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DTH Chapter 17 – Out of His Depth

DTH Chapter 17 – Out of His Depth

Xuanyuan was riding on Guxing and attracting lots of attention on their journey to Moonwaste City. More guards were watching the gates if Xuanyuan tried to sneak out of the city. Many people came from the surrounding villages to join the selection of inner disciples of the School of Yuehua this month, so the gates could not be closed.

But Xuanyuan was fearless because he was powerful. When a person obtained power, his disposition and courage would increase several folds.

A few weeks before, Xuanyuan wouldn’t dare to even sneak into the city, but now his power allowed him to walk proudly down the middle of the street. There were many people who worried about his future’s safety. He defeated the much hated guards who kept exploiting and bullying the poor people of the city. However, there were also others who couldn’t wait to see Xuanyuan taste the consequences of his actions.

Isn’t he the kid who was almost killed not very long ago? How come he’s gotten so powerful?”

“Who knows. I hope he’ll be fine. The Yue family has the city exits guarded, it seems like they want to hunt him down and kill him.

“Ha, the kid’s out of his depth getting on the wrong side of the Yue clan. Didn’t he know that the first inner disciple of School of Yuehua, Yueteng, was from the Yue family? What a cocky and ignorant kid, we will see him die.”

“Young kids don’t know their proper place. Once they’ve obtained a bit of power, they become really cocky.  Doesn’t he know that Yueteng could kill him with the tip of his finger.”


Xuanyuan listened to the gossiping locals, but didn’t let them bother him. He was invited by Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu. He knew that, Yueteng, the first brother of inner disciples and the second sister of the school were not in good terms from Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu’s conversation.

Suddenly, a dozen men blocked his way. Guxing crouched down and growled threateningly. It had eighteen bulls of strength now, its growl was extremely intimidating. Its low growl scared the wits out of the men standing next to Yuejue. They only had nine bulls of strength. They didn’t run away only because two inner disciples from the School of Yuehua, Shi Zhengfeng and Han Mu, were by their sides.

Guxing grew up and hunted alongside Xuanyuan. It had numerous experiences in killing, which made it much more intimidating than those vile servants of the Yue clan, who knew nothing but how to bully ordinary citizens.

Even Yuejue was a bit shaken. He just entered the warrior realm, and understood that he might not be able to defeat Xuanyuan’s wolf.

“Is it you who killed a dozen servants of the Yue family and took away Lady Yuerong’s Sword?” Shi Zhengfeng clenched his fist and slowly approached Xuanyuan.

“It is me, what about it? Who are you?” Xuanyuan jumped off Guxing and looked at Shi coldly.

“I am an inner disciple of the School of Yuehua, Shi Zhengfeng.” Pride flashed through Shi Zhengfeng’s face. He didn’t take Xuanyuan seriously because he was a young boy, “Since you’ve killed Yue Family’s servants and robbed Lady Yuerong. I will take your arms and legs as compensation. I won’t kill you, but you will wish that you were dead.”

“How dare you! I was invited by Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu. Aren’t you worried that your second elder sister would be furious if you attack me?” Xuanyuan took advantage of his indirect invitation from the second sister. His words surprised everyone. Shi Zhengfeng was conflicted, but he couldn’t step down now.

Han Mu was smarter. He took a step back and didn’t say a word.

A woman in tight red clothes moved towards the conflict. Wasn’t that Yuerong? Shi Zhengfeng saw that she was coming and thought,

“If I stop now, Lady Yuerong would think that I’m weak. Then I won’t be able to pursue her and marry into the Yue clan. This is my chance to show my loyalty to the first brother. I don’t believe that second sister would punish me with the protection from first brother. If I kill the boy, it would be a humiliation to the second sister, then first brother would promote me! The boy is unlucky, he must die.”

Shi Zhengfeng made up his mind. His face was twisted and he rushed towards Xuanyuan like a wild bull.

“Don’t try to threaten me with the second sister. You killed Yue family’s servants and robbed the Lady. Even if the second sister herself came to protect you, I wouldn’t let you get away. Besides, it’s only Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu.”

Shi Zhengfeng’s thirty six bulls of strength poured out. However, Xuanyuan was more powerful than him, it was like child’s play before him. He turned around and his right hand clenched the base of Shi’s arm with a movement called “Heavenly Dragon Striking”. When Xuanyuan pulled back his hand, a stream of blood exploded from Shi Zhengfeng’s left shoulder. Xuanyuan was holding Shi Zhengfeng’s arm, which he had torn off from the shoulder. Everyone who watched this had a chill run down their spines.

Shi Zhengfeng covered his now armless shoulder and screamed. Xuanyuan threw his arm into the air as if it was junk and then kicked Shi Zhengfeng in the chest, launching his body twenty metres backwards. Shi Zhengfeng landed on the ground as a corpse, who died upon impact.

Yuerong was stunned by the scene,

“How is this possible? It’s only been a few days and he’s grown so powerful. He even killed an inner disciple, a peak warrior. Who is his master?”

Yuejue looked pale and stepped backwards, fearing that Xuanyuan would target him next. Han Mu was sweating nervously. Luckily he was smart enough to not attack.

“The one who is out of his depth is you.  Those people who were killed by me were all evil and murdered many innocent people. Killing them was a kindness to their victims. As I’ve already said, I was invited by Shi Congyu and Liu Piaoxu to join the selection of inner disciples for the School of Yuehua. Whoever blocks my way is disrespecting the second elder sister and for that they deserve to die.”

Xuanyuan smiled cruelly. His speech silenced many people who were talking. This young boy defeated a peak warrior. He’s definitely on par with someone within the master realm. He also got invited by the second elder sister of the School of Yuehua, Yan Ziyun. A bright future was all that awaited him.

However, just this second, an aggressive wind rushed towards Xuanyuan. He estimated the enemy to have at least seventy bulls of strength. He wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

The man didn’t say anything and punched straight towards Xuanyuan’s face. Xuanyuan didn’t evade the attack, instead, he shifted his weight and punched upwards. That was the movement of “Heavenly Dragon Revealed” from the “Five Taloned Dragon”.

Their two blows collided with each other. It didn’t seem to affect the man, but Xuanyuan felt a sharp pain in his hand. He was pushed a few steps back from the shock. He took out the Token of Yuehua immediately.

“I was invited by the second sister of the School of Yuehua. You can’t attack me!” He could feel that his strength was greatly reduced by that man’s attack. This man was surely a master realm practitioner, who had already refined their bones. Even though Xuanyuan had the Body of All Creation, it was not easy to take that hit.

The man was indeed surprised by Xuanyuan’s ability to defend against his attack with strength in the warrior realm. The man, Shi Tiancheng, was a bit shaken. He was the older brother of Shi Zhengfeng, the right hand man of Yueteng. He took care of many important affairs for him. He smiled with contempt when he saw the Token of Yuehua and said,

“I wouldn’t dare to touch you if it was the Spirit Token of Yuehua. However, it’s just a common token, which I also have. It’s not enough to stop me killing you.”

Shi Tiancheng aimed to kill. His own brother was killed by Xuanyuan, there’s no reason to let him off the hook. If he killed Xuanyuan, second sister would be embarrassed. He would be in the good graces of Yueteng.

Xuanyuan’s face darkened. Things were more complicated than he thought.

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