” Xuanyuan laughed. His coarse voice covered up his cunningness. No one was willing to bid on the bow and arrows afterwards, so Xuanyuan bought it with merely 32 million.
At such a huge auction, people seldom bought everything in the first few days, since the next item might be even more attractive. But Xuanyuan was not one of those people. He bought whatever he saw fit. In fact, he might be the winner of the auction, spending only 335 million king coins and obtaining a set of Linglong Instruments, Soul Catching Bow and Arrows, Armour of Earthly Graphite, Helmet of Rain Wood, a pair of Dragon Boots and the Jade Pendant of Five Elements. The greatest possession was the Devouring Armour, it’s invaluable.
In the next few days, Xuanyuan merely observed the auction without putting in a bid. He slowly learnt the reasonable prices of various items. He liked some of those items, but they were not necessary for his growth. On the last day, the last item on the manifest was a xian class instrument. Its final selling price was 900 billion. Xuanyuan felt as if he grew a lot by observing the bidding and fighting of the auction.
When the auction was over, Bai set up a temporary portal and sent Xuanyuan, Mochou and herself back from the box number thirty six to her wooden house.
”Bai, I can’t thank you enough. Would you please help me search for the five elements spiritual beings and information on master Zhenluo?” Xuanyuan said seriously.
”Naturally.” Bai said. “You are about to leave, right?”
”Yes, my fight with Xingyun will happen very soon. I’ll try my best to enhance my strength until then. Someone will surely notice the instruments I bought today so I’ll have to think of something regarding that.”
”Sure. You should go now. Otherwise, they will notice you when they leave.” Bai said.
”Farewell then.”
”Goodbye, lady Bai!” Mochou waved. They sprang up to the sky when the Skysea Bird answered their call. They flew towards the Fighting Dragons Sect.

After they left, Bai sat on a chair and called out softly, “Housekeeper!”
”I’m here.” The old man opened the door then he knelt down.
”Here’s 50 billion king coins and a few addresses. Go find a few masters from Tianji to check where might the fighting earth be located.” Bai gave him a ring full of money.
The housekeeper frowned.
”There are a few things I don’t understand. Would you mind me asking, my lady?”
”Go on.” Bai closed her eyes.
”Even though Taibai is only a trading hub and the information we have on spiritual beings might be inaccurate, you don’t have to sacrifice so much to help master Xuanyuan, my lady.” The housekeeper said slowly. Bai only smiled without interrupting, so he continued, “However, even people from Tianji might not be able to calculate the exact location for the fighting earth. Isn’t 50 billion too much for this? It’s not a small amount of money. Is master Xuanyuan worth all of this?”
Bai opened her eyes and smiled, “Do I look like a silly gambler to you? I already have some information on the fighting earth, I only need to know which one is accurate. If it matches Tianji’s calculation, I’ll ask master Xuanyuan to try. I think it’s worth 50 billion for a better chance.”
”I see. I’ll arrange everything.” The housekeeper bowed.
Bai stopped him, “Have you gotten the information I asked you to buy from Tianji?”
”I just received it, but haven’t gotten the time to read it.”
”Then open it.” Bai commanded.
”On the Tianji King List, Xuanyuan ranks first with eight hundred and eighty dragons of strength.” Bai spread the paper and read. Her voice trembled.
”The list on grandmasters?” Bai smiled.
”On the Tianji Grandmaster List, Mochou ranks first with two thousand five hundred dragons of strength.” The housekeeper couldn’t hide his shock. Even Bai widened her eyes in surprise. She already guessed Xuanyuan’s strength, but she never could’ve guessed Mochou’s power.
”This is the result calculated by Tianji’s masters so It should be correct. Leave now.” Bai said. The housekeeper left the room at once.
”Mochou, Mochou. Who are you?” Bai whispered.  

”Boy, there’s something I want to tell you.” Greed communicated in Xuanyuan’s mind.
“What is it?”
”In this world, there are many secret organizations and societies. One of them that you need to beware of is called Lunhui. It’s an assassination group. They will kill Xian and emperor realm fighters if you have enough money. Another one is called Liutao that’s  equally dangerous. They pick talented orphans and train them to be assassins. They have a long history. Many Sects and School come and go, but not them.” Greed explained quietly. “Another organization you need to know is called Tianji. It’s extremely mysterious. The Devouring Emperor was found by them. Many powers gave Tianji a lot of money and their twelve masters to calculate the Emperor’s whereabouts So they could set up traps to catch him. You just need to give them money, an accurate description of auras and a rough direction, they can calculate all kinds of things. The Emperor didn’t like to hide, that’s why Tianji was able to find his exact location.”
”What? They can even locate a person?” Xuanyuan couldn’t believe it.
”Tianji means the heaven’s plot. How does anyone calculate the heaven’s plot, I will never know. This organization is very secretive. The people in Tianji all have special physiques. They are especially sensitive to the changes in the universe. The method of stones can create earthly dispositions, but heavenly dispositions cannot be created, only detected and they can even detect that. It’s not a hundred percent accurate but their calculations never stray far from the truth by too much. Mochou and your strength has probably been published on Tianji’s lists already.”
”What? Then everyone can know how strong I am?” Xuanyuan screamed in his mind.
”You don’t have to worry about that yet. Ordinary people don’t even know that Tianji exists and their lists are all incredibly expensive. I’ve already set up some tricks and spells to cover your physique. They wouldn’t be able to find out about your fighting fire, water and Mochou’s physique anytime soon. However, you must be careful to not have contact with anyone from Tianji. Otherwise, all your secrets will be detected immediately unless you are more powerful than the people from Tianji or you’ve already set up dispositions to protect yourself.”
”I see. I wouldn’t need to hide when I’m stronger then.”
”That’s right. Tianji is powerful but it’s also a double-edged dagger. You can also use it to find out information about your enemies.”
“Yes. We’ll go back to the Sect first. On the day of my fight with Xingyun, I’m going to slap Jiang Yitian’s self-esteem!”
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