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DTH Chapter 169 – The Dark Phoenix of Gold

DTH Chapter 169 – The Dark Phoenix of Gold
Xuanyuan brought Mochou to the Five Elements Mountain instead of the inner hall since there was no need to as He was recruited by the Five Xians. Although, he’d like to join the tournament between inner disciples on the List of Merits.
The Five Elements Mountain was dense with the Five Elements Qi. There were many naturally formed dispositions that aided the concentration of spiritual Gold, Wood, Water, Earth and Fire. However, the mountain was void of people. The old men must be out in search of the spiritual beings for him, Xuanyuan thought, and felt very grateful. They even missed the decade auction of the Taibai Trading Centre.
Xuanyuan and Mochou arrived at a bamboo forest. It looked as if they were in a green coloured sea full of wood Qi. The bamboos were tall and dense. Xuanyuan wanted to test its strength and punched out with eight hundred and eighty dragons of power, only to have the same amount of power shooting back, numbing his fist. He was startled at the strength of these thin little bamboos.
”Of course, these are sky bamboos. They’ve probably been growing for more than ten thousand years while absorbing the pure Qi from the dispositions here. The Xian of Wood probably took care of them very well. Boy, take out the wood you bought and see if you can find anything special here.” Greed urged. Both Greed and Xuanyuan were curious about the wood. They spent 40 million king coins on it, after all. He took the wood out and placed it on the ground.
”Mochou, tell me, what do you see in this wood?”. Xuanyuan asked.
”Let me take a look!” Mochou opened her Umbrella of Rainbow that floated in mid-air. She closed her eyes to concentrate then she opened her eyes and a soft light shone out of her eyes into the wood. ”There seems to be a little thing inside, but I don’t know what it is!”
”Then we’ll cut it open!” Xuanyuan pulled out his dagger which hadn’t failed him yet. There’s nothing it can’t open. However, this time he only heard a wood chopping sound, but there wasn’t even a dent in the wood.
”Didn’t you have the Water of Heaven? It can nurture all kinds of spiritual beings.” Greed suddenly thought. Xuanyuan then summoned the Water in his hand and covered the wood with it.
Something magical happened. The wood came alive, absorbing the wooden Qi surrounding it quickly.
”Haha, it is a spiritual being! Just don’t know what it is yet. You are lucky, boy.” Greed laughed. Xuanyuan recomposed himself and stopped his excitement from showing. He put his mind on nurturing the wood. It absorbed Qi as fast as the egg and Mochou. Wood Qi couldn’t help but be summoned by it as if it was the king of the woods. The moss on the wood slowly subsided and was replaced by a fresh light green color.
Seven days passed when the wood cracked and exploded. A part of it was completely shattered. It used to be two metres long and a metre wide but now it shrunk to half its previous size. The surface of the wood became smoother. After that, even more Qi rushed into the wood. Xuanyuan stood next to the wood and almost thought he heard the sound of Qi flowing into the wood. His body was being washed and distilled by the wooden Qi while Mochou sat nearby and caught the Qi in mid-flow.
Another seven days had passed. The wood absorbed Qi without rest. The wood cracked again and it became even smaller. Now it didn’t even look like a piece of wood but a giant jade.
The bamboo forest that was once full of greenery now turned into yellow with wilted patches. The Wood Qi became much thinner too.
”My forest… What happened? What happened?” Someone screamed from the sky. Xuanyuan shook and hid the wood inside his ring. A second later, the Xian of Wood landed next to him. His face was pale, clearly in shock. “What happened to my forest?”
”Master Wood, I practiced here for half a month and it became like this.” Xuanyuan smiled sheepishly. He then pointed at Mochou, “She practiced too!”
The Xian of Wood almost fainted. He gave out a long, deep sigh. ”My forest. Every bamboo here was more than ten thousand years old. I put in a lot of effort to grow them. I’ll have to start over again….”
Xuanyuan was utterly embarrassed. He didn’t anticipate that the wood would wipe out an entire field of forest.
”Hahaha. Old man wood, you haven’t even seen how the girl absorbed Qi on the Red Mountain. The girl would’ve wiped out the mountain if it was any smaller!” The Xian of Fire suddenly appeared next to Xuanyuan.
”The Body of A Thousand Spirits is indeed magical. Fire found many precious things on the Red Mountain with Mochou’s help!” The Xian of Water also arrived.
Hearing that, the Xian of Wood stared at Mochou, “Mochou, when we go out and travel, you have to tell me when you find any spiritual beings! Or You can find other places to practice.”
”Alright!” Mochou said cheerfully.
The Xian of Wood finally calmed down with the promise. If he could acquire a lot of precious beings then it wouldn’t be such a great loss in losing the bamboo forest.
”Haha, aren’t you happy? With Mochou’s help, we will be able to find as much spiritual and precious beings as we want.” The Xian of Earth climbed out from below the earth smiling.
”Alright. We should return to business, Xuanyuan. We’ve found a fighting gold. It’s the Dark Phoenix of Gold. It ranks sixteen on the List of Fighting Gold.” A light shone from the sky and the Xian of Gold appeared. His voice was stern. “However, it’ll be very dangerous to retrieve it.”
”Why?” Xuanyuan frowned.
”The Dark Phoenix of Gold is embodied into a real life being. It’s extremely powerful. The saint in the Linglong Sect sealed it on the Dark Phoenix Mountain. If it escaped, it’ll be disastrous to the world. I probably won’t even be able to defeat it.” The Xian of Wood sighed.
They looked incredibly worried, but Xuanyuan paid no attention. He laughed casually.
”My masters, please don’t worry. Master wood, why don’t you take Mochou to travel around? I’ll prepare for my fight with Xingyun first.”
After that, Xuanyuan leapt onto the back of the Skysea Bird and flew over to the Inner Hall of the Fighting Dragons sect. The Xians of Gold, Water, Fire and Earth followed him. The Xian of Wood brought Mochou and flew in opposite direction.
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